[2024 Latest] Recommended guide for comparing and choosing reservation systems

[2024 Latest] Recommended guide for comparing and choosing reservation systems

A reservation system is a system that allows customers to book services and events online. This allows businesses to quickly respond to customer needs and achieve efficient schedule management. These systems typically provide a wide variety of functions, including accepting reservations, managing schedules, and storing customer data.

In this article, we will compare various reservation systems and explain the features of each in an easy-to-understand manner for business owners and managers looking for a reservation system. We help you find the system that's right for your company by taking a closer look at the factors that matter in your choice, such as features, price, and ease of use.

This article will give you a basic understanding of reservation systems and give you the knowledge to make the best choice for your company's needs.

Comparison of major reservation systems (2024 edition)

Now, let's briefly summarize and compare the features of the major reservation systems.

Smart space reservation/Azoom Co., Ltd.

Features: Specializing in rental space management. Can be linked with smart lock.

Pricing plan: Starting from 8,800 yen per month. Initial costs are estimated individually.

Main functions: Reservation management, customer management, payment management, smart lock integration.

Examples of companies that have introduced it: GYMJIN, ​​artist studio arsnova, Lifeby53, etc.

STORES Reservation/STORES Co., Ltd.

Features: Compatible with a wide range of industries. Reservations and cancellations can be accepted on LINE, and Zoom can be linked.

Pricing plan: Free plan available. Paid plans start from 9,790 yen per month.

Main functions: Reservation management/settings, online payment, customer management, email newsletter/DM distribution, ticket management.

Examples of companies that have introduced it: Bushu Gas Co., Ltd., Asia Building Co., Ltd., Itaya Internal Medicine Clinic, etc.

RESERVA/Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Features: Specializing in reservation reception, customer attraction, and customer management. Simple operability.

Pricing plan: Free plan available. Paid plans start from 3,520 yen per month.

Main functions: Reservation management/settings, lottery function, ticket number issuance, customer/member management, email newsletter/DM distribution.

Examples of companies that have introduced it: Bushu Gas Co., Ltd., Asia Building Co., Ltd., Itaya Internal Medicine Clinic, etc.

Air Reserve/Recruit Co., Ltd.

Features: Easy to use, even for beginners. There is no additional charge due to an increase in the number of reservations with a flat rate system.

Pricing plan: Starting from 5,500 yen per month. Please inquire for initial costs.

Main functions: Reservation management/settings, Google calendar integration, customer management, reservation confirmation email, resource management.

Examples of companies that have introduced our products: Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Menicon miru Yokohama West Exit Branch, Yamagishi Clinic Sagami-Ono, etc.

How to choose a reservation system: To choose a reservation system that suits your company and that you won't regret.

Each reservation system has different characteristics. It is important to choose from the viewpoints of ``is it suitable for your company'' and ``can it meet your company's requirements?'' rather than simply considering whether it is good or bad. For this purpose, we will explain the key points on how to choose a reservation system.

XNUMX: Functional requirements - What functions are required?

First, it is important to choose a reservation system that has the necessary functions that suit your company's objectives. For example, the required functions vary depending on the industry and management style, such as staff reservations, managing multiple locations and resources, and setting cancellation policies.

By carefully defining your requirements and clarifying the functions your company needs, you will be able to select the appropriate system.

XNUMX: Plans and fees - Balance between functionality and profitability

Reservation system fees vary, including initial fees, monthly usage fees, and payment fees. Prices that are too high can affect profitability, while prices that are too low may lack the functionality you need. It is important to choose a system that fits your company's budget by looking at the balance between features, plans, and prices.

XNUMX: Ease of use of the system - Do not confuse customers

Ease of use for users is also an important selection criterion. Make sure it's intuitive, has an easy-to-understand interface, and is the information you need easily accessible.

Especially when targeting international customers, it is important to be multilingual and designed with cultural differences in mind.

XNUMX: Free trial and support

There are many things you won't know until you actually use the system, so whether there is a free trial period is a big deciding factor. A support system is also important. The ability to receive prompt and appropriate support when a problem occurs is directly linked to the peace of mind of system operation.

To all Shopify users: Please also consider the reservation app "Sakurabook"

Shopify users, please consider "Sakurabook" when implementing a reservation system. Sakurabook is the first Shopify app to fully support calendar reservations in Japanese. "Sakurabook" combines ease of use and functionality. Introducing the main features and benefits of "Sakurabook".

Intuitive operability

"Sakurabook" has an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface. This allows even first-time users to easily set up and operate the reservation system.


This system provides many functions necessary for business operations, such as reservation management, customer management, and payment processing. This enables efficient customer service and smooth operations.

Balancing product sales and reservations

You can handle the product sales e-commerce function of the Shopify site and the sale of calendar reservations by Sakurabook in the same cart. It is possible to build a site that is capable of both EC of goods and EC of services.

Cost Performance

"Sakurabook" has reasonable pricing. It is possible to use high-quality services while keeping operating costs low. For detailed information on "Sakurabook" and pricing plans, please check the Shopify app store.

How to use Sakurabook

Anyone can install Sakurabook from the Shopify app store and use it right away. Also, at our company, we used Sakurabook.Shopify reservation site production serviceWe also offer Please consider this as well.

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