How to use Sakurabook for the first time: Guide to the flow from download to installation and start of use

How to use Sakurabook for the first time: Guide to the flow from download to installation and start of use

This time, for those who are using Sakurabook for the first time, we will guide you through the general flow from downloading to installation to starting site construction.

Sakurabook is a reservation system for the "Shopify App", which is an extension of the shopping cart system "Shopify". It will be possible to introduce a full-fledged reservation calendar on the Shopify site and sell reservation services.

Let's take a look at the general flow of how to get started with Sakurabook.

For more details, see the guide below.

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XNUMX: If you are already using Shopify: Download Sakurabook

First, let's talk about if you're already using Shopify.

If you are already using Shopify, you can install Sakurabook directly on your site..

Please download from the "Sakurabook" page of the Shopify app store and start using it.

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30-day free trial available

Sakurabook is a paid app, but has a 30-day free trial period.First of all, please download and check the functions and specifications during the free trial period.

Sakurabook installation and initial configuration

The installation and initial settings of Sakurabook are explained in the video below.

Select "Service Reservation" or "Space Reservation"

Sakurabook has two modes: "Service Reservation" and "Space Reservation". "Service Reservation" is a mode used for reservation by staff, and "Space Reservation" is used for visit reservation and rental of places and facilities."Service Reservation" and "Space Reservation" are selected during installation and cannot be switched during operation.Please consider carefully which one to use.

▼Sakurabook space reservation and service reservation▼

Import product information

Register the reservation menu of Sakurabook.The reservation menu can be handled as a reservation menu by first registering it as a "product" in Shopify and linking it to Sakurabook.Please see below for the specific procedure for registering the reservation menu and linking it to Sakurabook.

Setting product information for reservation menu

Next, we will set the product information imported into Sakurabook as a reservation menu.

The video below shows how to set products for "Space Reservation".

The video below shows how to set up products for "Service Reservation".

Install Sakurabook's booking calendar on your Shopify site

Install Sakurabook's reservation calendar on the Shopify site.Watch the video below for instructions on how to set up your booking calendar.

XNUMX: When starting from Shopify site construction

If you want to start building your Shopify site, you first need to open a Shopify account.

Go to Shopify's official website and click the "Start Free Trial" button to create an account.You can use it without registering payment information during the first free trial period.

▼Shopify official website▼

After creating an account, the next step is to create a shop.

Please refer to the official step guide, etc., and perform the initial settings.

▼Shopify step guide (official)▼

Introduction of Sakurabook

After completing the basic initial setup of your Shopify site, download and install Sakruabook from the Shopify app store.After that, it will be the same flow as "XNUMX: If you are already using Shopify: Download Sakurabook" introduced earlier.

Frequently asked questions and answers about installing Sakurabook

Next, we will introduce some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the introduction of Sakurabook.

Q.Can I register multiple rental spaces and staff?

A. Yes. Sites using Sakurabook can handle multiple reservation menus within a single reservation site.Each reservation menu has an independent calendar and can be managed individually.

Q.Do you support ZOOM meetings?

A. Yes.By linking with ZOOM, it is possible to accept reservations and sell online services through ZOOM video calls.

Q.Is it possible to pre-order merchandise on Sakurabook?

A.No. Sakurabook is not an app that makes reservations for product sales, but an app that accepts reservations for visiting stores and using facilities.

Q.Is it necessary to contact us to use Sakurabook?

A.No.Available for download from the Shopify App Store.We also accept inquiries about using the app and site construction.

Q.Does it support subscription (monthly billing)?

A.No. Sakurabook does not support a monthly billing system.

▼Sakurabook Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)▼

Please feel free to contact us about creating a Shopify site using Sakurabook.

Shopify is a high hurdle tool for those who are using it for the first time.There are a wide variety of steps required, such as acquiring a unique domain, setting store information, building a site, setting and customizing a theme, selecting and introducing additional functions using the Shopify app, registering and importing product information, and so on. may require specialized knowledge.

The Shopify app, which is an extension, also needs to be initialized. Sakurabook is no exception, and it is necessary to configure various settings after installation.

If you are already familiar with Shopify or have experience building and operating an EC site, you may be able to follow the Sakurabook guide and introduce it yourself, but I felt it would be difficult. If so, please feel free to contact our support desk.

▼Sakurabook Support▼

We also offer Shopify site creation services using Sakurabook. In cooperation with Sakurabook partner companies who are good at Shopify production, web design and marketing experts, we will build an online shop / reservation site that supports the success of your EC business.

If you want to build a reservation site using Sakurabook, please feel free to contact us.

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