Shopify, a rental-type mail order cart system that can be expanded in functionality
A new idea of ​​​​combining the reservation application Sakurabook!

time, place, people, experiences, etc.
"Servicesby adding
Renewal to a shop that sells!

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Pay-as-you-go service according to the reservation time,
Compatible with paid online services by Zoom

Ideal for non-face-to-face business after COVID-XNUMX

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QUESTIONTo your reservation system
Like thisTaskIsn't it?

By reservation and product sales
The sales system is different

For webins and online meetings
Not supported

The reservation page is dull

Even if there is a reservation form
After all, by phone or email

For online payment
Not supported

the reservation calendar
can't post

Popular cart used by more than 170 million businesses around the world
Shopify's first Japanese support"Reservation app"
sakurabook can solve everything

You can solve everything with sakurabook

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ABOUTAll store product sales, store visits, and online service reservations
Same system

Let's make a reservation This hairdresser looks good! Make a nomination reservation Order hair care items and pick them up at the store Introduction of sakurabook Centralized management!Let's make a reservation This hairdresser looks good! Make a nomination reservation Order hair care items and pick them up at the store Introduction of sakurabook Centralized management!

Various other things! In Sakurabook
What you can do
With Sakurabook, all of this can be achieved with the same system!

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    Visit reservations, online service reservations, online shops.

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    Check availability online.Flexible time specification in units of 5 minutes at the shortest.

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    Content is posted with a design compatible with all terminals of smartphones and PCs.

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    It also supports credit card payment, carrier payment, and electronic money.

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    Reservation confirmation, reminders, and cancellation policy application are also automated.


FEATURESeven features of Sakurabook

01Pre-order sales for merchandise, reservations, digital content, and online distribution events

With the reservation system so far ...
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It is difficult for conventional reservation systems to handle goods sales, content sales, and online distribution.

・ In addition to the reservation system, an EC cart for product sales and an application for online distribution are available.

・ Purchase carts and payment screens are also dispersed, making the website difficult for customers to use.

-Since it is built by combining multiple systems, the burden of operation management is heavy.

Maru Icon 01Maru Icon 01

You can handle a variety of products with just one Sakurabook.

・ We can also handle goods sales, reservations for visits, paid sales of digital contents, and distribution reservations for webins and paid online events.

・ For an easy-to-use reservation site that does not confuse customers.

・ Since all different types of products can be handled on one site, operation management is also centralized.

02Detailed reservation time setting in 15-minute units and price plan setting for each menu / staff

With the reservation system so far ...
X icon 02

With conventional reservation systems, it is not possible to set flexible reservation plans.

・ You can set the reservation reception for the service only at a fixed time.

・ Customers cannot freely choose the desired start time.

・ It is not possible to make a reservation by designating a staff member.

・ I can't check the vacant space of shops and staff.

Maru Icon 02Maru Icon 02

You can set up a flexible booking plan to suit your business.

・ You can set the business day, hourly unit price, and daily unit price for each reservation menu, and set the desired start time and minimum usage time.

・ Staff nomination reservations are also possible.It is also possible to set a price plan and reservation calendar for each staff according to the skill and popularity of the staff.

・ You can also set the reception start schedule and cancellation policy.

03 Full content such as photos, videos, and texts can be posted
A reservation site that conveys the appeal of services and staff to customers

With the reservation system so far ...
X icon 03

Traditional booking systems cannot reflect page content or design commitments.

・ Page content cannot be posted only with a dull reservation form.

・ I can't express the charm, facial expressions, and brand image of stores and staff that I really want to convey to customers.

・ Even if you want to set up a blog, you have no choice but to link to another system such as Ameba Blog or WordPress.

Maru Icon 03Maru Icon 03

Posting a wealth of page content on a reservation site that "transmits" to customers.

-Supports various expression methods as well as photos and texts.You can appeal the charm of products and shops and convey your message to customers.

・ For example, you can post a staff profile, a photo, and a schedule that can be reserved, and ask the customer to make a designated reservation.

・ It is also possible to set up a blog on the site.You can easily update the information from the shop and the staff diary.

04 Equipped with a calendar function on the reservation page
No need to inquire about availability, prevent double booking

With the reservation system so far ...
X icon 04

"Are you free on this day?" We answered inquiries from customers each time.

-The calendar function is not installed on the reservation site.

・ The calendar and reservation system are not linked, and it is difficult to reflect the reservation status on the calendar.

-Troubles such as double booking may occur due to confirmation mistakes and work mistakes.

Maru Icon 04Maru Icon 04

With a calendar linked to the reservation system, you can make reservations by checking availability.

-A calendar linked to the reservation system is installed as standard.

・ You can now select a free date and time from the calendar and make a reservation.

・ The calendar also works with Google Calendar.It is possible to prevent double booking at the scheduled date and time.

05 Both credit cards and e-commerce support various payment methods

With the reservation system so far ...
X icon 05

Many conventional reservation systems do not have a payment function as standard equipment.

・ It corresponds only to the stage of receiving the reservation receipt email.

・ It is difficult to manage the payment system because it needs to be prepared separately.

・ Most of the reservation systems equipped with a payment function as standard are credit cards only.It does not support electronic money.

Maru Icon 05Maru Icon 05

Both credit cards and e-commerce can be used for various payment methods.

・ Equipped with credit card payment as standard equipment.

・ It is also possible to support smartphone carrier payments and electronic money payments such as Amazon Pay.

・ It is also possible to link with the store POS system.

-Various payment functions can be installed according to your wishes.

06 Send reminder emails, cancel policy settings, etc.
Systematize a wide range of reservation work and improve work efficiency

With the reservation system so far ...
X icon 06

In the conventional reservation system, telephone and email responses were frequent.

・ After receiving the application from the reservation form, confirm the date and time of your visit by phone or email.

・ Even in online seminars and distribution events, the work of manually sending the distribution URL after confirming payment is required.

・ Cancellation is also available by phone or email.Trouble caused by verbal communication.

Maru Icon 06Maru Icon 06

Reservation confirmation and cancellation policy application.A wide range of operations can be systematized.

・ Reservation confirmation and reminder email transmission can also be automated.

・ For online seminars and distribution events, the distribution URL is automatically sent to both staff and customers after online payment.

・ It is possible to set a cancellation policy.

07Can be integrated with various Shopify apps and IT tools
Achieve various coordination according to the purpose

With the reservation system so far ...
X icon 07

Traditional reservation systems are not intended to be combined and cannot be integrated with external systems.

-Even if you want to enrich the content, there is only a fairly old-fashioned page creation menu.

-I can't even want to integrate chatbots from external systems.

-I can't even add widgets such as community bulletin boards and notification boards.

Maru Icon 07Maru Icon 07

Not only can you integrate the same Shopify apps with each other, but you can also integrate with various IT tools.

-If you integrate it with a blog application such as DropInBlog, you can enrich the content with blog articles.

・ By integrating with the chat and MA apps, chatbots can propose reservation menus and accept reservations according to customer behavior.

・ By integrating with the marketplace construction app, you can build a marketplace site for reservation services.

Recruitment of partner WEB production companies started!
Registration is free now! Arrange shopify production at any time!

DESIGNEase of use and functional beauty
Pursued design theme
(Compatible with all devices such as smartphones, PCs and iPads) (Compatible with all devices such as smartphones, PCs and iPads)


Rental space reservation

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    Party / event / meeting / coworking space, shooting studio, etc.Compatible with a wide range of facilities

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    Facilities such as access and interior, equipment information such as power supply and Wi-FiAnd create a reservation menu for rental space

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    Set hourly unit price for each day of the week and time zoneAnd users are freeSelect start / end timeReservation system that can be done

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    App management menuFrom, you can make various settings for accepting reservations.You can also check how full the reservation is on the reservation calendar.

sample site

Staff nomination reservation

Our Team
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    For each registered staff, you can set the reception time and the price of the reservation menu,Themes for salon reservations

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    Supports both of the following reservations
    (XNUMX) "Visit-type service" provided at stores and salons (XNUMX) "Online service" that uses Zoom etc.

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    App management menuFrom, you can make various settings for accepting reservations.You can also check how full the reservation is on the reservation calendar.

sample site

FLOWProduction flow


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us about the introduction of Sakurabook.We will listen to you and guide you to the best plan for you.

Check paper

Production preparation

Prepare materials such as images and texts that are necessary for production.


Opening procedure / initial setup

We will perform the necessary procedures for opening the reservation site and the initial setup.


Advanced Setting

Set images, texts, videos, product and service contents, price menus, cancellation policies, etc.


Completion / Site open

Even after completion, it is possible to operate with a high degree of freedom, such as adding / deleting / editing products / services, changing prices, changing cancellation policies, and adding new content.

PLANFor everyone in this industry
It is a proposal to create a new reservation site

  • School lessons School lessons

    School lessons-

    • Language class
    • Cooking class / cooking class
    • Human resources development / education course
    • Parenting classroom
    • IT course / computer classroom
    • Dance school
    • Yoga class / Pilates class
    • Tea ceremony / flower arrangement class
    • Music class / painting class
    • Sports and martial arts classroom
  • Shops Shops


    • Apparel fashion brand
    • pet Shop
    • Miscellaneous goods and accessories
    • Made-to-order shoes
    • Furniture / interior
    • car dealer
    • Rental supplies
    • select shop
    • Made-to-order shop
    • Handmade shop
    • Jewelery shop
  • salon salon


    • Beauty salon / nail salon
    • Beauty clinic
    • Hair salon / beauty salon (barber)
    • Beauty correction
    • Whitening salon
    • Self-esthetic
    • Head spa
    • Men's beauty salon
    • Mens hair removal
    • Men's skin care
  • Medical / healthcare Medical / healthcare

    Medical / healthcare+

    • Medical clinic
    • Manipulative clinic / osteopathic clinic
    • dental clinic
    • Sports / fitness gym
    • Mental clinic
    • Psychological counseling
    • Massage
    • relaxation
    • Personal trainer
    • Long-term care / day service
  • hotel hotel


    • business hotel
    • Ryokan / Minshuku
    • Resort hotel
    • City Hotel
    • capsule hotel
    • Holiday home for rent
    • Hostels and guesthouses
    • Hotel chain
    • Glamping
    • camp site
    • Union / Tourism Association
    • Sanatorium
  • Rental space / venue Rental space / venue

    Rental space / venue+

    • Rental space
    • Rental office
    • Seminar venue
    • Coworking space
    • Shared office
    • Music studio
    • Shooting studio
    • Sports facilities / gymnasium
    • Concert / event venue
    • Party venue
  • Amusement Amusement


    • Amusement facility
    • Karaoke box
    • Manga cafe / internet cafe
    • Arcade
    • Clubhouse / live house
    • Nearby Tourist Spots
    • Amusement park / theme park
    • Sightseeing guide / sightseeing tour
  • Events Events


    • Workshops / Educational Lectures / Study Sessions
    • Company information session
    • Recruitment seminar / recruitment briefing session
    • Charter party
    • Cosplay event
    • Outdoor festival
    • Club events
    • Live event
    • Marriage party
    • Autograph session / photo session
  • Web distribution Web distribution

    Web distribution+

    • Online Seminars
    • Webinar
    • Youtuber / Vtuber
    • Online live
    • Delivery event
    • Online english conversation
    • Online cram school
    • Online Seminars
  • Creator / Artist Creator / Artist

    Creator / Artist+

    • Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Photographer
    • Writer
    • programmer
    • Cartoonist / Novelist / Publisher
    • Handmade craft art
    • Musician / Music Office
  • Visit service Visit service

    Visit service+

    • Delivery / Delivery
    • Tutor
    • Housekeeping agency
    • Visiting care
    • babysitter
    • Niwaki shop
    • Business trip purchase / recycling
    • Furniture home appliances repair
    • Water and plumbing repair
    • Real estate sale assessment / remodeling
  • Exhibition / showroom Exhibition / showroom

    Exhibition / showroom+

    • showroom
    • Model house
    • Exhibition sale
    • Art gallery / gallery
    • Museums