Link Sakurabook with Zoom to sell Zoom meeting reservations

Link Sakurabook with Zoom to sell Zoom meeting reservations

In this article, we will guide you on how to sell Zoom meeting reservations by linking Sakurabook and Zoom.

Sakurabook is Shopify's first Japanese language booking app. "Reservation Wizard" will be installed on the Shopify site and you will be able to accept reservations.It is a Shopify app with various features such as flexible time specification in minutes, pay-as-you-go pricing based on usage time x unit price.

Among the various functions of Sakurabook, this time, we will focus on Zoom cooperation and introduce it in detail.

What can be done by linking Sakurabook and Zoom

First of all, I will give you an image of what you can do by linking Sakurabook with Zoom.

In a nutshell, reservations for online services provided by Zoom can be accepted by Sakurabook and sold in the Shopify shopping cart.

For example, there are many cases where services such as counseling and consulting can be provided through online calls using Zoom in businesses that consult with customers and provide advice.It is a function that can be used in such businesses.

If the process of "consultation" is included in the business flow and provided services, such as online experience classes such as lessons and schools, initial consultations with lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, etc., and advance consultations such as real estate transactions. , It is a scene of utilization of Sakurabook and Zoom cooperation.

Combining Sakurabook + Zoom with existing services to further develop services

There are also ideas to develop further services by combining Sakurabook and Zoom meetings with various existing services.

For example, at a hair salon, you can receive a styling consultation in advance via Zoom and make an online reservation for your visit on the spot.With Sakurabook, this flow is also possible.

In this way, depending on the idea, there is a possibility that Sakurabook + Zoom cooperation can be used in various industries.

Sakurabook's Zoom linkage function

Now, let's take a closer look at the specific Zoom linkage functions.

By linking Sakurabook and Zoom, you will be able to select "Zoom meeting" in the reservation wizard (reservation application screen).By selecting this, you can apply for and pay for reservations for online services provided using Zoom.

Once a reservation is accepted, a reservation confirmation email containing the Zoom meeting URL will be automatically sent to staff and customers.Customers and staff can click on the provided URL to access the Zoom meeting during the scheduled time.Also, if you set up linkage with Google Calendar, the date and time of the meeting will be automatically reflected in Google Calendar.

As with other Sakurabook reserved products, the fee is automatically calculated by multiplying the usage time by the unit price.It is also possible to set a fixed fee system.

How to link Sakurabook with Zoom

The following videos provide specific instructions on how to link with Google Calendar and Zoom.

From the "Settings" tab of the Sakurabook dashboard, click the "Connect" button in the Zoom column in the "Linkage" item.Then sign in to the Zoom account you want to connect to Sakurabook.

As a result, you will be able to select "ZOOM Meeting" from Sakurabook's reservation wizard.

ZOOM collaboration is essential for business in the post-corona era

It can be said that ZOOM cooperation is indispensable for business in the post-corona era.Through the pandemic, many consumers have become accustomed to online consumption behavior and take it for granted.

Until now, it may have been thought that "online support is only for some users who are strong in digital devices".However, now that we have passed through the corona disaster, regardless of the ability to respond to digital devices, manyMany consumers want to “do online what they can do online”It is like that.

As a result, business ideas that incorporate new services using ZOOM are becoming a reality one after another, even in industries that were not envisioned to use ZOOM until now.

Usage example: Online customer service at an apparel shop

For example, online customer service at an apparel shop.

Customer service can be said to be one of the real pleasures of an apparel shop.Customers who visit our stores do not just want to buy clothes.You can enjoy shopping while communicating with the store staff, such as asking about coordination, learning about the trends of the current season, and receiving advice on colors and styles that suit you.

On online apparel EC sites, it is difficult for store staff to provide concierge services.It is not uncommon for existing apparel shops to lose customers the moment they go online, and this is also the reason.

However, by using Sakurabook's ZOOM linkage, it is possible to improve these problems.

Customers who wish to use the concierge service can make a reservation on the Shopify site and use ZOOM video calls to provide one-on-one customer service just like in a physical store.While displaying various fashions on the screen, we promote sales while communicating with customers in real time, such as "this season's trend is this style" and "this season's recommended item". It is possible to go

For example,Introduce a personal color diagnosis serviceThat sounds interesting too.

Utilize Sakurabook + ZOOM collaboration with unprecedented flexible ideas

In this way, Sakurabook's ZOOM linkage can be used in a wide range of ways as a tool for realizing new businesses and services.Depending on your ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Please take advantage of Sakurabook's ZOOM cooperation with unprecedented flexible ideas.

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