[Example of use] For making measurements for custom suits! If you want to build an apparel mail order site with a reservation system, use Sakurabook.

[Example of use] For making measurements for custom suits! If you want to build an apparel mail order site with a reservation system, use Sakurabook.

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Sakurabook is an app that allows you to set up a reservation calendar on your Shopify site and receive reservations for store visits. This timeExample of Sakurabook proposal at “order suit shop”I would like to introduce you.

Custom-made suits are truly one-of-a-kind items that are coveted by ladies and gentlemen who wear suits. I myself have the same dream: ``I'd like to have a tailored suit tailored just for me.''

What is indispensable for such a custom suit shop is,"Measurement"it might be.

In order to provide custom suits to our customers, we must"Measurement"will become necessary. This measuring service involves customers visiting our store and then having our staff take their measurements. thisYou can use Sakurabook to create a website that includes a reservation system for visiting the store for measurements.

In addition to accepting reservations for measurements and footing, you can also implement various measures to attract customers and promote sales through the site.

Sakurabook enhances the convenience of custom suit shops and helps them attract more customers and increase sales.

Let's quickly explain the specific features and points.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

Business overview and features of the custom suit shop

At our custom suit shop, our professional staff will measure your style and create the perfect suit for you. Let's summarize the features of this service.

  1. complete customization: Customers can customize every detail, from the texture of the fabric to the type of buttons and the color of the lining. This allows you to get a completely original suit that you won't find anywhere else.

  2. High quality suit: Made-to-measure suits are handmade by craftsmen and made from carefully selected high-quality materials, making them more durable and of higher quality than ready-made suits.

  3. Perfect fit: Tailored to each customer's individual body shape, they provide a better fit than off-the-rack suits. This gives it a more sophisticated look and a more comfortable feel.

  4. Service tailored to each individual: The custom suit shop provides personalized service tailored to each customer. We provide advice and suggestions tailored to customer needs and create the perfect suit.

  5. Price: Custom-made suits tend to be more expensive than off-the-shelf suits, but they offer superior value that off-the-shelf suits don't have, such as a perfect fit, high quality, and the expression of individuality.

Custom suit shops are an ideal choice for businessmen, those attending special events, or simply those who want to develop their own personal style. This is a business that offers unique value to customers who want high-quality, tailored suits.

Example of using Sakurabook at a custom suit shop: Measurement and fitting appointment reservation system

Now, this is such a wonderful custom-made suit business, but here I would like to focus on the flow of the measuring service. Generally speaking, many shops provide the latest services in the following way.

  1. Reservation: First, the customer makes a reservation to visit the custom suit shop.
  2. Measurements: Our professional staff will accurately measure the customer's body shape. This process involves measuring multiple points, including height, weight, waist, chest circumference, shoulder width, and arm length.
  3. Design selection: After taking their measurements, the customer chooses the suit design, fabric, color, button type, etc.
  4. tailoring: The suit is tailored based on the measurements and the customer's selections.
  5. Fitting and adjustment: Once the suit is finished, the customer goes through a fitting and minor adjustments are made if necessary.
  6. Delivery of suit:Deliver the finished suit to the customer.

When organized in this way, in order to make a custom suit,Customers must visit the store at least twiceSounds like that.

  • Visiting the store for measurements
  • Visit for fitting and adjustment

Using Sakurabook to make reservations when visiting the store will be extremely convenient for both the store and the customer.

This is how custom suit shops change! What you can do on the Sakurabook site

Now, let's introduce some key points about how custom suit shops will change with the introduction of Sakurabook.

1.Easily reserve measuring services and fittings online

By introducing Sakurabook, you will be able to make reservations for measurements, fittings, and other in-store visits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the website.Since you can select an available slot from the calendar and apply for a reservation, there is no need to ask "When are you available?" and you can easily make a reservation.

2.Selling new suits online to customers who have already had their measurements taken

For customers who have already taken their measurements,We can also offer new suits online.is. Since Sakurabook runs on the Shopify site, this kind of development is possible using Shopify's built-in e-commerce system.

3. Prevent troubles such as double booking

Sakurabook not only has a reservation calendar, but also has extensive reservation management functions. You can manage not only the store's business hours and service reservation status, but also the schedule of the staff in charge.

For example,"The service slot is available for the store, but the staff in charge are occupied with other duties."If such a situation arises, a normal reservation system will allow you to accept the reservation as is, which tends to cause problems. However, with Sakurabook, the system calculates staff availability, so this is not possible.Times when service cannot actually be provided will be automatically updated to unavailable for reservations.

4. Attract customers and promote sales using the Shopify app

Sakurabook runs on the Shopify site, so it can be used in conjunction with Shopify's various features and other Shopify apps (extensions). Therefore, we introduced the Shopify app that helps attract customers and promote sales.It is also possible to take measures to increase the number of customers through the website..

For example, SEO measures to acquire new customers from search engines such as Google. You can easily integrate with Google My Business, Google Shopping, etc.You can also post your store information on Google Maps.

In addition, we are running a so-called "friend introduction campaign".You can also expand your customer base through word of mouth by asking your customers to refer their friends and acquaintances.It is also possible to provide discount coupons to both the referrer and the referred friend.

Why Sakurabook is recommended for custom suit shops

Next, I will briefly introduce why Sakurabook is recommended for custom suit shops.

Both a measurement and fitting reservation system and online shopping are available.

First of all, you can both accept reservations and shop online. 

General EC (online mail order) sites cannot accept reservations for in-store visits. On the other hand, reservation sites usually do not allow online shopping. However, with Sakurabook, you can create an online mail order site with a reservation system.

This feature isPerfect for custom suit shops that require both face-to-face service and product sales.it might be.

Can be combined with the Shopify app, which is useful for attracting customers and promoting sales.

Another important point is attracting customers and promoting sales. No matter how great your website is, if you can't get customers to visit it, it's meaningless. Unfortunately, most site production services, reservation systems, and EC card systems tend to end with just creating a site.

However, Sakurabook is different.

ThisIt is not enough to just create a website, but from there you can actually take measures such as attracting customers and promoting sales, acquiring customers, and increasing the repeat rate.Reservation and mail order site to grow your businesscan be built.

Summary: Compatible with measurement reservation system + apparel mail order! Custom suit shop website on Sakurabook

This time, we have proposed a case where Sakurabook can be used on the website of a custom suit shop.By using Sakurabook, you can build an apparel mail order site with a reservation system for measurements, fittings, etc.

◆Providing custom-made suits requires customers to take time out of their day, such as measurements and fittings. Sakurabook's great advantage is that it makes accepting reservations extremely convenient for customers.

◆It also has a comprehensive reservation management function that prevents problems such as double booking.

◆Of course, in addition to accepting reservations, we can also offer online shopping, such as orders for new suits from customers who have already taken their measurements.

◆Furthermore, in combination with other Shopify apps, you can post your store information on Google Shopping and Google Maps, make it easier to find in searches, and run friend referral campaigns to attract customers and promote sales. can also be expanded.

In this way, you can expect various benefits by using Sakurabook for your custom suit store website.

We accept inquiries regarding Sakurabook site production services.

We also offer site creation services using Sakurabook.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us about Sakurabook site production services from the page below. Our representative will explain the details in detail over the Zoom call.

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We look forward to hearing from you at our custom suit shop.

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