[Functions of Sakurabook] Powerful calendar reservation system

[Functions of Sakurabook] Powerful calendar reservation system

Sakurabook isn't in the Japanese Shopify app so far,Flexible and powerful booking functionIs equipped with. We would like to introduce this reservation function, which is the biggest feature of Sakurabook.

◆ The only reservation system that allows users to freely select the start and end time for reservations based on usage time x unit price

The biggest feature of Sakurabook's reservation system is that users can freely select the start and end times of the service.

Instead of selecting from a fixed reservation frame / menu The only way for users to freely select the reservation start / end time and pay the fee on an hourly basis for the amount used.(*)Reservation system.That is Sakurabook.

Let's take a concrete look at how this flexible service can be realized.

* As of May 2022: According to our research

We will introduce the flow of the actual reservation.

XNUMX: Select an available date from the reservation calendar

XNUMX: Select the desired reservation time with the start time and end time

Customers can freely choose the usage time from "what time to what time".This flexible reservation system is a unique feature of Sakurabook.

XNUMX: Enter customer information and make payment

Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your personal information.Online payment is also possible.

Freely place a reservation calendar on the site

Sakurabook has a calendar function that supports reservations.Reservation status, holidays, regular holidays, business hours, etc. are automatically reflected.Only available dates and times can be reservedIt will be in such a state.

This reservation calendar can be set on multiple pages.Even if you do not have a dedicated page for the reservation calendar, you can set up a reservation calendar for each individual product page to improve usability.

Appointments are automatically reflected in your calendar

The reservation status is automatically reflected in the calendar.Therefore, double booking can be prevented and troubles can be prevented.

◆ Automatic linkage with Google Calendar is also possible

The reservation function of Sakurabook can also be linked with Google Calendar. If you make a reservation through Sakurabook, the date and time will be automatically reflected in your Google Calendar.In addition, it is possible to manually change the reservation availability/non-reservation status from the Sakurabook management screen.

◆ Advantages of Sakurabook's reservation system

Next, I would like to introduce the advantages of Sakurabook's reservation system.

Reservation fee that can be set flexibly in the true sense

The feature of Sakurabook's reservation system isThe user freely selects the reservation start / end time and pays the fee by the hour for the amount used.The point is that the method can be realized.

In the past, in order to realize such a flexible reservation system with a high degree of freedom, it was necessary to develop a full scratch of the reservation site.However, full scratch development requires a large budget and is not a viable option for many small and medium-sized businesses.

On the other hand, Sakurabook makes it possible to realize a reservation system with such a high degree of freedom with a realistic budget and man-hours regardless of industry and scale.

Benefits for adopters (merchant)

As mentioned above, it will be a great advantage for businesses that introduce Sakurabook to be able to introduce an advanced reservation system with a realistic budget.

Since the minimum and maximum times can be set, it is possible for customers to freely select the usage time within the set range while preventing reservations that are too short or too long.In addition, since the basic charge can be set separately from the hourly unit price, it is easier to prevent unintended deficits.Therefore, it is possible to set the usage time with a high degree of freedom while ensuring practicality and profitability.

Choosing a flexible usage time will be a more convenient service for modern customers who tend to be busy every day.

Benefits for web production companies

By adding the Shopify site production equipped with the Sakurabook app to the repertoire, we will develop a website production service with a flexible reservation system with shorter delivery time and lower price than full scratch development. You will be able to do it.

Merchants who want to “introduce a reservation system” or “want to accept reservations online” are spreading to a wider range of industries and scales after the corona disaster.

However, there are many cases where the construction and maintenance of a website that meets the requirements of such a merchant cannot be provided at a low price, and the budget cannot be reached and orders cannot be obtained.However, by adding Sakurabook, which is cheaper and more sophisticated than full scratch development, to your repertoire, it will be easier to come to terms with such budget.You can expect to secure an advantage over competing WEB production companies and improve their competitiveness.

◆ To all WEB production companies: We are looking for Sakurabook partners.

We are also recruiting "Sakurabook partners" for WEB production companies.

│ What is a Sakurabook partner?

At our company, we would like to receive consultations from merchants regarding site creation using Sakurabook.At that time, we are looking for "Sakurabook partners" in order to cooperate with the WEB production companies who can take charge of the site production work.

│ Benefits of Sakurabook Partner

XNUMX: Mediation of EC site production projects

We plan to mediate projects for Shopify site creation services that utilize Sakurabook to partner companies as needed.

As a Sakurarbook app development company, we are accepting consultations from merchants regarding the creation of Shopify sites using Sakurarbook.In that case, if you can handle the actual site production, we would like to preferentially arrange the project to the partner company.

XNUMX: Introduction on Sakurabook official website

We would like to introduce our partner companies on the Sakurabook official website (only if we have permission to publish).

The Sakurabook official website also attracts access from merchants who are interested in building EC sites / reservation sites and creating Shopify sites.We hope that it will be a place of appeal to such users.

XNUMX: Priority information provision

We will promptly inform you of the latest information such as detailed function introduction of Sakurabook application, case introduction of application cooperation, introduction case case, etc. by e-mail.

XNUMX: Register as a Sakurarbook partner for free

Sakurabook partners are now free to register.Please take this opportunity to consider it.

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