[Sakurabook functions] All product sales, reservations, and online distribution services are unified.

[Sakurabook functions] All product sales, reservations, and online distribution services are unified.

In this article,Unification of product sales, reservation reception, and distribution service sales, which is one of the main functions of SakurabookI will explain.

For example, mail order of products and goods, reservations for customers' visits, and paid distribution of webins and online courses.It is possible to create a website that handles such a variety of online sales.

◆ The main points of this article:

・ For WEB production companies:By introducing Sakurabook, it will be possible to realize a multifunctional EC site creation service that can handle various services / products such as product sales, store visit reservations, and distribution service sales at low prices and short delivery times.We can also expect improvements in proposal and sales capabilities for merchants who have such demand.

・ For merchants:We will be able to respond to various requests from customers such as "Can you do it online?"It will be possible to switch to a system that supports after-corona with a realistic budget and man-hours.

◆ What is the centralized sales of product sales, reservation, and distribution services that can be realized with Sakurabook?

Now with an eye on the after coronaOnline shift and DX promotion in various industriesIs required.It can be said that the demand for online support is rapidly expanding even in industries, fields, and businesses that did not require online access.

For example,Beauty salon customer experienceLet's think about.

The official website of the salon has played a major role in making reservations for beauty salon visits and applying for campaigns.However, it can be said that the main function required for that purpose was "ordering for store visit reservations".

However, the online support required for beauty salons in the future is not limited to "orders for store visit reservations".For example, online support for various services is required, such as mail order of body care products unique to shops / brands, distribution of self-esthetic courses by registered estheticians, and one-on-one ZOOM counseling with customers.

<Main online services of conventional beauty salons>

・ Reservations for visiting the store

<Online services required for future beauty salons>

・ Reservations for visiting the store

・ Mail order of body care products, etc.

・ Online distribution of self-esthetic courses that can be done at home

・ Online counseling by ZOOM etc.


In this way, diversification of online service menus is required.

With conventional methods, complexity and high prices are inevitable.

Considering the implementation of product sales, reservation reception, online face-to-face services, etc., ideally, there are many cases where full development is done from scratch.Alternatively, we can consider a method of achieving multifunctionality by combining multiple SaaS that correspond to the required functions.


・ In the case of full scratch development, the budget will be high and the feasible merchants will be limited.

・ By combining multiple SaaS, it is not possible to build the site as desired, and maintenance and operation become complicated.

Such issues will arise.

Neither method is a viable solution for toC SMEs who tend to have challenges with online shifts and DX.

With Sakurabook, build a multifunctional sales / reservation site under realistic conditions

on the other hand,With SakurabookA multifunctional shop site that can handle various services / products such as product sales, store visit reservations, and distribution service sales.Realized with a realistic budget and man-hoursAvailable

For example, at an esthetic salon, you can buy recommended lotion online, learn about skin care methods after taking a bath with a paid webinar, and make a reservation for next month's visit.TheseA series of customer experiences can be smoothly developed on your siteThat is the strength of Sakurabook.

◆ Sakurabook functions that can handle various product and service menus

Let's take a look at Sakurabook's functions that enable us to handle a variety of product and service menus.

1: Online sales of goods

Sakurabook is an application of EC site construction platform "Shopify".Therefore, you can use Shopify's online sales function for goods as it is.

・ Shipping calculation, inventory management, product management, payment, discount campaign application

Shopify's e-commerce features include all the essential features of an e-commerce site, including shipping calculations, inventory management, merchandise management, payments, and discount campaigns. The Shopify app, Sakurabook, can take advantage of these features to help you sell your goods online at a high standard.

XNUMX: Accepting reservations for visits and facility use

As a function unique to SakurabookAccepting reservations for visits and use of facilitiesthere is.A regular Shopify site doesn't have these features, but you can easily do so by installing the Sakurabook app.

・ Arrange calendars freely, and customers can check availability and make reservations.

The reservation reception function of Sakurabook can also be linked with the calendar.In addition to the reservation page, you can install multiple locations in various places on your site.For example, you can create a product page for each service menu and set a calendar on each page.

Sakurabook's booking calendar features a flexible booking system like no other.It is also possible to use a format in which the user can select the start time and end time of use by multiplying the usage time by the unit price.

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XNUMX: Sales of online face-to-face services, etc.

Sakurabook's reservation function supports not only store visit reservations and facility use reservations, but also online services.For example, it is possible to accept reservations and sell paid services through video calls, such as paid webinars, online counseling, and online lessons.

[Usage example] Online support for a wide range of businesses can be realized.

◆ School lessons

For example, cooking classes, English conversation courses, acquisition of various qualifications, etc., education, lessons, qualification courses, and reskilling services can be made online with Sakurabook.You will be able to book online lessons, hold online courses, and sell textbooks and equipment on Sakurabook.

◆ Medical / Healthcare field

We don't just accept clinic appointments online. It can also be used for medical DX, such as accepting reservations and payments for online medical interviews using ZOOM.

◆ Tourism

For example, it will be possible to consistently handle hotel reservations and mail-order sales of specialty products and hotel side dishes on a single website.Since it supports multiple languages, it is possible to accept reservations from overseas.We can also respond to inbound demand.

These are just a few of the businesses that Sakurabook can take advantage of.

It will be a tool that can strongly support online business development in many other industries.

◆ Advantages of introducing Sakurabook for WEB production companies

By adding the site construction by Sakurabook to the lineup, there are various merits for WEB production companies as well.Here, we will focus on the feature of "unification of reservation and sales system" and tell you the merits.

Responding to rapidly growing e-commerce expansion and online conversion demand

The first is to respond to the rapidly growing demand for online conversion.Merchants of various sizes, industries, and business formats, who had never considered building a full-scale website or expanding online, are now facing the challenge of going online.

We would like to conduct mail-order sales of products, provide online service menus, and accept reservations.However, it is difficult to budget enough to undertake full-scratch development.

A website construction service that can firmly meet these needs will be added to your lineup.

"To make the site easier to use" Advantageous for EC reconstruction projects

Even merchants who already operate EC sites face various challenges every day.

"We sell products, but we also want to provide online services. However, our existing e-commerce site cannot handle this."

"We are accepting product sales and store visit reservations by combining multiple SaaS. We want to improve business efficiency."

These merchant needs are an example of how Sakurabook is the best solution.

You'll be able to meet these needs by switching from your existing site to a Shopify site with Sakurabook.

◆ To all WEB production companies: We are looking for Sakurabook partners.

We are also recruiting "Sakurabook partners" for WEB production companies.

│ What is a Sakurabook partner?

At our company, we would like to receive consultations from merchants regarding site creation using Sakurabook.At that time, we are looking for "Sakurabook partners" in order to cooperate with the WEB production companies who can take charge of the site production work.

│ Benefits of Sakurabook Partner

XNUMX: Mediation of EC site production projects

We plan to mediate projects for Shopify site creation services that utilize Sakurabook to partner companies as needed.

As a Sakurarbook app development company, we are accepting consultations from merchants regarding the creation of Shopify sites using Sakurarbook.In that case, if you can handle the actual site production, we would like to preferentially arrange the project to the partner company.

XNUMX: Introduction on Sakurabook official website

We would like to introduce our partner companies on the Sakurabook official website (only if we have permission to publish).

The Sakurabook official website also attracts access from merchants who are interested in building EC sites / reservation sites and creating Shopify sites.We hope that it will be a place of appeal to such users.

XNUMX: Priority information provision

We will promptly inform you of the latest information such as detailed function introduction of Sakurabook application, case introduction of application cooperation, introduction case case, etc. by e-mail.

XNUMX: Register as a Sakurarbook partner for free

Sakurabook partners are now free to register.Please take this opportunity to consider it.

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