Features unique to Sakurabook's "Shopify app"

Features unique to Sakurabook's "Shopify app"

Sakurabook support Sakurabook support

The reservation system "Sakurabook" provided by our company is a Shopify application that is an extension of the EC site construction tool "Shopify".Therefore, Sakurabook has various merits unique to the Shopify app.

This time, we will introduce the strengths and advantages of Sakurabook that are unique to the Shopify app.

◆ Various menus are sold on one site for both product sales and facility use reservations.

The first advantage is that you can handle various menus such as product sales, facility use reservations, service reservations, etc. on the same Shopify site.Both the EC function that Shopify originally has and the reservation system by Sakurabook are compatible.

So, for example,

・The shopify site of the hair salon handles both reservations for visits and online shopping for hair care products.

・ Commercialize a webinar where you can learn how to enjoy wine in addition to online shopping for wine on the Shopify site of a wine specialty store.

… and so on, it will be possible to handle online shopping and reservations for stores and facilities on the same site.

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⇒ [Sakurabook function] All product sales, reservations, and online distribution services are unified.

Unlike the conventional reservation system, reservations and product sales can be handled on the same site and the same domain.

In conventional reservation systems, the tools themselves are often different, such as "the EC site is for product sales, and the reservation system is for accepting reservations."Even if you try to operate in an integrated manner, various problems cannot be avoided, such as differences in design details and domain changes.There were also problems such as difficulty in designing user leads, resulting in opportunity loss.

However, with Sakurabook, Shopify's powerful EC system and Sakurabook's highly functional reservation system can be deployed on the same site and domain, so it is possible to solve these problems.

◆ Create a responsive site with a sophisticated design

Sakurabook, a Shopify app, can take advantage of the abundant design themes unique to Shopify.This is also one of the differences from other general reservation systems.

The Shopify theme allows you to implement various design layouts on your site just by applying it, and even more detailed customization is possible.In addition, it is responsive and you can create sites that support a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

You can take advantage of these abundant existing Shopify themes, so you can express your brand image with a sophisticated design.Branding can be spread to every detail such as the top page, product page, blog, reservation page and payment page.

◆ Compatible with Shopify "Online Store 2.0"

Sakurabook also supports Shopify's new specification, Online Store 2.0.

Traditionally, Shopify could only implement the "Shopify app" extension on a limited number of pages.However, Sakurabook, which supports Online Store 2.0, can implement booking calendars in various locations on the Shopify site.

A wide range of development is possible, such as reservations for each service menu and reservations by appointing staff.

For example, if you are booking a studio with multiple rooms, you can create an "A Studio Reservation Page" and a "B Studio Reservation Page" respectively, and set up a separate booking calendar for each page.

In addition, for example, it is possible to develop a reservation site for beauty salons where you can individually appoint and make reservations for treatment staff. Create a profile page for each treatment staff, such as "Staff A page" and "Staff B page", and set up a Sakurabook reservation calendar on each page.By doing this, when the user thinks "I want to ask Staff A for treatment", I check the availability of Staff A reflected in Sakurabook and select the desired date and time from the available dates and times. It will be possible to make a reservation.

◆ Combining Shopify's abundant apps to realize even more sophisticated sites

Shopify has a variety of apps (extensions). Sakurabook is one such app, but you can build a more sophisticated site by combining it with other apps.

Here are some examples of combinations.

Automate marketing such as email sending and customer management in combination with the MA app

For example, you can use Sakurabook in combination with marketing automation apps such as "Active Campaign" and "Get response".These combinations enable a high degree of automation for digital marketing such as email sending and customer management.We grasp each customer's information in detail and send the best guidance email at the best timing for the customer.You will be able to achieve more effective sales promotion.

A highly functional blog app that sends out a wealth of content and attracts customers online.

Shopify has a blogging feature by default.However, you will often be dissatisfied with the features.In such a case, it is possible to introduce a blog app with richer and richer expressive power.

For example, "Drop in blog" is a Shopify app that lets you create simple yet fulfilling blogs.Flexible posting of multimedia such as headlines, table tables, indents, images and videos.With a wealth of design themes and a rudimentary knowledge of CSS, even more advanced customization is possible.

Full-scale online lessons and webinar business in combination with an app for online courses

There are also tools such as "Thinkific" and "Kajabi" that allow you to create online courses with a full-fledged curriculum.By combining these with Sakurabook and Shopify, it is possible to start full-scale online lessons and webinar business.

For example, we set each course of "Introduction", "Beginner", "Intermediate", and "Advanced", and provide a fulfilling online seminar that makes full use of videos, texts, PDFs, and presentations.In addition, it will be possible to build an "online learning site" that includes one-on-one lessons for students and instructors, online lessons for a small number of people, and mail-order reference books.

◆ Web production companies can freely make client proposals.

The fact that Sakurabook is a Shopify app has unique business benefits for web production companies as well.I will also introduce such points.

Shopify Partner Registration and Distributor Sales

First, let's talk about Shopify partner registration and distributor sales.

Each cloud service (IT tool) company that provides a reservation system has a partner system and an agency sales system for web production companies.

For example, if you register with an agency, you can introduce the IT tool to the client through your company, and if you reach a contract, you can get a reward at a certain rate.In some cases, partner registration is required to provide maintenance and operation services to clients instead of the official IT tool.

In addition, by registering as a partner, you can use advanced functions for developers, get the latest information with priority, and support for developers. I am.

But,Each company has different mechanisms such as agency registration, operation support agency, and partner registration, and there are various differences in terms of use.

Agency sales

Operation support agency
* Right to provide operational support by WEB production companies, etc. on behalf of the official

Domestic company A reservation system Application required / examination required Application required / examination required
Domestic company B reservation system None
* Simple affiliate only
No regulation
Shopify Application only, no examination No limit
* There is a separate Shopify Experts certification system.
Sakurabook No limit
* Sakurabook partner preferential treatment
No limit
* Sakurabook partner preferential treatment

Shopify and Sakurabook have the advantage of being easy to register as a partner and sell to agents.

Shopify Partner

Anyone, corporate or sole proprietor, can register as a Shopify partner without review.Simply enter simple information in the form and you can register without examination and for free.

By registering as a Shopify partner, you'll get access to advanced developer services such as the Development Store.You can also create a pilot Shopify site privately to check its behavior, or develop your own Shopify app.

There is also a profit-earning system called "Revenue Share".It's a so-called agency-like system where you can earn some profit when a client introduces Shopify through a partner program.

You can participate in these full-fledged partner programs without screening and for free, so you can further improve your business potential just by registering as a Shopify partner.

Sakurabook Partner (Free)

Our Shopify reservation app "Sakurabook" also has its own partner system.

Sakurabook is free to make client proposals by WEB production companies.However, you can get higher priority support by registering as a Sakurabook partner.

Sakurabook partners are now free to register.Please take this opportunity to consider it.

<XNUMX: Mediation of EC site production projects>

We plan to mediate projects for Shopify site creation services that utilize Sakurabook to partner companies as needed.

As a Sakurarbook app development company, we are accepting consultations from merchants regarding the creation of Shopify sites using Sakurarbook.In that case, if you can handle the actual site production, we would like to preferentially arrange the project to the partner company.

<XNUMX: Introduction on Sakurabook official website>

We would like to introduce our partner companies on the Sakurabook official website (only if we have permission to publish). The Sakurabook official website also attracts access from merchants who are interested in building EC sites / reservation sites and creating Shopify sites.We plan to develop it as a place to appeal to our partner companies and to acquire new projects.

<XNUMX: Priority information provision>

We will promptly inform you of the latest information such as detailed function introduction of Sakurabook application, case introduction of application cooperation, introduction case case, etc. by e-mail.

<XNUMX: Utilization support such as IT introduction subsidy (results compensation system)>

At our company, in collaboration with the administrative scrivener office, we support the utilization of IT introduction subsidies and business restructuring subsidies for WEB production companies that create Shopify sites using Sakurabook. Also offers.

In general subsidy application support, it is generally as high as 10 to 20% of the amount of subsidy earned, but in our support, it is a flat rate without a start fee.In addition, due to the performance fee system, if the subsidy is not adopted, no cost will be charged.

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