[Example of use] Sakurabook is recommended for creating a site with a reservation system for consultants

[Example of use] Sakurabook is recommended for creating a site with a reservation system for consultants

Thank you for reading. This is the Sakurabook team.

Thank you very much for using Sakurabook and for the many inquiries we have received since the renewal version was released in January 2020.

Well, this time we will use an example of how to use Sakurabook.Example of using Sakurabook to create a site with a reservation system for consultantsI would like to introduce you to.

In fact, Parkfield Co., Ltd., the company that developed Sakurabook, was originally founded as an advertising agency specializing in the web. Therefore, we have a wide range of experience when it comes to consulting services. Based on that experience and the feedback we received from everyone,How can Sakurabook help Constant?, I would like to inform you.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

What is Sakurabook? Shopify app that allows you to create a site with a reservation system

Before we get into the main topic, let me introduce a little about Sakurabook.

SakurabookA reservation system that operates on the EC cart system Shopify.

EC may seem to be something that has little to do with the work of consultants. However, there are many features such as a highly reliable payment system, member login, flexible design, and web marketing functions such as online customer attraction.It has all the functions essential for developing business on the Internet.It is characteristic.

While leveraging the great features of Shopify, which is used by over 170 million businesses in 175 countries around the world,A site that can promote the acquisition of orders for reservation servicesSakurabook is a reservation system developed by our company, which is certified as a Shopify Expert, to create .

therefore. Even if you don't sell products online. If you are a business that provides some kind of reservation service, you can use Sakurabook.

As one such usage example, we would like to introduce a case in which Sakurabook is used by consultants.

Overview and challenges of consulting business: What kind of reservation system is required?

Well then, let's start. Let's summarize the general overview and challenges of the consulting business.

In our Sakurabook site production service, we actually first meet with the customer directly to learn about the issues they are facing and the problems they would like to solve, and then propose individual solutions. However, this time I would like to organize the issues based on general theory.

1. Attracting customers and closing deals

No matter what type of business you run, the first challenge is attracting customers and promoting sales. In the case of consulting business,Obtaining a dealIt would be better to say. No matter how great your website is, if customers don't come to it or sign a contract for your services, it will be disappointing, although I wouldn't go so far as to say it's pointless.

Being able to attract a solid number of customers.

そ し て,We must be able to present content that will make customers who visit our site think, ``Let's take advantage of our consulting services.''

These two requirements are of primary importance.

2. Intuitive and easy-to-use reservation system

Most importantly, we have an easy-to-use reservation system. Even if you go to great lengths to make reservations from your website, if it's difficult to use and no one uses it, you won't be able to expect to make any deals from your website. We need an easy-to-use reservation system that allows customers to use our services without hesitation.

3. Compatible with Zoom cooperation

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for consulting services to be provided via Zoom video calls. Support for Zoom collaboration will be essential for consulting in the future.

4. Schedule and reservation management

Scheduling and reservation management are also essential aspects. For example, you definitely want to avoid the opportunity loss of double booking and having to contact a customer who has already made a reservation to decline the reservation.

A site with a consultant reservation system that can be solved with Sakurabook

Now, I would like to show you how the issues listed here can be solved using Sakurabook.

1. Promote customer attraction with Shopify's powerful web marketing features

The Shopify platform Sakurabook operates on includes:It is equipped with many tools useful for attracting customers and promoting sales, such as SEO measures, SNS linkage, and email marketing.By making full use of these, you can reach your target customers and effectively promote your consulting services.

Also, unlike general reservation systems, SakurabookPromote the appeal of businesses and services, staff profiles, etc. by posting a wide variety of content such as videos and images.You can also. We will publish content that will make people think, ``I can trust this consulting company.''Connecting customer attraction to constraints.

2. Sakurabook's reservation system allows for intuitive reservation requests

Sakurabook's reservation system is designed to allow you to intuitively check the availability calendar, specify reservation time, and confirm reservation details. This makes it easy for users to complete their reservations without hesitation.

You can set the reservation calendar directly on the introduction page of each service, so you don't have to go through the trouble of searching for the application page. You can post your service introduction, consultant's track record, and Sakurabook's reservation system all on one page.

3. Compatible with Zoom automatic linkage

Sakurabook can be linked with Zoom.When an online consulting reservation is accepted, the system automatically generates a Zoom meeting URL and sends it to the client and consultant.To do. This allows for smooth online service provision.

4.Advanced scheduling and reservation management features

At Sakurabook, based on the reception status of reservations and the working status of staff,Reservation calendar updated automaticallywill be done. This results inPrevent double bookingscan do. In addition, reception hours and break times can be set for each staff member (consultant).Preventing problems such as “reservations made on days off”can. moreover,It is also possible to link with Google Calendar.

Take advantage of a wide variety of additional features

In addition to this, you can use Shopify's additional features (Shopify app) to achieve various expansions.

Creation and publication of landing pages

You can also create a rich landing page using the initial free page and design customization. It is possible to present to customers the content, appeal, usage flow, etc. of the service in a sophisticated design.

Mail order/download sales such as book sales

I believe that many consultants have published books summarizing their know-how in their specialized fields. You can use Shopify's features to sell books online or download e-books.

Cooperation with YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Many consultants operate Facebook and YouTube channels to highlight their achievements and expertise and to attract customers. I often learn from your content. Linking with SNS such as YouTube channels and Facebook can also be done smoothly.

Automation of email sending etc.

It is also possible to automate tasks such as sending emails by combining it with a feature called "ShopifyFlow".

Of course, automatic sending of reminder emails when a reservation is received is a standard feature, but if you want to implement more advanced email marketing, such as step emails, you can incorporate these automation tools. Is possible.

Summary: Create a website with a reservation system for consultants using Sakurabook

This time, we introduced the overview and benefits of using Sakurabook to create a website with a reservation system for consultants. Sakurabook can solve many of the challenges faced by consultants while leveraging Shopify's powerful features.From attracting customers to managing reservations, linking with Zoom, and adjusting schedules, Sakurabook provides powerful support to smooth contact with customers and provide better consulting services.

Additionally, by making full use of additional features such as creating landing pages, linking to SNS, and automating email marketing, you can maximize the appeal of your services and improve customer satisfaction.

Through Sakurabook, we at Parkfield Co., Ltd. provide not only technical support but also support to ensure the success of your business so that you can effectively deliver the valuable services provided by consultants to as many people as possible. We will be happy to support you.

We hope that this article will be useful information for consultants and will help you develop your business using Sakurabook.

We accept inquiries regarding Sakurabook site production services.

We also offer site creation services using Sakurabook.

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