Create Staff

of the staff sectionAdd staffClick the button to go to the staff creation page.This guide will walk you through all the fields you need to fill in before you can create a staff member and connect it to your service.

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๐Ÿ“Œ All the required fields are labeled with *.


Basic Information

Fill in all the basic details about your staff.

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Field Required Description
First name x staff name
Last name x Last name of the staff.
Email x A valid email address.
Phone x Phone number in a valid format, including country code prefix.
Bio Details about the staff.
Assigned services Click on theAdd servicebutton to connect staff to your services.
Photo Profile picture of the staff.

Business hours

Fill in the hours when your staff is available. These are the times that are offered to your customers. Bookings cannot be created outside of business hours.

If staff are available all the time without breaksNonstopUse the.To create a time period,CustomUse the.You can use the bin button (๐Ÿ—‘) to remove specific slots.Use the plus button (โž•) to add another time period within a specific day.Use the copy button to copy the timeslots of a particular day to another day.

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Do your staff need some time before/after an appointment? Fill in this section. If not, feel free to fill in 0.

Also, please note that if you fill in both before and after, it will be reflected as a total between the two reservations.For example, setting the before and after to 2 minutes will always create a 15 minute window between two bookings.

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Field Required Description
Before check-in x How much time your staff needs before each appointment, e.g. for preparation?
After check-out x How much time your staff needs after the appointment, e.g. to rest?

Staff location

Fill in as many locations as you need.These locations are meant to be staff available.Use location autocomplete to find the correct location.If staff can provide services face-to-face,in personPlease use checkboxes.

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It is an option for staff to provide services online. Zoom video conferencing can be used for online bookings.ZoomPlease use the checkboxes to mark whether online booking is possible or not.When using this function,Connection with Zoom is required.

It is also possible to use both online and offline.

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Appointment length

Select between Fixed and Flexible appointment/booking times. See the table below for details.

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Field Required Description
Minimum in minutes x What is the minimum staff appointment time, for example 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.?
Maximum in minutes x Enter the maximum time for staff bookings, such as 60 minutes, 180 minutes, etc.
Fixed Reservations can be made with the max/min range of the previous field, but reservations are only multiples of the min time.For example, with a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes, reservations can only be created for 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
Flexible Flexibility to book by the minute.For example, a minimum 15 minute and maximum 60 minute reservation can be created for 15, 19, 31, 48 and 60 minutes.

Additional settings

Here you can enter four important fields.

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Field Required Description
Booking request approval x Currently supporting only automatic approvals.
Reservation deadline x Please enter a time that is immediately before the reservation date and is still available for reservation creation.
Reservation slots open x How long in advance before the reservation date you can create a reservation?
Cancelation policy deadline x What is the latest time before the reservation date when you can cancel a reservation for free?

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