[Example of use] Also compatible with Zoom! Sakurabook is a site with online lesson reservation system.

[Example of use] Also compatible with Zoom! Sakurabook is a site with online lesson reservation system.

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This timeWebsite with online lesson reservation systemA case of creating with SakurabookI would like to introduce you to.

"I want to learn online."

These needs are increasing year by year.

Many people are in need of recurrent reskilling for adults, such as acquiring various skills and techniques, learning know-how, and acquiring qualifications. In order to meet these needs, there has been an increase in the number of people with special skills and techniques acting as instructors and offering lessons and schools online.

However, theseThere are various hurdles to commercializing online lessons.It is also true.

On online tutoring platforms that are already popular, there is intense competition with other tutors, and it can be difficult to get students, or even if you do, you end up with a high margin. There are a lot of them.

What I would like to introduce to all of you is:Sakurabook.

Sakurabook is an app that allows you to set up a reservation calendar on the e-commerce cart system "Shopify" and receive reservations for store visits. but,In addition to making reservations,Reservations and sales of paid services provided online using Zoom video callscan also be done.

さ ら に,It can also be linked with tools such as ``Thinkific'' and ``Teachable,'' which can be said to be the global standard for online school construction tools.This also allows you to launch a full-fledged online school business.

of course,Various marketing functions to help attract customers to your siteAlso equipped.

In this article, we would like to introduce an example of a proposal to grow your online lesson business by building a comprehensive school site with a reservation system using Sakurabook.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

Business overview of online lessons and its three challenges

First, let's take a look at the business overview of online lessons and what challenges there are.

1. Acquisition of students

There is no doubt that ``acquiring students'' will be a major issue when commercializing online lessons in any field. In this day and age, where a variety of information and content is available for free online, finding someone willing to take paid lessons or courses can be more difficult than you might imagine. ``How to acquire students'' is a very big issue.

2.Lesson reservation system and payment

The next big issue that tends to arise is the reservation system and payment. Giving lessons or offering courses online is not that difficult, as anyone can use video sites such as Youtube and video calls such as Zoom, as long as you are not particular about presentation. But to monetize those lessons and lectures, you will need a sales and payment platform.

3. Ensuring profitability (balance between profits and expenses)

What many instructors are worried about is the balance between profits and expenses.

For example, many instructors are registered on various platforms such as "Coconala" and "Storeaka" in order to acquire new students, sell lessons and courses, and make payments. However, these platforms incur margins (fees), making it difficult to secure profits.

If you separate from these platforms and create your own site, you can run your own teaching business without worrying about margins, but you may also have questions such as "How should I acquire students?" "How should I accept reservations and make payments?" I am faced with this problem.

I think there are many people who struggle with this dilemma and continue to use the product.

Creating a website with a reservation system: Solving online lesson issues with Sakurabook

Acquiring students, accepting reservations and payments for lessons, and ensuring profitability. Sakurabook may be able to solve these issues all at once. Let me explain in detail.

The point is that Sakurabook is an extension of the EC cart system "Shopify". Therefore, SA variety of issues can be solved by combining hopify's rich functions and Sakurabook..

1. Acquire new students with Shopify's strong ability to attract customers

  • Utilizing digital marketing: "Shopify", which is the base of Sakurabook, is known as a strong tool for attracting customers.It is possible to acquire students online using SEO (search engine optimization) and SNS marketing.is. Shopify's marketing tools make it easier to reach your target students directly.
  • Cooperation with SNS: By sharing product pages directly from your Shopify store to Facebook and Instagram and linking to Sakurabook's reservation system, you can acquire students through SNS.

2. Sakurabook's intuitive reservation system and Shopify payment function

  • Intuitive reservation system: Shopify comes standard with a wide range of payment methods. All of these payment methods can be used with Sakurabook. This results inIt is possible to perform the entire process from accepting lesson reservations to payment..
  • Cooperation with Zoom: Sakurabook can be linked with Zoom. By using this feature, a Zoom meeting will be automatically set up when a reservation for an online lesson is accepted, and a participation URL will be automatically sent to participants.

3. Excellent profitability

  • Reduced platform fees:By creating your own site using Sakurabook,Reduce commission payments to external platforms.Profitability can be increased by selling directly.
  • Pricing freedom: Since the Sakurabook site is our own site, we have great flexibility in setting lesson prices.Since you can freely set promotions and discounts, you can build a highly profitable business model.

Summary: A new form of online lesson business with Sakurabook

This time, we introduced the challenges of the online lesson business and the key points of Sakurabook to solve them.

The key to running an online lesson business successfully is acquiring new students, efficiently accepting reservations and processing payments, and ensuring profitability. Sakurabook solves these issues and proposes a new form of reservation site that is useful for both instructors and students.

However, we hope that instructors will consider creating a Sakurabook reservation site that goes beyond just being able to make reservations.

We accept inquiries regarding Sakurabook site production services.

We also offer site creation services using Sakurabook.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us about Sakurabook site production services from the page below. Our representative will explain the details in detail over the Zoom call.

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