IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ IT vendor registration support information: Shopify's first Japanese reservation system "Sakurabook"

IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ IT vendor registration support information: Shopify's first Japanese reservation system "Sakurabook"

Sakurabook support Sakurabook support
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Shopify Production Company │ To all WEB production companies
IT introduction subsidy 2022 Registration support information

We have started the registration support service of IT introduction subsidy 2022 "IT introduction support company" and "IT tool" for WEB production companies and Shopify production companies who introduce the Shopify application "Sakurabook" developed by our company. increase.

〇 In addition to various registrations and applications, we will fully back up introduction support, etc., and support the improvement of your company's proposal power and competitiveness.

〇 We will be able to propose to clients the creation of new EC / reservation sites in the post-corona era.

〇 By becoming a registered vendor of IT introduction subsidy, you will be able to propose and sell applications for subsidies of up to 350 million yen to client companies.

In order to improve the proposal power of such WEB production companies, our company, which is a "Sakurabook" development company, will support the registration of IT registration subsidy 2022 "IT vendor (IT introduction support company)" and "IT tool" registration. ..

If you are a Shopify production company or a WEB production company, please take this opportunity to consider it.

◆ To increase sales of after-corona! Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app "Sakurabook"

"Sakurabook" is Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app developed by us.I would like to give you an overview of this Sakura book.

│ Sakurabook's strengths and features

・ Increase sales by integrating the reservation system and online shop into one

Centralized reception of reservations for store use, facility use, etc., and online shop for product sales and digital content sales. We can also provide paid online services such as ZOOM.

・ Flexible reservation time setting

The reservation fee can be set by the "basic fee + hourly unit price x reservation time + option fee" method.The hourly unit price can be set to the hourly unit price or the daily unit price.You can set the shortest time and the longest time of the reservation time, and if the shortest time = the longest time, you can set the fixed time, and if you set the hourly unit price to 1 yen, you can set the fixed charge.

⇒ Click here for details

・ You can set up as many reservation calendars as you like on the site.

You can set up as many reservation calendars as you like on the site.You can improve customer convenience by setting up different calendars for each staff, service, and facility on individual pages.Customers can check the latest empty space by looking at the calendar, select the desired usage time, desired service / price plan, and make a reservation.

・ Work efficiency can be improved by linking with Google Calendar

The reservation calendar can also be linked with Google Calendar. When a reservation is made on Sakurabook, the schedule is automatically registered on the linked Google calendar.

・ Promote automation with various automated mail delivery

Alert emails sent to service providers (if reservation approval / disapproval is not selected), reminder emails sent the day before or on the day of reservation, thank-you emails sent to customers after the service is completed, including automatic reservation confirmation emails at the time of reservation. Equipped with automation functions such as coupon mail for next reservation as standard equipment.

It is possible to freely set the content of the email and the timing of delivery from the application management site.Starting from the reservation date and time, all alerts and follow-up emails before and after the reservation event can be automatically delivered.

Please see the next page for details on these Sakurabook functions.

⇒ [Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app "Sakurabook"]

│ Sakurabook is a Shopify app born from "voice of the field"

Sakurabook is a Shopify app born from the "voice of the field" of the business operator.

It is a form of "I wish I could achieve this" that I received from our own experience of operating EC sites and business companies that operate EC sites, stores, events, etc.That is "Sakura book".

・The EC site for product sales and the system for accepting reservations are separate.I want to centralize and improve the customer experience.

・ I receive reservations for visiting stores online, but it is difficult to complete the website due to inquiries about availability.What can I do?

・ I was doing a face-to-face lesson business, but I needed to support online because of the corona.However, the existing online reservation system cannot flexibly handle reservation time settings and reservations by appointing an instructor.

・ I want to emphasize the branding of my company, but the conventional reservation system is weak in customizability, and it is not possible to express the attractiveness of the brand as desired.

Based on these "voices from the field," we are developing the Sakurabook to meet the needs that cannot be met by the conventional reservation system.One of the strengths of Sakurabook is that it is based on market-in and implements functions that meet existing needs.

◆ With Shopify + Sakurabook, we have improved the ability of WEB production companies to propose "post corona".

By using Shopify and Sakurabook, you can expect to improve your proposal capabilities in response to "Post Corona".

Specifically, we will be able to make the following proposal sales to clients and business companies.

・ Creation of an EC site where both "reservation for visits" and "merchandise sales" can be ordered online

For example, we will be able to propose to a business company that manages a beauty salon to create an e-commerce site that can handle both "reservation for visits" and "sales of hair care products".

・ Unify services and content sales such as "online courses" and "mail order of teaching materials"

For example, it will be possible to propose and sell post-corona-compatible online services to companies and general incorporated associations that provide qualification courses and lesson businesses.Sakurabook + Shopify will be able to implement all the functions required for online lesson business, such as membership registration, online course reservations, and sales of teaching materials.

・ Integrate "online payment" and "POS payment at stores" to make sales management and inventory management smarter

Since Sakurabook is a Shopify app, you can also integrate online payments and physical store payments with Shopify POS.For example, we will be able to propose to operating companies the construction of a system that can smoothly realize operations such as "accept online store visit reservations, provide services at stores, and then accept next store visit reservations at stores". increase.

Please see the following article for details on these specific examples of proposals.

⇒ [Post-Corona Shopify reservation app "Sakurabook" utilization example and proposal example]

◆ IT introduction subsidy 2022 "IT vendor registration" and "IT tool registration" to gain further competitiveness

In many cases, it is the cost burden that bothers the client.No matter how great a solution you propose, you'll be hesitant about the cost ... This experience should be experienced by many sales reps.

However, the "Shopify + Sakurabook" solution provided by our company can significantly reduce the cost burden on the client by utilizing the IT introduction subsidy.

If such a proposal becomes possible, it will be a great power to expand the sales channels and increase sales of WEB production companies.

Therefore, we provide support for "IT vendor registration" and "IT tool registration" application procedures for IT introduction subsidies for WEB production companies that can introduce Sakurabook.Utilizing our experience and achievements such as IT vendor registration and IT tool registration, we will support and apply for complicated registration and application procedures with a success fee system.

│ Shopify + Sakurabook can be registered as an IT introduction subsidy 2022 "Digitalization platform introduction frame"

There are three types of IT introduction subsidies in 2022: "normal frame", "digitalization platform introduction frame", and "multi-company collaboration IT introduction frame".Of these, Shopify equipped with Sakurabook is subject to the "digitalization platform introduction frame" with a high subsidy rate.

・ For 5 to 50 yen or less ... Within 3/4 of the cost
・ Over 50 yen to 350 million yen ... Within 2/3 of the cost

Therefore, if you use the IT introduction subsidy, the cost burden can be reduced to 2/3 to 3/4 for merchants who want to create an EC site.

In addition, there is a wide range of subsidies, and not only software installation costs, but also cloud usage costs and installation-related costs for up to two years are covered.

For Shopify with Sakurabook, all of the following costs can be included in the subsidized costs.

・ EC site construction cost

・ Direction and consulting costs related to EC site construction

・ Transfer costs from other EC systems

・ Shopify usage fee (up to XNUMX years)

・ Sakurabook usage fee (up to XNUMX years)

・ Maintenance support cost


Therefore, it is possible to provide complete services to clients, not simply by creating and delivering an EC site and ending it, but by supporting it afterwards.

│ Benefits of introducing Shopify + Sakurabook and utilizing IT introduction subsidies

If you can introduce Shopify + Sakurabook by utilizing the IT introduction subsidy, there are various merits for both WEB production companies and clients.

<Advantages of WEB production companies>

For WEB production companies, it is possible to improve sales and profitability through the three improvements of [sales force], [competitiveness], and [reliability improvement].

[Sales force UP] With the IT introduction subsidy, we will be able to provide high-quality services including consulting and maintenance support with a low burden.By making such proposal sales possible, we can expect an improvement in sales capabilities.

[Competitiveness UP] "Sakurabook" is Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app that supports the latest Shopify Online Store 2.0.By adding "Sakurabook", which has unique features and functions, to your company's technology, you can expect to improve your competitiveness.

[Reliability UP] The most important point is that "Shopify + Sakurabook" is not a temporary product, but a service that allows you to build a long-term relationship of trust with clients through maintenance support, etc. You can use the subsidy for up to XNUMX years even within the period covered by the IT introduction subsidy. We have the potential to continue and develop good partnerships between web production companies and clients over the medium to long term.

<Advantages for clients>

For clients such as merchants who wish to create EC sites and reservation sites, the introduction of "Shopify + Sakurabook" that utilizes the IT introduction subsidy has great merits.

[Post-corona support] After the corona storm, the flow of "online shift" is accelerating.Even if the corona wreck converges, this flow will not change. Many customer feedback such as "I want to buy online" and "I want to use the service online" have reached various industries. With the introduction of Sakurabook, we will be able to meet these needs and realize end-benefits that are in line with the times.

[Low burden] Sakurabook is an app born from the "voice of the field" of small and medium-sized enterprises and startups.The price is lower than that of a general reservation system so that you can use it easily.Furthermore, by utilizing the IT introduction subsidy, it is possible to significantly reduce the burden on the client.

[Safety and security] It is also an indispensable merit that you can receive thorough maintenance support with peace of mind. Sakurabook has a system in which our company, which is a development company, and a web production company work closely together to provide complete support.Maintenance costs are also covered by the IT introduction subsidy, so there is no need to worry about cost burdens.

│ We support "IT introduction support companies" and "IT tool registration" for WEB production companies, etc.

In this way, we believe that we can provide various benefits by introducing "Shopify + Sakurabook" by utilizing the IT introduction subsidy.However, in reality, registering an IT introduction subsidy "IT introduction support company (IT vendor)" or "IT tool" requires the preparation of a huge amount of documents and complicated application procedures, so it is not easy. is not.

So we areWe provide "IT introduction subsidy" support company registration and IT tool registration support for WEB production companies that can introduce "Sakurabook".I decided to do it.

We are also certified as an IT introduction support company for IT introduction subsidies, and we are also registering the IT tool "Shopify".We also work closely with experts such as administrative scriveners.

Based on these achievements, we will endeavor to provide complete support.

For more information on IT implementation subsidy 2022 "IT Vendor Registration" and IT tool registration support, please see the next page.

⇒ [IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ About shopify application "Sakurabook" IT tool registration support]

◆ Join us as a Sakurabook partner

We are now recruiting Sakurabook partners. We would like to ask all the web production companies to cooperate with us.

│ What is a Sakurabook partner?

At our company, we would like to receive consultations from merchants regarding site creation using Sakurabook.At that time, we are looking for "Sakurabook partners" in order to cooperate with the WEB production companies who can take charge of the site production work.

│ Benefits of Sakurabook Partner

XNUMX: Mediation of EC site production projects

We plan to mediate projects for Shopify site creation services that utilize Sakurabook to partner companies as needed.

As a Sakurarbook app development company, we are accepting consultations from merchants regarding the creation of Shopify sites using Sakurarbook.In that case, if you can handle the actual site production, we would like to preferentially arrange the project to the partner company.

XNUMX: Introduction on Sakurabook official website

We would like to introduce our partner companies on the Sakurabook official website (only if we have permission to publish).

The Sakurabook official website also attracts access from merchants who are interested in building EC sites / reservation sites and creating Shopify sites.We hope that it will be a place of appeal to such users.

XNUMX: Priority information provision

We will promptly inform you of the latest information such as detailed function introduction of Sakurabook application, case introduction of application cooperation, introduction case case, etc. by e-mail.

XNUMX: Register as a Sakurarbook partner for free

Sakurabook partners are now free to register.Please take this opportunity to consider it.

⇒ [Sakurabook Partner Entry Sheet]

◆ Sakurabook responds to post-corona EC / reservation system demand and realizes sales increase

Sakuarbook is a new type of EC / reservation system with a view to responding to the post-corona era.

The outbreak of the Corona Surgery has led to a sharp increase in online demand in a variety of areas where there has been no or only a few "online" voices in the past.

We also searched for various solutions while conducting our own business and receiving consultations from many customers and related companies.And what became clear was that "the ideal solution we seek does not exist."

Most of the conventional EC and reservation systems were developed before the Corona disaster.The rapidly expanding "new online demand" that has emerged through the Corona disaster has some aspects that cannot be met.

The Shopify app "Sakurabook" was developed in-house for this reason.

I would like to ask all of the web production companies to commit to Sakurabook again.

We will provide support for application for registration of IT introduction subsidy "IT introduction support company" and "IT tool".

<Registration of IT vendor + IT tool: 5 yen + tax as a set>

For companies that can introduce Sakurabook, we will support the IT introduction subsidy "IT vendor registration" and "IT tool registration" as a set.The cost will be 5 yen + tax.

<Client's IT introduction subsidy application support: 15 yen + tax (performance fee system)>

When your client applies for an IT introduction subsidy for building an EC site using Sakurabook, we will support the application procedure.The cost is 15 yen + tax, and it will be a performance fee system.

Normally, in a general application support service, the market price is 10 yen as a start fee + 10 to 20% of the earned amount as a success fee.But at our companyNo start fee, reward is 15 yen (+ tax) regardless of the amount of money earnedI will consider it as.

Under the performance fee system, if the application does not pass, no fee will be charged.

Please feel free to contact us.

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