[Use example] Create a website with a reservation system for a private tutoring school using Sakurabook

[Use example] Create a website with a reservation system for a private tutoring school using Sakurabook

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Well, this time as well, we will use Sakurabook as an example.Website with reservation system for private tutoring schoolI would like to introduce a case where you can create a .

Private tutoring is a service that provides one-on-one learning guidance to each student.
Basically, there is a monthly fee system, and I think there are many patterns in which you have a long-term relationship with one student, but within the number of lessons per month,Reservation-based private tutoring school where students can freely choose the day and time of the week.Has also increased.

At these reservation-based individual instruction schools,Various improvements are needed in the reservation application flow and reservation management methods, etc.it might be. Especially in the case of small private tutoring schools or cram schools run by individual instructors, I think they are having a hard time because they cannot afford to introduce a large-scale reservation system.

In these cases,Solving various problems by using SakurabookIt is possible to.

Let's take a closer look at how we can solve the problem.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

What is Sakurabook? Shopify app that allows you to create a site with a reservation system

Now, before we get into the main topic, I think there are many people who don't know about Sakurabook, so I would like to briefly introduce it.

SakurabookA reservation system that operates on the e-commerce cart system Shopify..

Simply put, Shopify is a system for creating online shopping sites. It seems that online shopping and private tutoring schools have no relationship at all. But Shopify has

  • Reliable payment system
  • Member login function
  • Flexible design and rich templates
  • Web marketing functions such as online customer attraction

And so onEssential features for developing your business onlineBut everything is in place.

Sakurabook's mechanism is that you can build a variety of reservation sites by combining these standard features of Shopify with other extensions (Shopify apps) that can be added.

therefore. Even if you do not sell products online,If you are a business that provides some kind of reservation service, you can use Sakurabook.

As one example of such usage, we would like to introduce a case in which Sakurabook is used by individual tutoring schools.

What is required of a reservation system for private tutoring schools that require reservations

First, let's sort out the issues with this business model in order to identify the functions required of a reservation system for private tutoring schools that require reservations.

In our actual website creation service, we interview our customers individually, find out about the issues they are facing, and then propose website creation that will help solve those issues. However, in this article, I will list some issues in general terms.

1. Difficulty managing reservations

First of all, it can be said that reservation-based private tutoring schools are difficult to manage reservations. We must carefully match each student's desired date and time with the instructor's availability. Since it is necessary to coordinate each other's schedules, it may become difficult to manage reservations.

2. Instructor assignment and matching

In conjunction with the difficulty of managing reservations, it will also be necessary to devise ways to allocate instructors. There may not be a problem if all instructors can teach all subjects, but realistically, I think there is a difference between the subjects that can be taught by different instructors and the ones that are not.

For example, if a student wants to receive individual math instruction on that day, but there are no instructors available to teach math on that day, it becomes even more difficult to adjust the schedule. hey.

3. Attracting customers and acquiring new students

And of course, reservation management and scheduling are not the only challenges. In addition, we need to constantly develop measures to attract new students.

In most cases, I think that students who use private tutoring schools rarely use the schools for long periods of time. I think there are many cases where students use private tutoring schools to study for entrance exams for two or three years at most. In this case, the more successful the students are in their studies, the more they will "graduate", so we have to acquire new students every year. I think there are also some business difficulties.

4.Payment processing

And when it comes to payment processing, I think there are many cram schools that are having trouble finding a good way to do so. Payments are made by handing over cash or by bank transfer, and there are many cases where there are concerns about the security and reliability of payments.

Solved with Sakurabook! Website with reservation system for private tutoring schools

Now, if you look at it like this, private tutoring schools that require reservations may seem very convenient at first glance, but in reality, they may tend to face various practical problems.

Unlike traditional cram schools that have fixed days and times,Students can make reservations and receive instruction whenever they wish.Such reservation-based individual instruction cram schools areVery convenient from the user's perspectiveI think. I believe that it is precisely because of this need that reservation-based private tutoring schools are becoming more and more popular.

On the other hand, in order to fully provide this reservation-based private tutoring school service, we need to manage reservations, schedule adjustments, etc.An advanced reservation system with various functions is required.It will be.

In order to build a site with such an advanced reservation system, there were major practical problems, such as using conventional methods to incur a large amount of initial construction costs. I think this was a difficult option for small and medium-sized private tutoring schools to take on.

But,If you use Sakurabook, you will be able to provide reliable reservation-based services to small, medium, and private tutoring schools.

Sakurabook's advanced reservation reception + reservation management function

Sakurabook has a mechanism that is very suitable for a reservation system for private tutoring schools.

First of all, it is an intuitive and easy-to-understand reservation calendar. This reservation calendar is not one for each cram school, but you can set up a calendar for each service you provide. for example,By creating and posting a reservation service for each class, students can see the availability of reservations for the class they want to take, apply for their desired date and time, and make a reservation.

Of course, if you need to change or cancel your reservation, you can smoothly process it from the management screen.

It is also possible to assign instructors.

Furthermore, with Sakurabook, you can assign a staff member to be in charge of each reservation service. In the case of a private tutoring school, for example, you can create a reservation service for each class and assign individual teachers to each class. For example, Professor Tanaka teaches modern Japanese and ancient Japanese. Mathematics I and Mathematics II are taught by Mr. Saito, world history and modern society are taught by Mr. Suzuki, and so on.Information about who will be in charge of the class (reservation service) can be incorporated into the reservation system.That's right.

AndSakurabook's reservation system calculates not only the availability of service slots, but also the working status and availability of staff in charge, automatically determines whether reservations can be accepted, and reflects the results in the reservation calendar.

So, for example, if you say, ``There are reservations for Mathematics I class that day, but Mathematics II class is available for the same day and time.However, there is only one teacher in charge of that Mathematics I Mathematics II class.'' is. In this case, even if there are reservations available for Mathematics II, the class cannot be offered because the teacher is occupied.

In such cases, Sakurabook automatically detects the situation and switches whether or not reservations can be made, thereby preventing double bookings.

Also available for online classes via Zoom

SakurabookZoom cooperation is also possibleIt has become a system. For example, in the case of a private tutoring school, it is possible to connect with students via Zoom and conduct individual tutoring classes through video calls. Sakurabook can also make reservations for services that provide such Zoom video calls.

Powerful customer attraction function and new student acquisition

Additionally, Shopify, which is the foundation of Sakurabook, is known as a system that is strong in attracting customers.It is equipped with a wealth of practical functions that allow you to develop a variety of online marketing activities.

For example, in the case of a private cram school, if you are running a classroom in a physical store, you can easily register the location of the classroom on Google Maps, or access it by searching for the area name such as "Shibuya private cram school". stretch,Local SEO measuresYou can also implement of coursePlace online advertisementYou can also do this easily. Other,Cooperation with SNS and YouTubeis not it. For example, you can publish some of your lessons for free on YouTube and attract new students from there.

Online payment processing

Sakurabook also allows you to use a highly reliable system when it comes to payment processing, which tends to be a concern.

Sakurabook itself is a system that runs on the e-commerce cart "Shopify." And Shopify has an advanced payment system. Therefore, you can choose from a wide variety of payment methods.

Summary: Sakurabook is a site with a reservation system for private tutoring schools.

This time, we explained in detail how to create a website with a reservation system using Sakurabook for a private tutoring school.

◆Resolution of reservation reception and reservation management issues:Private tutoring schools need to coordinate student and instructor schedules and manage reservations efficiently. Sakurabook provides an intuitive reservation calendar and instructor assignment functionality to solve reservation management challenges such as preventing double bookings.

◆Attracting customers and promoting sales:By attracting customers and promoting sales using Shopify's functions, you can effectively acquire new students and introduce classes online.

◆Secure payment processing:Providing reliable payment methods is important for private tutoring schools. Sakurabook uses Shopify's payment system and offers a variety of payment methods, making payment processing more reliable and convenient.

In summary, by using Sakurabook, private tutoring schools can solve major operational issues all at once: improving the efficiency of reservation management, providing online classes, providing strong support for attracting customers, and secure payment processing. Is possible. This allows even small cram schools to be competitive and provide high-quality educational services.

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