Release Notes


  • Functional improvementI updated the Shopify version to the latest version.
  • Bug fixesFixed some other bugs.


  • Functional improvementChanged the free plan of the development store to be applied automatically. This allows you to try Sakurabook for free without any inquiries.
  • Functional improvementWe've made some changes to make it easier to create reservations from the dashboard.
  • Functional improvementThe dashboard display has been changed to be more visible.
  • Bug fixesFixed some other bugs.


  • Functional improvementWe have redesigned the pricing method to make it easier to understand.
  • Functional improvementWe have redesigned the product setting method and staff setting method to make it easier to understand.
  • NewsDue to the above, the provision of rental space types has been changed during preparation. Please wait for a while until the re-release.


  • Functional improvementChanged so that "Location" is automatically selected in the reservation wizard.Additionally, with this change, multiple locations cannot be registered.Please note that if you are currently setting a second or subsequent location, you will not be able to select it.
  • Functional improvementThe display of the reservation wizard has been revised to make it easier to understand.


  • Functional improvementWe have revised the wording and display of the management app to make it easier to understand.
  • Functional improvementWe have revised the product import function into Sakurabook and pricing to make it easier to understand.
  • Bug fixesFixed an issue where the XNUMX-day trial may not work properly.


  • Functional improvementFix Shopify install/uninstall and session storage
  • Functional improvementFixed Shopify Webhook registration after app reinstall
  • Functional improvementFix blocked third-party cookies
  • Functional improvementAdd Dynamic Email Template ID
  • Functional improvementImprove Shopify error logs
  • Functional improvementConsider "inAdvancePeriodMinutes" and "timeNeededBeforeBookingInMinutes" to improve availability
  • Functional improvementImproved booking wizard min
  • Functional improvementUpdate sakurabook-admin dependencies


  • Functional improvementTopics for meaningful Zoom events
  • Functional improvementZoom scheduling permissions and schedule_for settings


  • Functional improvementCompletely deauthorize Zoom
  • Bug fixesCurrency changes (and contact email changes) are not reflected in the backend
  • Bug fixesThe start/end date labels for creating a reservation are incorrect.
  • Functional improvementProducts/staff can now be clicked from the calendar on the dashboard
  • Functional improvementUpdated EN/JP translations
  • Functional improvementUpdated booking wizard dependencies
  • Functional improvementFixed pointer when hovering over resource label in calendar
  • Functional improvementTrigger dependent validation (time selector)


  • Bug fixesFixed horizontal scrolling on dashboard
  • Functional improvementmodal improvement
  • Functional improvementDashboard today button
  • Functional improvementIf you abandon your reservation, you should consider moving to another billing period
  • Functional improvementNew merchant navigation, routing and accessibility (guides, dashboards)
  • Functional improvementUpdated EN/JP translations
  • Bug fixesBooking status not visible on space management dashboard
  • Functional improvementImproved URL conventions


  • Functional improvementZoom meeting also created for in-person service reservations


  • NewsInitial release