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What is Sakurabook? And how does it work?

Sakurabook is Shopify's first official reservation app that fully supports Japanese. By introducing the app to your Shopify site, you can add a reservation service to the popular shopping cart Shopify product sales site, removing the barrier between product sales and reservations. What you can do with Sakurabook is as follows.

・You can sell products at beauty salons, gyms, pet salons, etc., as well as accept reservations and make payments.

・Reservations and payments can be made for free and paid online services using Zoom.

How much does Sakurabook cost?

Sakurabook has four plans depending on the number of monthly reservations, from the light plan (reservation limit 50 reservations/month, $47/month) to the business plan (reservation limit 2000 reservations/month, $137/month). Provides full functionality. Please select the plan that matches the number of reservations you plan to accept.

How long is the contract?

All Sakurabook plans are monthly. He also has an annual plan (effectively 2% discount) that provides a discount for 16.7 months. We offer a 14-day free trial period for all plans.

I'm a Shopify partner, can I try out apps for free and without limits on the development store?

If you individually contact us with your store name, etc., we will make it possible for you to use all the functions in the development store. thisSakurabook free trial formthe SIM Application page.

Please tell me how to install the Sakurabook app.

To install Sakurabook, you first need a Shopify account. From the app menu on the Shopify admin site or from the Shopify App Store after acquiring an account.Sakurabook introduction pageYou can install it by going to . Also, at our companyShopify 30-day free trialWe also provide services, so please use them when acquiring a Shopify account.

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Regarding Shopify production and Sakurabook implementationFree quotation serviceWe offer If you contact us using the quotation request form, our staff will respond to you after confirming the details. About production servicesOnline business talkIf you would like to do so, we are happy to make a reservation for a business meeting.
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