[Example of use] For accepting reservations for advisory services such as advisors! Setting example of Sakurabook, a reservation system that supports both Zoom and face-to-face

[Example of use] For accepting reservations for advisory services such as advisors! Setting example of Sakurabook, a reservation system that supports both Zoom and face-to-face

Sakurabook support Sakurabook support

Advisors, coaches, consultants, lecturers, lawyers, judicial scriveners, counselors and therapists. Sakurabook is a truly compatible reservation reception tool for those who run individual consultation businesses.

In particular, what I would like to introduce this time is how to use Sakurabook in a business model of ``renting a place and providing face-to-face consultations only on certain fixed days, and usually consulting online.''

Specific examples include the following businesses:

<Example of beauty advisor>

While selling skin care products such as lotion, we also offer beauty advice. I basically provide beauty advice via Zoom, and every Saturday I turn a room in my home into a salon where I offer face-to-face consultations. 

<Example of management consultant>

We provide management consulting to local small and medium-sized businesses. Routine consulting, meetings, reporting, etc. will generally be provided via Zoom. Every Thursday only, we rent a conference room at a local chamber of commerce to provide in-person consulting.

<Example of Feng Shui fortune teller>

I am a fortune teller who provides Feng Shui fortune telling and sells good luck goods. Feng Shui fortune-telling is provided via Zoom, and every Tuesday and Saturday during lunch time, I rent a seat at a coffee shop and offer my fortune-telling services face-to-face.

Sakurabook is a reservation system that is very compatible with this kind of business model that combines online services via Zoom, face-to-face services, and product sales.

Advisors, coaching, consulting, lecturers, lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, counselors and therapists... How do you handle personal consultation and reservations?

There are various types of businesses that provide advice and advice in response to inquiries from customers. There are many different types of businesses, such as advisors, coaching, consulting, lecturers, lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, counselors, therapists, and fortune tellers, but in all cases, many businesses operate on an individual scale. Is not it.

These business models also often provide consultation services through online calls such as Zoom meetings. Online consultation services can be provided from anywhere. On the other hand, some customers may have a desire to talk face-to-face.

One issue that tends to become an issue is accepting reservations.

Example: I would like to have face-to-face consultations only on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, and use Zoom on other business days.

``I want to consult online'' ``I want to consult face-to-face''. In order to meet the needs of both customers, for example, ``We usually provide online consultation services, but every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, we rent out a corner of our store or rented space to provide face-to-face consultation services.'' There could also be such a model.

In fact, this business model of ``renting a place and offering face-to-face consultations only on certain fixed days, and usually offering online consultations'' is a popular option for individuals and small-scale consultation businesses. I don't think it's an unusual shape at all.

What is the system for accepting reservations “Usually via Zoom, but only in person on certain days of the week”?

However, the reality is that there are currently almost no reservation systems that support this type of complex service provision.

There are many famous reservation systems and reservation sites, but they usually only accept reservations for in-store reservations. Furthermore, it is not envisaged that the same service provider will provide services sometimes via Zoom and other times in person.

As introduced at the beginning of this article, in a business model for consulting services such as ``Usually using Zoom, but only in-person every Tuesday and Saturday,'' reservations for Zoom and in-person services are accepted separately. As a result, the process of accepting reservations becomes extremely difficult.

It also tends to be difficult for customers to understand, leading to them giving up on making a reservation and thinking, ``I'd like to talk to this person, but I don't know how to make a reservation, so I'll stop.''

With Sakurabook, you can also create a reservation site where you can accept reservations for face-to-face + Zoom reservations.

For this reason, we would like everyone to utilize Sakurabook.

Sakurabook has

・Multiple reservation services can be registered on one site

・You can change the "service provision location" for each reserved service.

It has a feature that is not found elsewhere.

I would like to provide detailed information by showing you the actual settings screen.

Sakurabook reservation service setting screen

Sakurabook has separate reservation calendars for each service that accepts reservations. Therefore, it is possible to register multiple reservation services on one reservation site.

And it's not just the reservation calendar that is independent. You can also set individual reservations for each reservation service, including where the service will be provided and whether it will be provided face-to-face or via a Zoom meeting. 

Sakurabook setting example: Example of a beauty advisor that combines face-to-face and online

Now, let's introduce a specific case example using a beauty advisor as an example.

<Business model>

While selling original lotions, we also offer beauty advice. We basically provide beauty advice via Zoom, and every Saturday afternoon, we turn a room in our home into a salon where we offer face-to-face consultations. 

<What to do on the site>

・Online shopping for lotion

・Reservations accepted for beauty advice provided via Zoom (daytime from Monday to Friday)

・Reservations accepted for beauty advice at home salon open every Saturday

・Payment for each service

Let's create a site that can do this with Shopify and Sakurabook.

Sakurabook initial settings and Zoom cooperation

First, we will briefly explain the main points, starting with the initial settings of Sakurabook.

<Introduction of Shopify>

The first thing you need is to install Shopify.

Sakurabook is an extension of the EC cart system (EC site creation tool) ``Shopify''. Therefore, you need to install Shopify first.

Shopify is a cloud service that runs on your internet browser. Therefore, you can register and start using it immediately without having to install any special software. Please check the installation procedure in the Shopify official manual.

⇒Shopify official manual

<Installing Sakurabook>

After installing Shopify, add Sakurabook to it. For this step as well, the general installation procedure is sufficient. Please see the Sakurabook User Guide for details.

⇒Sakurabook usage guide

<Sakurabook Zoom link settings>

Next, set up Sakurabook's Zoom connection. This can be done with just a few clicks on the screen. 

1: Create and import product page

First, create a product page on Shopify.

There will be three product pages to create:

・Beauty advice (Zoom Monday to Friday)

・Beauty advice (home salon Saturday afternoon)

・Original lotion product page

First, create these three product pages on the Shopify admin screen.

Products can be added or deleted later, and you can also change the product page once it has been created.

Well, out of these three, There are two reservation services: “Beauty Consultation (Zoom)” and “Beauty Advice (Home Salon Saturday Afternoon)”It will be. These will be imported into Sakurabook and further settings will be added. Therefore,Set the “service” tag in the “tag” item on the product page.To do.

Once you have created the product page and set the tags, go to "Service > Add Service" from the Sakurabook management screen and import the product pages for "Beauty Consultation (Zoom)" and "Beauty Advice (Home Salon Saturday Afternoon)". Masu.

2: Detailed settings for reservation service

Next, make detailed settings for the reservation service.

<Detailed settings for “Beauty Consultation (Zoom)”>

First, let's set up the details for "Beauty Consultation (Zoom)".

The point that I would like you to pay particular attention to this time is the setting of business hours. Sakurabook allows you to set detailed business hours for each reservation service.

In this case example, "1: Beauty consultation (Zoom)" is available during the day from Monday to Friday. Therefore, let's set it as follows.

In the above example, the reception hours are 10:12 a.m. to 1:17 noon and 12:1 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. There is a lunch break between XNUMX:XNUMX and XNUMX:XNUMX. With Sakurabook, you can set up a break time and set it so that no reservations will be made during that time.

Next, let's set up the "store location". Please configure as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, "1: Beauty Consultation (Zoom)" has been set up as a service provided via Zoom video call. When a customer makes a reservation, a Zoom meeting URL will be automatically issued.

<Detailed settings for “Beauty advice (face-to-face Saturday)”>

Next, let's configure the detailed settings for "Beauty Advice (Home Salon Saturday Afternoon)".

First, set business hours. This service is only available on Saturday afternoons, so configure the settings as follows.

I turned on only Saturdays in the weekly schedule and set the business hours from 1:17 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. This "Beauty Advice (Home Salon Saturday Afternoon)" can now be reserved only on Saturday afternoons.

Next is the store location. Configure as shown in the screenshot below.

This service can now be provided in a salon set up in a room in your home.

Summary: Sakurabook accepts reservations for face-to-face + online services that vary depending on the day.

In this article, based on the example of a beauty advisor, we will show you an example of how to set up Sakurabook to match a business model that provides services ``Monday to Friday via Zoom'' and ``Saturday afternoons at your home salon.'' .

With Sakurabook, you can accept reservations that suit your business model, regardless of how you provide these services.

In this example, we chose "Beauty Advisor," but of course, you can set up a single site to accept reservations for services that vary in location and time depending on the day, just like in other industries.

Please take advantage of Sakurabook, which has flexibility that other reservation systems do not have, for your business.

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