[Use example] Cosmetic brand website creation: Zoom compatible! Mail order site with beauty advice reservation system

[Use example] Cosmetic brand website creation: Zoom compatible! Mail order site with beauty advice reservation system

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This time,Example of using Sakurabook as a cosmetic brand shop siteI would like to introduce you.

Sakurabook is an app that allows you to set up a reservation calendar on your Shopify site and receive reservations for store visits.It can be used in a variety of industries, but let's take a look at an example of how it could be used on a cosmetics brand website.

Cosmetics are products that need to be tailored to a variety of factors, including each customer's individuality, wishes, skin condition, and desired image of themselves.

But we don't just sell products;A business that relies on services provided face-to-face with each customer, such as beauty diagnosis, counseling, and beauty advice.it might be.

SuchSakurabook is an extremely compatible tool for cosmetic brand shop sites..

On the Sakurabook site, you can not only shop online for cosmetics, but also accept reservations for services such as beauty counseling and beauty advice. We also support Zoom, so you can not only make reservations for your visit, but alsoWe can also handle services such as beauty advice provided via Zoom video calls.

You can use Sakurabook to create a comprehensive shop site that can provide a variety of beauty and cosmetic products and services.

Sakurabook also utilizes Shopify's functions toPOS linkage between physical stores and websitesAndVarious mechanisms to help attract customers and promote salesYou can also introduce Not only is it convenient;Improve service quality and bring about business growth.It is possible to create such a reservation site.

Now, let's quickly introduce some specific points.

*This article is based on the specifications of Sakurabook at the time of writing. Please note that specifications may change in the future.

Cosmetic brand service overview and site requirements

First, let's take a look at the outline and features of cosmetic brands, and roughly organize the requirements for a shop site.

1. Worldview and message

The biggest feature of cosmetic brands is that they offer a variety of products.message qualityThis is probably due to having the following. However, it is not just a business that sells products or emphasizes their functionality, but also supports the expression of each customer's individuality and self-actualization through cosmetics.

In order to express this rich message,You need a well-designed websiteIt will be.

2. Diagnosis and beauty advice tailored to each individual

Cosmetics brands require attentive service tailored to each individual customer.

We take into account each customer's individuality, wishes, skin condition, image of themselves, etc.Introducing the most suitable cosmeticsNot only do we need to do this, but we also need to know how to use it.Advice on makeup, skin care, etc.The content of our services is wide-ranging.

For example,It would be ideal if the same kind of services provided by beauty staff in the cosmetics corner of department stores could also be offered online.is not it.

3. Sales of cosmetics (cosmetics)

And, of course, the final products we introduce to our customers are cosmetics. Delivering special products to customers with care and care. This is the basic and probably the most important point. Even on cosmetic brand shop sites,Reliable goods sales systemIt is considered necessary to have the following.

Example of using Sakurabook on a cosmetics brand shop site: Cosmetics mail order and beauty advice (face-to-face/Zoom) reservations

These cosmetic brand shop sites are a perfect match for Sakurabook.

You can create a variety of deployments by combining Sakurabook's reservation function, Shopify's mail order function, and additional extensions from other Shopify apps.

Let us introduce you to the key points on how you can use it.

1. Great design and customization with Shopify themes

You can build a well-designed website that conveys the appeal of your cosmetics and services, as well as your brand's worldview and message at a glance.Let me briefly explain why.

Shopify, which is the base of Sakurabook, is also known as a tool with excellent design. Not only does it have a wide variety of templates, but it also allows for a variety of detailed customizations.

Not only the top page, but alsoYou can create a richly expressive site by posting various photos and videos on the product page and the page where Sakurabook's reservation calendar is set up.

2. Accepting reservations for beauty counseling (beauty advice) both face-to-face and online

Utilizing Sakurabook's reservation calendar function,Accepting reservations for beauty counseling (beauty advice)You can also do Available both face-to-face and online.We can provide services by visiting your store or salon, or via Zoom video call..

There is no limit to the number of services you can register, so you can register multiple services and accept reservations for each, such as "Personal Color Diagnosis," "Beauty Advice," and "Skin Care Counseling," for example.

In addition, Sakurabook has extensive reservation management functionsAlso equipped. For example, you can securely manage reservations, which was difficult to do with previous reservation systems, such as preventing double bookings and ensuring staff have break time.

3. Cosmetics online shopping and store POS collaboration

Shopify, the base of Sakurabook, is an e-commerce site creation tool used by 175 million businesses in 170 countries around the world. Equipped with an online shopping (EC) function with excellent design, functionality, and reliability,Also available for mail order of cosmetics.doing.

In addition, by utilizing a function called "ShopifyPOS",Possible to link online shopping and store POSis. Smooth management is possible by linking inventory between mail order and store sales.

4. Attracting customers and promoting sales through the site/linking with SNS such as Instagram

Sakurabook can be used in combination with the various functions provided by Shopify and other Shopify apps. This results inIntroducing the Shopify app to use your site to increase customers and promote sales, etc.You can implement effective customer attraction and sales promotion measures.

A specific example is acquiring new customers from search engines such as Google through SEO measures. You can also easily integrate with services such as Google My Business and Google Shopping, and display store information on Google Maps.

In addition, through so-called "refer-a-friend programs", existing customers can refer acquaintances and, as a result,Customer expansion through word of mouthYou can also try. You can take measures such as offering discount coupons to both the referred customers and their friends.

of course,SNS linkage such as InstagramIs also possible.

Summary: Beauty advice and cosmetics mail order on one site! Use Sakurabook for a cosmetic brand shop site with a reservation system

This time, we introduced an example of using Sakurabook on a cosmetics brand shop site.

◆By using Sakurabook, you can not only shop online but also accept reservations for beauty counseling and beauty advice on one site.

◆By combining Shopify's rich functionality,A well-designed website, both face-to-face and online (Zoom) reservation systems, and a reliable product sales system.is possible.

◆Furthermore,Attracting customers and promoting salesBy introducing various mechanisms related toSites that support business growthcan be built.

By using Sakurabook, cosmetic brand sites can be transformed into even more powerful communication tools. With Sakurabook, you will be able to create a site that will give your customers an even more special experience and excitement.

We accept inquiries regarding Sakurabook site production services.

We also offer site creation services using Sakurabook.

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