Shopify reservation site,
introduced Sakurabook
expands the range of EC business

With reservation services such as rental space, salon, paid Zoom, etc.
Omni-channel sales that combine online shopping and store POS
It creates synergies and leads merchants to high profits.

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Shopify opens up possibilities
EC platform

There are more than 170 million businesses (merchant) using Shopify worldwide.
Nearly 4 million consumers worldwide buy products through Shopify.
There are countless reasons why many businesses and entrepreneurs are paying attention to Shopify.

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    For tangible and intangible products
    Can be sold

    Shopify offers a wide range of customizable "themes" to meet a variety of unique branding requirements.This makes it possible to sell not only tangible products but also intangible products.

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    Centralized management of everything

    From inventory management when selling multiple sites such as domestic and overseas site operations, inventory coordination of multiple sales channels such as web / social media and physical stores, sales management, and centralized management of customer data can be integrated into Shopify. , Leads to improved operations.

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    With optimal SNS marketing
    SEO measures

    Shopify offers SEO or search engine optimization services that give you an edge over your competitors due to their extremely fast load and response times.In addition, by integrating with SNS such as Instagram and Facebook, direct sales on SNS will be possible, and customer data can be automatically synchronized with Shopify.

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    Many payment methods can be installed

    Shopify can set up a variety of payment methods.Not only credit card, bank transfer, convenience store payment, but also carrier payment (NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank) is supported. Online payments such as Amazon Pay and Apple Pay are also available.It also supports over 130 different currencies and can be sold overseas.

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    Rich apps

    Shopify publishes an API, and a wealth of apps are being developed around the world.This allows you to custom build your own store.

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    Reliable security

    Shopify can operate safely and securely with the highest level of server compliance that complies with PCI level 2, including basic security measures such as staff login history confirmation, two-step verification, and SSL certificate.

There are many other attractive features.
Shopify leads to increased sales
There are many measures.

Parkfield Co., Ltd. is a shopify experts

With the introduction of Sakurabook
Expanding the range of EC business


We want to centralize sales of not only goods but also digital contents (video courses, etc.) and reservations for various services.

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We would like to promote omni-channel such as making reservations online and making payments at stores, and keeping inventory of real stores from EC sites.

case2 case2

We would like to promote non-face-to-face in various cases such as closing business negotiations with Zoom before coming to the store and introducing products by live distribution.

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Sakurabook was difficult only in scratch development

We will solve the requests of merchants with one app.

Production flow


Inquiries / Quotations Request

From the websiteContactor sending us a message onRequest a quotePlease fill out and submit the form.


Hearing / Proposal / Ordering

After hearing the details of your company's wishes by e-mail or Zoom meeting, we will introduce our company or the most suitable WEB production company (Sakurabook partner) for the production case and propose site production.

Also about Shopify30-day free trialWe provide the services of. (Application is Click here for more information.Thank you. )

* If you wish to request a quote, we will submit the quote first. (The contract will be made after agreeing on the content of the proposal and the estimated amount.)


Design / setting / construction

We will design, set and build the EC site according to the contents of the plan you ordered.We will proceed while confirming with the customer as appropriate.


Acceptance and delivery

We will inspect the completed EC site together with the customer, and if there is no problem, we will open the EC site.


Operation / maintenance support

The EC site starts after it is built. Based on the track record and experience of providing WEB marketing and promotion services for over 20 years, we provide advertising operation, maintenance support, site operation advice, etc.Feel free toContact.



The Sakurabook app is a reservation app that supports Japanese, but is it also compatible with cross-border EC?


Yes, we can.Following the Japanese version, we plan to release an English version.Please use it for projects that are planned to be multilingual in Japanese and English.


What will be the production cost and application usage cost?


We will propose an estimate for the production cost after listening to your request for each project. The usage fee for the Sakurabook app has not yet been finalized, but the paid course is planned to be around $ 20 / month to $ 80 / month.


Is it possible to consult other than building an EC site?


Yes, we have specialized staff who negotiate directly with overseas web service providers and conduct hearings, and we have a system in place to support in Japanese while always coordinating internally.In addition, we have a particular strength in planning and operating sales promotion strategies that make use of the know-how we have cultivated as a company specializing in WEB marketing and IT for over 20 years, so please contact us regarding the Internet business in general.


There are many production companies, and I'm wondering where to ask.Can you help me with the selection of a production company?


Yes, we are a company that started as an Internet-only advertising agency, so we have a lot of LP production, various campaigns, and practical know-how for EC site production.Based on that experience, we will advise you on selecting a production company that is most suitable for a merchant's project.