[Use example] Why Sakurabook is recommended as a gym/fitness reservation system

[Use example] Why Sakurabook is recommended as a gym/fitness reservation system

Thank you very much for visiting us. This is the Sakurabook team.

This time, as one of the usage examples of Sakurabook,Proposal example of using Sakurabook for personal gym and fitness reservation systemI would like to introduce you to.

Gyms and fitness studios are services that are becoming more and more popular year by year. I have the impression that more and more people around me are starting to go to the gym. For various purposes such as health, building physical strength, dieting and maintaining style,More and more people are incorporating training and fitness habits into their daily routinesI think.

On the other hand,"I'm so busy that I don't have time to go to the gym, so I would like to receive personal training online using Zoom calls."Some people say that. I think that as the number of users increases, various needs are emerging.

I'm sure these customer comments have reached everyone who runs sports gyms and fitness studios, as well as those who work as trainers (coaches). In order to meet these diverse needs, we have developed a Shopify reservation system.『Sakurabook』You can take advantage of it.

With Sakurabook, you can make in-store reservations, Zoom service reservations, and even online shopping on one site.It is also equipped with systems such as member login, and it is no exaggeration to say that it has all the necessary functions for a personal gym or fitness studio website. In addition to being convenient and highly functional,Marketing functions useful for attracting customers and promoting salesYou can also add from our extensive lineup.

We will explain these points in detail.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

Not just a reservation system! What do you need for a gym or fitness reservation site?

First, let's roughly organize the elements necessary for a gym or fitness reservation site. Of course, you need a reservation system to receive reservations, but that's not all you need. Various other features and content are also required.

1. Store information and course introduction/trainer (coach) introduction

The basic things you will need first are store information, course introductions, and introductions to trainers (coaches) and staff.

  • Introduction to store features, equipment, etc.
  • Basic information such as location, business hours, and contact information;
  • Introducing plans such as training courses
  • Introduction of trainer (coach)

I would like to post content that clearly conveys its appeal by using rich photos and videos.

2. Store visit reservation system

And of course, you need a reservation system.

  • Customers can book gyms and fitness classes at their convenience.
  • Reservations can be made according to date, time, and class type.

It would be ideal if you could incorporate a reservation system with this convenience into your site.

3. Membership registration and member login

In most cases, gyms and fitnessMembership systemI think there are many places where this is the case.

  • You can register as a member from the site
  • Registered members can log in and use various services online.

Such member registration and member login systems are often necessary for gym and fitness sites.

4. Mail order of training goods

Selling recommended training goods and fitness equipment is also an important service. I think there are many gyms and fitness studios that sell them over the counter.

  • Online shopping for training wear, nutritional supplements, training equipment, etc.
  • Payment function on the site

It would be ideal if you could create a site that allows you to shop online.

5. Accepting reservations for online personal training

Online personal gyms have also become increasingly popular in recent years. Meeting these needs will be important for future gyms and fitness studios.

It would be convenient if you could make a reservation for personal training services using Zoom video calls from the website.

Create an official gym/fitness website with an ideal reservation system using Sakurabook

In this way, a gym and fitness website requires not only a reservation system but also various functions and content.

But with Saskurabook,The ideal gym fitness official website with all the necessary functions and contentcan be produced.

By using Sakurabook, you can build a complete website that can meet a wide variety of needs, such as making reservations for store visits, providing online services, and selling products. Let me summarize and guide you through the five points I outlined earlier and how you can achieve them with Sakurabook.

1. Highlight the appeal of stores, courses, and trainers with rich content

  • Introduction of store features and equipment:Sakurabook allows you to customize your product page to showcase your gym's features and equipment in detail. You can intuitively convey various appeals by posting images and videos.
  • Posting basic information:You can clearly post basic information such as location, business hours, and contact information. You can easily update from the management screen, so you can respond quickly when changes occur.
  • Introduction of courses and plans:You can register each training course or plan as a product and introduce it as a service that accepts reservations. You can create a page for each variation and explain each course content and fees in detail.
  • Introduction of the trainer (coach):You can register and publish trainer profiles using the staff function. By linking the services that each trainer can handle, customers can also make reservations by appointment.

2. Convenient and easy-to-use store reservation system

  • Customizable booking wizard:Reservations can be made according to date, time, and class type. View availability in real time and let your customers book at their convenience.

3. Membership registration and member login are also possible.

  • Sakurabook is based on the e-commerce cart system "Shopify", so you can also take advantage of Shopify's features. You can integrate with Shopify's customer accounts feature to offer membership services. This allows you to set up special content and discounts for members.

4. You can also use EC functions such as mail-order sales of training goods.

  • Leverage Shopify's powerful e-commerce features to sell products like workout wear, nutritional supplements, and training equipment. Online payments can also be made seamlessly.

5. Online personal training reservation reception can also be automated.

  • Sakurabook can be linked with Zoom and can accept reservations for personal training services online. Once a booking is made, a Zoom meeting URL will be automatically generated and communicated to the customer and trainer.

Unique to the Shopify app! Collaboration with SNS and increase customer attraction

In this way, you can use Sakurabook to create useful sites with a variety of functions. The reason for this is that Sakurabook is a "Shopify app".Sakurabook is an additional function (app) of the e-commerce cart system "Shopify", so it can be used with Shopify functions or in combination with other tools.

Because of this feature, it has features such as realizing advanced functions such as e-commerce functions and member login, adding various functions, and being able to customize.Among these various functions,Attracting customers and promoting salesThere are also many useful things.

Attracting customers from Google Maps and Google Search

For example, you can register your store on Google My Business or Google Shopping and display store information on Google Maps, allowing you to develop effective marketing strategies. It is also a strong tool for search measures (SEO measures) and is effective in acquiring new customers from search engines.

Implementation of friend referral program

Customer reviews are an important means of acquiring customers. By combining Sakurabook with other Shopify apps, you can also implement such a "friend referral program." You can also take measures such as offering discount coupons as a benefit to both the referrer and the referred friend.

Video/SNS linkage such as Youtube and Instagram

You can also easily integrate with major SNS such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. It can be used as part of an effective marketing strategy, including direct advertising on social media, running campaigns and promotions through social media, gathering customer feedback, and increasing brand awareness.

Summary: Sakurabook is the official website with a gym and fitness reservation system!

Through this article, we have introduced the benefits and various effects of using Sakurabook on the official website of a personal gym or fitness studio.

◆By using Sakruabook, you will be able to provide a variety of services on one site, from making reservations to visit your store, to online personal training, and even ordering training goods.

Leveraging the strengths of Shopify,You can easily carry out marketing activities such as providing e-commerce functions and membership services, as well as attracting customers and promoting sales by linking to SNS.That is also a big advantage.

In addition, although I was not able to introduce it in detail this time, Sakurabook also has advanced reservation management functions.Preventing double bookingsIt is also useful. I also used ShopifyPOSOnline and store POS collaborationIs also possible.

We accept inquiries regarding Sakurabook site production services.

We also offer site creation services using Sakurabook.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us about Sakurabook site production services from the page below. Our representative will explain the details in detail over the Zoom call.

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We look forward to hearing from training gyms and fitness studios.

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