By linking Sakurabook and the Shopify app, you can create word-of-mouth functions, chat, and online courses!

By linking Sakurabook and the Shopify app, you can create word-of-mouth functions, chat, and online courses!

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This time, I'll explain how Sakurabook works with other Shopify apps.

Sakurabook is a reservation system that works on the EC site construction tool "Shopify". Sakurabook is also a Shopify app (an extension of Shopify), but by linking with other Shopiry apps, it is possible to realize even more diverse EC / reservation sites.

So this time, I'll introduce some Shopify apps that are especially compatible with Sakurabook.Please refer to what kind of site can be realized by combining with what kind of application.

Reviews ★ "Product Reviews" where you can rate and post reviews

A Shopify app that allows users to post reviews and ratings.You can display customer reviews and increase the trust of the shop.

The image below is in English, but Japanese is also available.

Screenshot of admin index view

・ You can use it for free with the official Shopify app.

-The input form can be customized according to the site design.

-You can also export the posted reviews in CSV format and use them for analysis.

・ Because the posted content is displayed in Google search results, you can expect to attract customers online.

⇒ Shopify App Store [PRODUCT REVIEW]

Instagram feed cooperation application "Instafeed"

An app that embeds Instagram feeds in the Shopify store.The content posted by the Instagram account operated by the company is automatically reflected on the shop site.You can also increase your Instagram followers through the shop.

・ Multiple plans are available, from free to $ 19.99 per month.

-Completely responsive.The layout is automatically adjusted and displayed optimally on both smartphones and computers.

-Supports all Shopify themes.

-In the paid version, you can embed multiple feeds.

⇒ Shopify app store [Instafeed]

"Drop In Blog" which is useful for attracting WEB customers by SEO measures

It's an app that makes it easier to set up more sophisticated and sophisticated blogs than Shopify's standard blogs.Improve customer satisfaction by posting useful information and articles that enhance the image of your shop.By enriching the contents of the shop site, it will be useful for attracting customers online by SEO measures.This blog is also created by DropInBlog.

・ All functions required for blogging are standard equipment.

-Easily create sophisticated blogs with a wealth of design themes and customizations.

-Anyone can create rich blog articles such as images, videos, tables, and text decorations.

・ There is a "LITE" plan for $ 24 a month and a "STNDARD" plan for $ 49 a month.

-Unlike Wordpress, it can be embedded in the domain of the shop.In addition, there are no plug-ins, and maintenance is easy.

⇒ Shopify Aprist [Drop In Blog]

"Tidio" that can install a chat function on the Shopify + Sakurabook site

Customer service is also an integral part of our online business.On ordinary EC sites and reservation sites, even if a customer wants to make an inquiry, it is difficult to expect real-time communication because there is only an inquiry form and an email address.Therefore, the chat function is attracting attention. By integrating Tidio, you can add chat functionality to your Shopify site for real-time communication.

・ There are multiple plans from free to $ 49 per month.

・ Compatible with smartphone apps, allowing you to respond from outside.

-Automated bots and templates are also available.Frequently asked questions are answered automatically, and if you cannot solve them, you can take over to the staff.

⇒ Shopify App Store [Tidio]

All-in-one marketing automation tool "Active Campaign"

It is an all-in-one marketing tool that has all the functions necessary for WEB marketing of EC / reservation sites such as email marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM).Each customer is tagged and categorized, and emails tailored to their attributes and interests are automatically sent at the optimal timing.It also has a function that makes it easy to create sophisticated design emails. Shopify also has standard customer management and marketing features, but it's even more powerful and advanced.

People engage because you give them the right information

・ Prices start at $ 5 per month.Can be used at low cost.

-Intuitive drag and drop operation allows you to easily set mail delivery conditions.

-Equipped with functions such as landing page builder and application form creation.

・ Advanced marketing can be realized by linking various channels such as e-mail, SMS, social networks, and WEB advertisements.

⇒ Shopify app store [Active campaign]

"Thinkific" that allows you to create and develop online courses

By combining Shopify, Sakurabook, and Thinkific, you can combine a full-fledged online course with a realistic experience.For example, Thinkific offers online courses, and Sakurabook accepts reservations for realistic classes and study sessions.You can also sell the materials you need to study the course and DVDs for those who are not good at taking courses online at Shopify.It will be a full-scale combination that can realize a fulfilling and realistic customer experience that transcends the boundary between online and offline.

・ Available for free depending on the function and plan

・ Easy online course creation with simple operation

・ Unlimited number of courses and student registrations

・ Industry-leading lesson completion rate

⇒ Shopify App Store [Thinkific]

By linking with a wealth of Shopify apps, the possibilities of Sakurabook will expand even further.

In addition to the Shopify apps we introduced, there are many more apps. Sakurabook, a Shopify app, can be linked with these various apps.That's whyIt is possible to freely build a site that other reservation site construction tools do not haveIt will be.

It is possible to realize "I wish I could do this" that could not be realized with the conventional reservation site construction tool or had to be compromised.That is a big feature of Sakurabook.

According to various circumstances and conditions such as necessary functions, business content and scale, budget, etc., from micro business to enterprise, not only business but also public sector such as NPO, general incorporated association, educational institution, local government, etc. It is extensible to achieve the functions you need, as you need them.

"What kind of Shopify app should I combine with?"

"Can I make a reservation site like this?"

Please feel free to contact us first.

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