[Example of use] Accepting store visit reservations at a Shopify apparel EC shop

[Example of use] Accepting store visit reservations at a Shopify apparel EC shop

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In this article, we will introduce an example of using Sakurabook to install a reservation reception function such as store visit reservation and service reservation on Shopify's apparel EC site.

Sakurabook is the first Japanese calendar booking app on Shopify. There are various calendar reservation apps in the Shopify extension app store, but Sakurabook is the only one that fully supports Japanese (as of April 2023).

Sakurabook is more than just a calendar reservation app, it is equipped with superior features not found in other conventional reservation apps, such as a flexible time specification function that allows customers to freely specify the time of use.Utilizing these distinctive functions of Sakurabook, we will implement store visit reservations and service reservations on the apparel EC site built with Shopify, what kind of services we will provide to customers, and how we will increase sales. will be introduced in detail.

What kind of business model will the Shopify apparel EC site enable with Sakurabook's reservation function?

First, let's take a look at why functions such as store visit reservations and service reservations are necessary for apparel EC sites, and what kind of business models will utilize these functions.

When it comes to apparel e-commerce, it is generally accepted that it basically falls into the category of normal product sales e-commerce.Various apparel products are posted on the site, and customers look at them, add the products they want to the cart, and press the payment button.After that, the product that the customer purchased will be shipped and delivered to complete the process.

Therefore, in general apparel EC, you may think that the calendar reservation function provided by Sakurabook is "not used in the first place".

However, in reality, even for apparel e-commerce sites, there are business models that require a calendar reservation function for further customer service.

There are various cases, but in this article, we will guide you through the following three usage examples.

・ Reservations for use of store events at actual stores

・Reservations for fitting rooms

・ Online coordination consultation

XNUMX: Reservation for use of store events at actual stores

For example, there is the case of a store that "in addition to apparel e-commerce, also sells at physical stores."There is a case where he wants to accept reservations on his site when holding some kind of special event (event) using a store.

For example, there are ideas for holding events that make use of the store space, such as brand new product launches, showcases inviting fashion models, and talk events inviting apparel designers.In order to realize these ideas, we would like to accept customer usage and participation reservations on our own EC site.

With Sakurabook, this kind of reservation reception can be realized as ideal.

Sakurabook supports the Shopiofy Online Store 2.0 format, allowing you to place your booking calendar anywhere on your site.For example, you can create a dedicated page for your store event on your Shopify site and embed your booking calendar directly there to encourage customers to book.

Reservation applications can be settled in the same shopping cart as other purchases, so customers can purchase the new spring dress and make a reservation for a special event at the store at the same shopping cart at the same time. .

XNUMX: Reservation for fitting room

When running an apparel e-commerce business, we often encounter customer feedback such as, "I'm considering purchasing, but I'm not sure about the size, so I'm not sure." There are probably a lot of them.

In order to respond to such customer requests, some apparel EC shops have set up their own fitting rooms and offer a service for customers to come and try on clothes.His business model can be said to be an example of extremely good compatibility with Sakurabook's calendar reservation function.

Sakurabook has features that are significantly different from conventional calendar reservation systems.That is flexible reservation time specification. In Sakurabook, the most detailed setting allows customers to select the start time and end time of use in units of 5 minutes.

例えば 最低利用時間を1時間と設定した場合、従来の予約システムであれば、例えば10時から11時、11時から12時、1時から2時…といったように、時間固定での枠でしか予約できないことが通常です。しかしSakurabookなら、例えば10時5分から11時5分、12時半から1時半、2時15分から3時15分…といったように、お客様のご都合に合わせて、よりきめ細かな時間での予約受付が可能になります。

For customers who say, "I want to try on some clothes that I'm interested in. I want to go to the fitting room, but I'm so busy that I can only have 12 minutes during my lunch break from 15:12 to 45:30." can be exactly what you want.

By doing this, we can prevent the loss of opportunities for customers who say, "I want to go but the time doesn't fit" or "I'll give up because the schedule doesn't match," and we can contribute to the realization of services that are chosen by more customers.

XNUMX: Online coordination consultation

This online coordination consultation is a business model that can be utilized by most apparel ECs.

In terms of physical stores, the biggest service of the apparel shop business can be said to be "concierge service by staff with a wealth of product knowledge."Of course, there are also customers who want to choose the clothes they want on their own, but many of the customers who become fans of the store and come back 2 or 3 times are not just buying clothes, In many cases, value is placed on the experience of communication itself, such as conversations between people and consultation on coordination.

However, the biggest weakness of apparel EC is that it is generally very difficult to provide such communication or "valuable experiences" such as concierge services.

What is attracting attention is an online coordination service that utilizes an online calling system such as Zoom.While communicating with customers in real time using online calls, it will be possible to provide services similar to those of a physical store, such as asking customers about their concerns about coordination and introducing the perfect products.

First, we will use Sakurabook to set up a reservation calendar on the apparel EC site.Please select your desired date and time from the free time and make a reservation for the online coordination service.

Sakurabook can also work with Zoom meetings and Google Calendar to sell reservations for these online services.When a customer makes a reservation, the Sakurabook system will automatically issue a Zoom meeting URL and send an email to the corresponding staff and customer.Also, if you link with Google Calendar, the event will be automatically registered in Google Calendar on the date and time you applied.

Utilizing Sakurabook to realize a new apparel EC service

In this way, by utilizing Sakurabook, it will be possible to realize unprecedented new services for apparel EC sites.

In order to realize a highly profitable e-commerce site that pleases customers, is chosen by customers, and is used again and again, it is necessary to differentiate ourselves from other competing stores and launch new services. It is essential.Depending on your ideas, you can use the various functions of Sakurabook to devise such store management.

In 2023, it is time to seek store management with an eye on the post-corona era.Through the corona disaster, the awareness of customers' consumption behavior has changed significantly.Today, the need to say, “If he can do it online, he does it online” has become commonplace.Under these circumstances, even apparel shops will have an urgent need to respond online.

However, on the other hand, it is not easy to increase expected sales and maintain and expand the scale in this apparel EC market, which has already turned into a red ocean, just by extending the conventional product sales EC. is not.

There is a need for an EC site with new services that customers want.

As a breakthrough in this difficult business environment, Sakurabook, Shopiy's first Japanese-compatible reservation system, can open the door to various possibilities.

There is a possibility of utilization for Sakurabook's staff nomination reservation

We have introduced three examples of how to use the main functions of Sakurabook to create new services in apparel EC.The three examples introduced so far are examples of utilization using Sakurabook's "Space Reservation" mode.

However, Sakurabook also has another mode called "Staff reservation".Space reservation and staff reservation, these two modes are selected at the beginning of use, and it is not possible to switch arbitrarily during use.Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider which mode to use before starting use.

When considering how to use it in apparel EC, I think that the basic choice would be to use it in the "space reservation" mode for the purposes introduced in the first half of this article.However, on the other hand, there is also a way to use it in the "staff reservation" mode.

For example, depending on the store, there may be a store that has a staff member who is popular with customers.In the case of apparel shops, I think most shops are now using SNS and video sites such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.There may be shops where the staff are widely familiar with customers through such SNS operation and video posting.

In such a case, the customer's needs will be more focused on "people" than on service, such as "I want a popular Tiktok salesclerk to consult on coordination."In order to meet the needs of these customers, there may be cases where it is better to use Sakurabook's "staff reservation" mode.

In Sakurabook's "Staff Reservation" mode, as the name suggests, you can make reservations by appointing staff.The profile of the staff can be registered as a Shopify product page, and the customer can view the profile of that staff member, check the available date and time of the staff on the calendar, and make a reservation for the desired date and time from among them. You can apply.

Especially for the younger generation, SNS and video sites are now essential communication tools.By using Sakurabook, it will be possible to more accurately incorporate and implement services that match the new habits and needs of Gen Z.

Summary: By utilizing Sakurabook, Shopify apparel EC can develop into a new service beyond EC

Finally, we will summarize what we have discussed.

In this article, we have introduced ideas for developing various new business models for apparel EC sites built with Shpify using Sakurabook.

The basic concept of conventional apparel EC falls within the category of general merchandise EC, and you may think that the calendar reservation function provided by Sakurabook has no use.However, conversely, various new business models that require calendar reservations, which many competitors have not yet implemented, can be realized with Shopify sites equipped with Sakurabook.

We would appreciate it if you could consider a new business model using Sakurabook on the Shopify apparel EC site during this period.

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