How to operate the reservation site "Sakurabook" to increase sales

How to operate the reservation site "Sakurabook" to increase sales

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In this article, we will introduce the points of operation to achieve sales increase on the reservation site built using Sakura Book.

There is no silver bullet that says, "If you do this, you will definitely get results" as a measure to increase sales.There are also many differences depending on the type of industry and scale.It is important to combine and develop multiple measures according to the purpose and situation.

With general reservation site construction tools and reservation systems, it may not be possible to fully develop measures to increase sales.As a result, it is not uncommon for people to be in trouble, saying, "We have created a convenient reservation site that looks good, but sales do not increase easily."

on the other hand,With Sakurabook, you can combine the rich features of the Shopify app to implement a variety of initiatives, from advertising, coupons, email marketing, customer management to refer-a-friend campaigns.

Being able to develop a wide range of measures to attract customers and increase sales is one of the major features unique to Sakurabook that other reservation systems do not have.

XNUMX: Clarification of Sakurabook operation purpose

The first important thing is to clarify the operational purpose of Sakurabook.

Even if it is the same reservation site, there are various ways to place it.

・ Develop a new customer base that was previously unreachable through the Internet

・ Realize online reservations to improve convenience and increase the repeat rate of existing customers

First of all, let's clarify this point and share it within the company for what purpose it will be operated.Below, we will introduce some specific points, but the decision from which measures to focus on will differ depending on the operational purpose.In order to prioritize measures, it is important to first clarify the purpose of operation.

XNUMX: Stick to branding

One of the features of Sakurabook is that you can express your brand image everywhere by utilizing Shopify's abundant design themes and advanced customization.By thoroughly controlling the brand identity such as the brand logo, color, and catchphrase, you can express the world view unique to your own brand.

The impact of such branding on sales is by no means minor.Higher loyalty and LTV can be achieved by turning the brand's world view into the “whereabouts” of customers.It is an effective and indispensable measure for both acquiring new customers and improving the repeat rate.

It's a good idea to review every corner of the reservation site and keep in mind every day whether there are any expressions or designs that can convey the brand image more firmly, or if there are any areas that can be improved.

XNUMX: Implementation of campaigns such as coupons

Shopify comes standard with the ability to issue coupon codes and offer special discounts to your customers.Utilizing this function is one of the basic measures to increase sales.

For example, by utilizing e-mail marketing, SNS, WEB advertising, etc., and providing "special coupons for new customers only", it is possible to attract new customers.

It is also a good idea to issue a coupon code to customers who have not used it for a while and develop a "special comeback campaign".

In this way, by strategically utilizing coupons according to the purpose, it is possible to realize a win-win discount strategy that pleases customers and achieves their own purpose.

XNUMX: Attracting SEO customers by operating a blog

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) measures are essential to attract new customers from search engines such as Google and Yahoo.Take SEO measures to make it easier to find your shop site in the search results.

The basis of SEO measures is blog management.For example, if you write an article "How to choose a photo studio" and post it on your blog, when you search for "How to choose a photo studio", that blog article will be easier to find in the search.

Think about what questions your potential customers will have and what words you will use to search, and create a blog post to answer those questions.The most important thing is to set headlines and subheadings firmly and create a blog article with rich content that is useful to users.

The blogging feature that comes standard with Shopify isn't impossible, but it's even better to install a more sophisticated blog, such as DropInBlog, with the Shopify app. Sakurabook can be used in combination with other Shopify apps, making this possible.

XNUMX: Prevent lost opportunities with a basket drop prevention email

When the user advances to the middle of the payment screen but leaves without reaching the payment, it is called "basket drop". Shopify is equipped with a feature that automatically sends an email to a user who has lost their basket to encourage them to make a purchase (payment completed).

It is said that users who have lost their baskets resume shopping after 10 hour or 6 hours, and very often make payments.Therefore, Shopify's automatic basket drop prevention email can be automatically sent at any time of 10 hour, 24 hours, XNUMX hours, or XNUMX hours, depending on the settings.

In addition to the automatically sent email, you can also manually check the user who has dropped the basket and send the email.

XNUMX: Email marketing and customer management

Increasing the repeat rate of customers is an essential factor in increasing sales.Email marketing is an effective way to encourage repeat customers who have registered contacts in the shop.

However, if you do not understand the characteristics and interests of the customer and send the e-mail all at once, it may be treated as "junk mail".It is important to firmly utilize the customer relationship management (CRM) function and carry out effective email marketing.

Customer management is based on tagging each customer's attributes (age, gender, etc.), interests, etc., and managing customers with common interests in groups.

For example, a fitness gym will be used by customers of all ages and genders, such as "women in their 20s" and "men in their 30s."By firmly tagging and understanding these differences between individuals and dividing them into groups, "marketing emails for women in their 20s" and "marketing emails for men in their 30s" are different. The content can only be sent to that user.

Shopify comes standard with these customer management and email marketing features.First of all, let's utilize these, and if necessary, utilize Shopify apps such as Active campaign, which have more advanced customer management and email marketing functions.

XNUMX: Placement of WEB advertisement

One of the most effective ways to get new customers is to place web ads. Shopify can work with Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.By utilizing these, you can place ads in various places such as search result screens such as Google and Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram feeds, etc.

These web advertisements can also be developed in a community-based manner.

For example, consider an advertisement for a fitness gym in Shinjuku Ward.Even if you put up a wide range of advertisements nationwide, the users who are likely to actually make a reservation or visit the store are limited to the area around Shinjuku. With Facebook ads, you can display ads only to users who live or commute to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, or who are interested in fitness.It would be an effective strategy to develop advertisements by focusing on the area in this way.

These WEB advertisements will incur costs for each click or depending on the number of impressions.Since the actual unit price is determined by the auction method, it cannot be said unconditionally, but the market price is about several tens of yen to one hundred and several tens of yen per click.In this way, WEB advertisements are expensive, so in addition to always deploying them, there is also a way to use them spot-on at any time, such as when launching a campaign.

In addition, since WEB advertising operations also require specialized knowledge, if you lack in-house knowledge, you should consider outsourcing to an advertising agency or marketing company.

XNUMX: Own SNS operation

You can also operate trendy SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in-house and link them with the Shopify + Sakurabook site to develop new customers and deepen relationships with existing customers.

Creating an in-house operated SNS account and continuing to post to satisfy the interests of users is the basis of SNS operation.By steadily advancing these efforts, we will be able to increase the number of followers and develop new customers.In addition, by having existing customers follow their SNS accounts and deepen their exchanges, it will be possible for them to become more attached and familiar, and to lead to repeats.

Shopify can also create deployments linked to these various SNS by utilizing various apps.For example, you can embed SNS posts in the Shopify site, or conversely embed product pages in SNS and sell them on SNS.This kind of SNS cooperation can also be realized on the Shopify + Sakurabook reservation site.

XNUMX: Refer-a-friend campaign

Referral campaigns (friend referral campaigns) are also effective measures in a wide range of industries.It is a type of campaign that encourages customers to introduce to friends and issues incentives when it actually leads to use.

For example, send a refer-a-friend campaign email to an existing customer.The campaign email comes with a link with a coupon dedicated to introducing friends.If we get new customers via that link, we will send a thank-you email with a coupon to existing customers who have introduced their friends.

With referral campaign apps such as Letters, you can automate this process and deploy it on a regular basis.

Summary: Realize the results of increasing sales!Can develop multiple realistic measures

In this way, Sakurabook isBy combining with various Shopify functions and apps, it is possible to develop multiple measures that can realize the results of increasing sales..

Although other companies' reservation site construction tools and reservation systems have basic customer attraction and marketing functions,The unique feature of Sakurabook, a Shopify app, is that you can achieve such a variety of developments.It will be.

There are many other possibilities for linking the Shopify app with Sakurabook.I will go into detail in the following articles.

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