Four Benefits of Building a Shopify Reservation Site with Sakurabook for Web Production Companies

Four Benefits of Building a Shopify Reservation Site with Sakurabook for Web Production Companies

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In this article, I will explain the benefits of adding the Shopify site construction by Sakurabook to the lineup for WEB production companies.

Sakurabook is one of the Shopify apps, which is an extension of the EC construction tool "Shopify". A calendar reservation function has been added to Shopify to provide a function that allows users to flexibly select the date and time to apply for usage reservations such as facility use and service use.

By adding the Shopify site construction service using this Sakurabook to the lineup, various merits can be expected for WEB production companies as well.In this article, we will focus on the following four merits and explain the details.

XNUMX: Increased sales by developing new markets

XNUMX: Increase competitiveness by realizing an unprecedented flexible reservation function

XNUMX: Provide full support and improve profit stability

XNUMX: Make full use of these characteristics to achieve a stable and continuous growth trajectory!

◆ By developing a reservation site construction service using Sakurabook, we will respond to new online demand, develop new markets, and increase sales!

The first important point is "What kind of merchants are in demand for Sakurabook?"Understanding this point will help you decide what kind of new market the introduction of Sakurabook will lead to.

XNUMX: Facilities such as rental space, rental conference room, studio, coworking space

It is a type of business that rents out a place by specifying the date and time of use.In many cases, these businesses already operate their own reservation sites.HoweverUnlike the conventional reservation system, Sakurabook has the feature of being able to respond more flexibly to the needs of end users.

For example, a system that allows end-users to freely choose their hours of use.A pay-as-you-go service can be provided by multiplying the usage time by the unit price.You can also set optional services and charges, and set minimum and maximum usage times.

XNUMX: Hair salon, beauty salon, beauty salon, pet salon, etc.

It is a type of business where end users come to the store and receive services such as treatments from the staff. Sakurabook does more than just specify the date and time of useA website where end users can appoint each staff member and apply for a reservationCan also be built.

Build a store website with Shopify, create an introduction page for staff, and set up a Sakurabook reservation calendar there.Since the schedule of each staff member can be reflected individually, the end user can check when the staff member is available from the site and apply for a reservation. This is a function unique to Sakurabook that supports Shopify's online store 2.0 specifications.

XNUMX: Holding events at restaurants and retail stores

Eating and drinking establishments, restaurants, and retail stores are now in an era where further expansion of services is required.An increasing number of businesses are not only selling products and serving food, but also actively holding events, etc., to improve their ability to attract customers and further improve their customer experience.

The number of retail stores that sell products online and restaurants that handle food delivery has increased rapidly since the Corona era.However, even if we wanted to develop such product sales and event reservations on the same website, it was difficult with conventional EC site construction tools.

Sakurabook works on Shopify, an EC site construction tool, soIt is possible to build a store site that has both the functions of an EC site and a reservation site..

XNUMX: Lessons, schools, qualification courses, etc.

We can also propose the use of Sakurabook to businesses such as qualification courses, lessons, and schools.Especially if you want to go online, you can take full advantage of Sakurabook's strengths.

For example, digital services such as webins, online seminars, and one-on-one to small-group online lessons at ZOOM can also be sold using Sakurabook.You can also build a full-fledged online school with integrated course creation, text distribution, online lessons, video lessons, and more by combining it with the Shopify app for building online schools.

XNUMX: Online consultation / diagnosis services such as professionals, medical care, consultants, real estate appraisals, etc.

Demand for online services is rapidly increasing even in industries such as lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, consultants, medical clinics, real estate appraisals, etc., where the image of online services has never been seen before. It is a service that uses a calling tool such as ZOOM to perform diagnosis and consultation on the WEB.Sakurabook will be a good solution for these businesses to enter the online market.

After the Korona-ka, the demand for building a reservation site is expanding! Develop a new market for web production with Sakurabook!

After the Korona-ka, the demand for building reservation sites is expanding rapidly.Its biggest feature isUnlike the demand before Corona, the demand for online support is increasing even in industries that have never considered "development of online services" and did not have such an image.It will be at the point.

Therefore, it is undeniable that the conventional uniform reservation site construction system cannot fully meet the demand for reservation sites newly created after the Korona-ka.

"I wish I could do something like this"

"I want to do this more"

We have received a lot of voices from such sites.The Sakurabook was developed based on the voices of the field in order to meet such demands.

For web production companies, Sakurabook is a tool that can accurately approach these new online demands and new reservation site demands.Will be.The supply is still in short supply.We hope that many WEB production companies will become providers of reservation site construction services using Sakurabook.

◆ SakurabookFlexible reservation function enhances the competitiveness of WEB production companies

By adding the reservation site construction by Sakurabook to the lineup, it will lead to the improvement of competitiveness of WEB production companies.Here's a brief introduction to what Sakurabook has to offer over similar booking systems and full scratch development.

More flexible booking time settings than ever before

The biggest feature of Sakurabook is the flexible reservation time setting like never before.

In the conventional reservation system, the reservation frame is set in advance, such as every few hours or every half day, and it is difficult for the end user to freely specify the usage time.However, with Sakurabook, each end user can freely select the required time, and the fee is calculated by the usage time × unit price, realizing a flexible reservation system..This makes it possible to build a reservation site that is more user-friendly and meets actual needs, making a clear distinction from conventional reservation site construction.

<< Details about this function >>

⇒ [Sakurabook function] A powerful calendar-linked reservation system

Product sales, reservations, online service reservations on one site

One of Sakurabook's strengths is its ability to provide everything from online sales of products, reservations, and even reservations for online services on a single site.Building such a multifunctional e-commerce site has traditionally been difficult without full-scratch development.For example, product sales and reservation reception will be developed with separate cloud services, making it difficult to design a consistent site and making it difficult to understand the flow.However, with Sakurabook, it is possible to complete such a multi-functional EC site with a single Shopify site.

<< Details about this function >>

⇒ [Sakurabook function] All product sales, reservations, and online distribution services are unified.

Budget lower than full scratch development

As a matter of fact, in many cases, the bottleneck in web production is the budget aspect.It is not uncommon for a customer (business operator) to become multifunctional and to develop a full scratch when trying to fulfill all the requests, but the budget cannot be reached and the bankruptcy will occur.

Due to these aspects, businesses that have an EC site equipped with a full-scale reservation system are limited to places with a certain business scale, and it has been common for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses to not introduce it. It seems that it was a tendency.

However, after the Korona-ka, nowThe option of "online" has permeated various aspects of consumer life, and even small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses are required to develop full-scale EC sites and reservation sites as a matter of course.It's time.

"I want my own site with a full-fledged reservation system, but there is no way I can do it with my own budget."

As a matter of fact, this is a problem that many small and medium-sized enterprises have.That is why Sakurabook has great potential as a solution to these challenges.

Building an EC + reservation site with Shopify + Sakurabook aims to be an option that can be executed from a budget of several hundred thousand yen at the minimum.The cost of Sakurabook is cheaper than the general reservation system of other companies.(* Price will be announced at the time of official release)

In addition, It is also possible to utilize public SME support such as IT introduction subsidies and business restructuring a result, the out-of-pocket rate for the introduction cost of Shopify + Sakurabook can be reduced to about 2/3 at the maximum, expanding the possibility of introduction even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Therefore, it can be said that Sakurabook can realize a high-performance, low-budget EC + reservation site that was previously thought to be "impossible". By having WEB production companies introduce the construction of a reservation site on Sakurabook, we should be able to greatly contribute to the improvement of our competitive advantage in terms of price.

<< Details on Sakurabook's utilization of subsidy interest rates >>

⇒ IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ IT vendor registration support information: Shopify's first Japanese reservation system "Sakurabook"

⇒ Use the business restructuring subsidy to advance online! Sakurabook can be used

◆ Join us as a Sakurabook partner

We are also looking for Sakurabook partners for web production companies.Please take this opportunity to cooperate with us.

What is a Sakurabook partner?

At our company, we would like to receive consultations from merchants regarding site creation using Sakurabook.At that time, we are looking for "Sakurabook partners" in order to cooperate with the WEB production companies who can take charge of the site production work.

Benefits of Sakurabook Partners

XNUMX: Mediation of EC site production projects

We plan to mediate projects for Shopify site creation services that utilize Sakurabook to partner companies as needed.

As a Sakurarbook app development company, we are accepting consultations from merchants regarding the creation of Shopify sites using Sakurarbook.In that case, if you can handle the actual site production, we would like to preferentially arrange the project to the partner company.

XNUMX: Introduction on Sakurabook official website

We would like to introduce our partner companies on the Sakurabook official website (only if we have permission to publish).

The Sakurabook official website also attracts access from merchants who are interested in building EC sites / reservation sites and creating Shopify sites.We hope that it will be a place of appeal to such users.

XNUMX: Priority information provision

We will promptly inform you of the latest information such as detailed function introduction of Sakurabook application, case introduction of application cooperation, introduction case case, etc. by e-mail.

XNUMX: Register as a Sakurarbook partner for free

Sakurabook partners are now free to register.Please take this opportunity to consider it.

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