[Example of use] Equipped with a reservation system! Create a music studio website that attracts customers with Sakurabook

[Example of use] Equipped with a reservation system! Create a music studio website that attracts customers with Sakurabook

Thank you for visiting us. This is the Sakurabook team.

Well this timeA proposal for creating a Sakurabook reservation site for those who run music studios.I would like to do so.

Actually, some of us on the Sakurabook team were active in bands when we were young, so music studios are an industry with which we are familiar. They had a small number of fans, and they even released their own CD. From my experience in band activities,Sakurabook is perfect for music studios, especially those that provide engineered recording.So, in this article, I would like to explain specifically how to use it and what benefits you can get.

Sakurabook is an app that allows you to set up a reservation calendar on the e-commerce cart system "Shopify" and receive reservations for store visits. “Shopify” is a major e-commerce cart system used by 175 million businesses in 170 countries around the world. Simply put, think of it as a "tool for creating an online shopping site.""Sakurabook", which we developed, allows you to install a reservation calendar in the tool (Shopify) that creates this mail order site and accept reservations for various services..

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using this for music studios.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

Music studio business overview and features: What functions are required for the site and reservation system?

First, let's start by briefly summarizing the business model of music studios. I would like to understand the characteristics of your business and make a rough list of what kind of site you need, what kind of system and content you need to post.

First of all, when it comes to music studios, there are actually a wide variety of studios. There are a variety of studios available, from friendly studios used daily by local grassroots artists and band members to high-class music studios used for recording by major artists.

In such a situation,Music studios that are particularly suitable for using Sakurabook are studios that provide recording services with an engineer.It will be.

For example, the following business model:

  • Recording with engineer:Not only do we rent studios and REC equipment, we also provide engineers and recording operations.
  • Mixing and mastering of recorded sound sources:We also provide mixing and mastering of recorded sound sources.
  • Production of CDs, PVs, etc.:We also support commercialization, such as turning the sound sources recorded in the studio into CDs and creating PVs with videos.
  • Consignment sales of produced CDs, PVs, etc.:We sell recorded and produced music/video software such as sound sources and PVs on consignment at our studio stores.

in this way. I don't think it's rare to find a music studio that not only does recording, but also provides a full range of services, including one-stop sound source production, PV production, and consignment sales.

Now, let's organize the functions and content necessary for such a music studio reservation site.

1.Reservation system for recording with engineer

There needs to be a function that allows users to select their desired date and time, the type of recording studio they want to use, the necessary equipment, and ancillary services (such as the presence or absence of an engineer). After a reservation is confirmed, it would be convenient to have the ability to confirm the reservation details and send reminders via email or SMS.

2. Rich content that conveys the service details

We provide detailed explanations of our services, price list, list of available equipment, introductions of engineers, and examples of past work. In addition, by providing a usage guide and a FAQ section, we will provide answers to any questions users may have in advance and ease their concerns. As visual content, we will provide a wealth of photos and videos of the inside of the studio and equipment to help users visualize the service.

3. Posting of sample sound sources that show the features of the studio

We will post samples of the sound sources recorded in the studio so that you can directly experience the high sound quality and distinctive acoustics. By categorizing and posting samples by genre and examples of work by each engineer, users can easily choose the service that suits their needs. Since preview sound sources are an important factor for users to judge the quality of a studio, we will only post carefully selected works.

4. Online mail order for consignment sales of CDs etc.

We will have a shopping cart function that allows you to sell your created CDs and PVs online. Product pages include a detailed description, price, artist information, and samples to help buyers learn more about your product. We have also introduced a secure payment system and support payments by credit card and electronic money.

5. Download sales of sound sources, PVs, etc.

We will set up a system to sell sound sources and PVs produced in the studio in digital format. Each product page includes a detailed description, artwork, price, and artist information to simplify the purchasing process. Provide a secure download link so buyers can download your product immediately.

6. Web marketing function to attract customers and promote usage

Implement SEO measures to increase visibility on search engines. Additionally, we will provide a social media link function to encourage sharing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter (X), and Instagram. We will introduce email marketing tools, distribute newsletters, announce promotions, and develop measures to increase repeat customers. Furthermore, by setting up a user review and rating system, you can gain the trust of new customers.

You can create it with Sakurabook! Reservation site for recording with engineer

Now, if you organize it like this, you can see that music studios, especially music studios that provide engineered recording services, need a site with a wide variety of functions. In reality, creating such a complete website is difficult for various reasons, and many studios may have given up on it.

But,By using Sakurabook, you can create a site with a complete reservation system that combines these functions.These can be achieved by combining Sakurabook and Shopify features, as well as other Shopify apps (extensions and tools).

1.Complete and easy-to-use calendar reservation system

Using Sakurabook, you can set up a reservation system (reservation wizard) with a calendar on your site. Customers can select the service they want to use, freely choose the time from available slots, and apply for a reservation.

2. Introducing studios and equipment as well as profiles of engineers

You can post a wealth of content such as detailed explanations of your services, price list, list of available equipment, engineer introductions, and examples of past work. Visual content can also be effectively deployed using Shopify's product pages and blog features.

3. Link with SoundCloud and Youtube and post carefully selected sample audio sources.

By using SoundCloud, Youtube, etc., and embedding them within your Shopify site, you can also provide sample audio sources. Preview links can be embedded not only on the top page, but also on product pages and individual reservation service pages. For example, it is possible to post the most suitable sample sound source for each page, such as embedding a song on the ``Vocal Recording'' page and a sample sample of an acoustic song on the ``Acoustic Recording'' page.

4. Complete online shopping only available with Shopify

You can use Shopify's e-commerce function (online mail order function) to sell goods such as CDs online. Shopping cart functionality, product pages, and a secure payment system are standard and implemented without any additional features.

5. Content download sales are also included as a standard feature.

Shopify also supports download sales of digital products, and you can easily set up digital distribution of sound sources and PVs. Management including providing download links after purchase is possible. These functions are also standard equipment.

6. Abundant marketing functions that are “strong in attracting customers online”

Additionally, Shopify comes standard with SEO features and is known as a powerful tool for access from search engines. Furthermore, by utilizing additional functions (Shopify app), it is possible to develop a wide variety of marketing measures such as SNS collaboration, web advertising, friend introduction programs, and discount coupons.

Summary: Strong in attracting customers! Sakurabook is a music studio website with a reservation system.

As introduced in this article, creating a music studio website with Sakurabook has various benefits such as streamlining reservation reception, detailed introduction of services, online product sales, download sales, and attracting customers. It can be achieved.

◆Convenient reservation system and detailed introduction of services: By using Sakurabook, you can create a website that is equipped with a convenient reservation system and clearly communicates the details of your services.

◆Strengthening online sales and marketing: Online sales of CDs and PVs, as well as download sales of digital content, can be easily achieved with the standard features.

◆Improve brand power and increase profits:Through SEO measures and SNS linkage, you can acquire new customers and increase repeat customers. This site will help you attract more customers and increase sales.

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