[30-day free trial] You can try the Shopify reservation app "Sakurabook" for free for 30 days

[30-day free trial] You can try the Shopify reservation app "Sakurabook" for free for 30 days

Sakurabook support Sakurabook support

In commemoration of the release of the Shopify reservation application "Sakurabook", we will carry out a free trial for 30 days.

Sakurabook is Shopify's first Japanese language booking app.Reservations such as calendar reservations and staff appointment reservations and product sales can be handled in the same shopping cart.In addition, it has unique functions not found in other reservation apps, such as allowing customers to make reservations at their desired time in minutes.

In addition, it is possible to apply for subsidies of up to 350 million yen for Sakurabook + Shopify site creation projects by utilizing IT introduction subsidies.

Please take this opportunity to try it.

《Sakurabook is available from the Shopify app store.》 》

▼ Download "Sakurabook" from here

▼ Click here for the “Sakurabook” demo site

Overview of Sakurabook

Sakurabook is a reservation app that supports both pay-as-you-go and fixed rates, allowing you to determine the reservation time while checking available slots. It will be Shopify's first reservation app that fully supports Japanese.

Five features of Sakurabook

Let's introduce five unique features of Sakurabook.

  1. A free reservation system where customers can choose the usage time in minutes
  2. Product sales and reservation reception can be handled in the same shopping cart
  3. Staff appointment reservation is also possible
  4. Link with Zoom Meetings and Google Calendar
  5. Japanese reservation app compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0

XNUMX: A free reservation system that allows customers to choose the usage time in minutes

Sakurabook is the most flexible booking system ever.Customers can freely select the usage time in minutes and apply for a reservation.


Sakurabook allows customers to freely specify the start and end time of use and apply for a reservation within the business hours that have been set in advance.Of course, it is also possible to make a reservation for a fixed time frame.

XNUMX: Product sales and reservation reception can be handled in the same shopping cart

Another advantage of Sakurabook is that you can use the same shopping cart for product sales and reservations.Most reservation systems don't treat accepting reservations and selling merchandise the same way.Customers must make separate payments for product purchases and reservation applications.

However, with Sakurabook, you can use the same shopping cart for both product purchases and reservation requests.You can put the products in the basket, apply for a reservation, and pay at the same time.

XNUMX: Staff nomination reservation is also possible

Sakurabook can also be reserved by staff.Service staff can be registered in the same way as product menus, and customers can nominate staff from the site and make reservations.

The reservation calendar is independent for each staff, and customers can easily check the availability of the desired staff on the calendar and make a reservation as it is.You can also set different detailed settings for each staff member, such as business hours, business location, availability of online support, required preparation time, etc.

XNUMX: Link with Zoom Meeting and Google Calendar

Sakurabook also features integration with Zoom meetings and Google Calendar.

In the case of services provided by Zoom meetings, when a reservation is accepted, the URL for the meeting will be issued, included in the reservation confirmation email, and sent to the customer.Also, if you link with Google Calendar, the received reservation will be registered as a Google Calendar event, and you can issue an invitation to the customer.

Another feature of Sakurabook is that most of these processes can be automated.

2.0: Japanese reservation app compatible with Shopify Online Store XNUMX

Sakurabook is compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0.This allows the booking wizard (booking calendar) to be placed on any page in the corresponding theme.

For example, it is possible to create a staff profile page, introduce their background, skills, photos, etc., and set up a staff reservation calendar on the same page.As a result, customers will be able to make a nomination reservation directly from the staff introduction page without transitioning to the reservation page.

In this way, the strength of Shopify Online Store 2.0 compatibility is that you can freely design the flow leading to the reservation.

How can Sakurabook be used?Recommended industries and deployment examples

What kind of industries can Sakurabook be used in, and how can it be used?I will briefly introduce some of them.

▼ Check out examples of usage on the Sakurabook official blog


For example, an apparel site.For example, Sakurabook accepts reservations for fitting rooms and showrooms and allows customers to try on their desired collections.In addition, it is also possible to use Zoom to provide online coordination advice. Sakurabook also supports Zoom meeting linkage, so it is possible to provide such online services.

Beauty Salon/Hair Salon

An increasing number of stores, such as beauty parlors and hair salons, are accepting reservations on their websites. If you introduce Sakurabook, you can achieve a service that is one rank higher than competing stores.For example, it is possible to provide free counseling on Zoom before visiting the store, receive customer consultation about hair color and hairstyle, and sell recommended hair items.

Gourmet food

With the introduction of Sakurabook, it will be possible to further develop services for EC sites that sell foodstuffs, side dishes, alcoholic beverages, etc.For example, you can hold a tasting party or a tasting party at a store and accept the reservation on Sakurabook.Experience-based services, such as sake brewery tours, farm stays, cooking classes, etc., which are a modern trend, can also be developed in a variety of ways.

Miscellaneous Goods/Furniture/Bedding/Interior

The introduction of Sakurabook will enable effective marketing combined with experiential services on sites that sell miscellaneous goods, furniture, bedding, and interior goods.For example, it is possible to receive a free consultation at a ZOOM meeting, ask the customer's wishes and preferences, and select and recommend products for "online customer service".You can also purchase the recommended products immediately on the Shopify site.

From “consumption of things” to “consumption of things”: Catch up with the trend of “products + services” with Shopify + Sakurabook

It is said that the modern consumption trend has changed from “consumption of things” to “consumption of things”.What customers want is not just a product, but a series of "experiences" that value is sought.

In order to catch up with these trends, aggressive development from an EC site that only sells products to a combination of "products + services" will be a measure that will greatly affect sales. .

Please use Sakurabook to grasp the new demand of "experience consumption" and realize "an EC site that further increases sales".

Up to 350 million yen can be subsidized with the IT introduction subsidy

When building a new Shopify reservation site that uses Sakurabook or a service site that integrates reservations and sales, you can apply for a maximum of 350 million yen in IT introduction subsidies.For example, it is a popular subsidy system that allows you to receive a subsidy of 516.7 million yen for a Shopify site production project of 350 million yen.

▼ Click here for the official IT introduction subsidy website

We provide a free application agency service for IT introduction subsidies

In cooperation with administrative scriveners, we also accept application agency services for IT introduction subsidies.In our case, the application agency fee is free.We are accepting applications for a complete performance fee type, which will charge a flat fee of 20 yen only if the subsidy is adopted.

▼ Click here to apply for IT introduction subsidy free application agency service

*We are currently running a uniform 5 yen discount campaign.Please write "5 yen discount campaign" in the comment section when applying.Promotion price will be applied.

Sakurabook Pricing

Sakurabook offers four plans, from the "light" plan to the "business" plan, depending on the number of reservations per month.

Each plan has the same features.

Even with the Lite plan, you get all the features, including two booking types, a full booking wizard, dashboard, Zoom integration and Google Calendar integration.

Use and consultation of Sakurabook

If you are already using Shopify, you can download it from the Shopify app store.

▼ Download "Sakurabook" from here

▼ Click here for the “Sakurabook” demo site

*A 30-day free trial is in progress.

In addition, if you newly introduce Shopify + Sakurabook and create a site, we accept various consultations such as site creation service and application support for IT introduction subsidy.Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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