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Shopify and Shopify POS, which can integrate online shops and in-store POS, are the perfect environment to start OMO (online and in-store merging) initiatives. In addition to general POS features, Shopify POS includes a merge feature with your Shopify store, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your online and store locations.

In this article, we will introduce the case study of "Brillar", a jewelry brand specializing in moissanite, which has introduced Shopify, Shopify POS, and "Lipify" for LINE integration. We spoke to Mr. Saito and Mr. Yoshimura of Brillar Co., Ltd. about the history of launching the brand, the introduction of Shopify POS and Lipify, and the issues the brand faced.

Brillar Co., Ltd.

We launched the moissanite jewelry brand "Brillar" in January 2017 and incorporated it in December of the same year. Initially, the company specialized in online sales and achieved sales of over 1 million yen in the first year. The following year, we opened a showroom in Ginza, and in October 12, we opened an open-air store in Ginza 1-chome. With the spirit of ``Pay It Forward'' (return what you received to someone else), we are also focusing on contributing to society.

Launched "Brillar" to foster an ethical culture and achieved sales of 1 million yen in the first year

Brillar is a jewelry brand specializing in moissanite, which is still rare in Japan. The company's representative, Mr. Ohara, started the company in January 2017 while working at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd. (currently BofA Securities Co., Ltd.) after seeing moissanite overseas.


What is moissanite?
Barringer Crater (northern Arizona, USA) was created by a meteorite impact about 5 years ago. Moissanite was discovered in 1893 from the Canyon Diablo meteorite, which is considered to be one of the meteorite fragments. It has the highest brilliance and clear beauty, 2.5 times as bright as diamonds, and is also highly durable. Thanks to the achievements of modern scientists, moissanite has been successfully created artificially and is now a gemstone loved all over the world.


Brillar, which was launched as the first moissanite jewelry brand in Japan, has started selling at an online shop. Sales exceeded 1 million yen in the first year, and the company achieved rapid growth, opening a showroom in Ginza the following year.


Mr. Yoshimura says that the background to Brillar's growth was the "cultivation of an ethical culture."


Mr. Yoshimura

In the past, moissanite was considered a ``fake diamond'' and was treated as a bit of a bad name. However, over the past few years, as an ethical culture has been fostered and ethical views regarding diamonds have changed, I have come to think that it might be okay to reconsider (moissanite), and CEO Ohara sees a business opportunity in this area. That discovery was the beginning of Brillar.


Adopted Shopify from the beginning, and introduced Shopify POS as the business format changed

Brillar has been using Shopify since the brand's early days. Back in 2017, Shopify had just entered the Japanese market. Although the Japanese language had not yet progressed, we introduced Shopify at an early stage because Brillar had people who were fluent in languages.

The following year after the brand was launched, Shopify opened a showroom in Ginza and has achieved steady growth, opening a Ginza street store in December 2023. Due to the increase in sales channels from online shops to stores, we have started considering the introduction of POS cash registers.

The reason why we introduced Shopify POS has a lot to do with the large number of products.



Since our brand has a large number of products, Shopify POS, which can be linked to a Shopify store, was the most convenient. Since we didn't have to go through the trouble of registering products, we decided to use Shopify POS after comparing it with other companies' POS registers.


In recent years, more and more brands like Brillar have moved from online stores to stores. ``Opening a store online and expanding to stores as the business grows'' is now a common business strategy, and adopting Shopify at an early stage like Brillar makes sense when looking at future business growth. I'd say it's a good strategy.


While the adoption of Shopify POS has significantly reduced the effort required to register products, Brillar also feels the following issues with Shopify POS.


Although there are some issues in Japan, such as the fact that there are still no payment terminals that can be linked with Shopify POS and the fact that tax-free sales require some effort, the company says that the convenience has improved significantly.


Payment terminals that can be linked with Shopify POS are expanding mainly in North America and Europe, so there is a strong possibility that they will enter Japan in the next few years. Regarding tax exemption, there is a possibility that this will be improved as inbound demand increases, so we look forward to it.

Reviewing the method of communication with customers and gradually promoting the use of LINE

Brillar, which has grown steadily since its brand launch, also felt a strong challenge in "communication with customers."


Mr. Yoshimura

Originally, we used email as a communication tool with customers. However, the open rate for messages from the brand was low, and the click rate for links was very low. We said internally, ``If our messages aren't reaching our customers, there's no point in doing so,'' so we adopted LINE and Instagram as ways to communicate with customers.



``Everyone uses LINE, after all,'' so we have been promoting communication with customers using LINE. In terms of the number of inquiries per day, LINE now has the highest number of inquiries. At first, I felt like I was getting 1/XNUMX DMs from LINE and Instagram, but lately LINE has been overwhelmingly more.

As the two of you have said, LINE is the perfect tool for communicating with customers. According to an official LINE survey, approximately 8% of users open messages received from LINE official accounts on the same day, boasting an overwhelming open rate.

Source:Features and types of message delivery, and what makes an effective message | LINE Yahoo for Business


By shifting our communication with customers to LINE, we have seen improvements in open rates and number of link clicks, and are seeing the effects of improved communication.

I couldn't link Shopify and LINE and felt it was a waste.

While Brillar has been able to improve communication with customers by using LINE, a new issue has arisen: ``Shopify and LINE cannot be linked.''


Mr. Yoshimura

Even if communication with customers has improved, Shopify and LINE are not linked, making it impossible to re-approach past repeat customers. I thought this was a huge waste, and after accumulating (customer data) over the past three or four years, I was thinking that there was a tool that could connect Shopify and LINE.


I think the issue that many online shops, not just Shopify, have is "coordination with LINE". As LINE has grown into a national communication tool, the number of brands operating official LINE accounts has increased, but there are still very few brands that are able to approach customers individually.


Brillar was one such brand.

LINE introduces “Lipify” with focus on collaboration with Shopify POS

Brillar, who had a strong sense of challenges in linking Shopify and LINE, considered a linking tool and decided to introduce "Lipify" developed and provided by Cashira Co., Ltd.


What is Lipify?
This is an app that has excellent integration between Shopify, LINE, and Shopify POS. You will now be able to have individual chats on LINE with friends who have registered for official LINE accounts, and you will also be able to issue member barcodes on LINE to enhance the collaboration between Shopify and LINE. By installing a QR code that can be read by Shopify POS at your store, you can easily implement measures such as membership registration and coupon giving.


Here's how Brillar introduced Lipify as a tool for linking Shopify and LINE.


Mr. Yoshimura

At first, I was considering other tools, but I couldn't find anything that matched. I contacted Lipify because it had too many functions and was expensive, and I also thought that compatibility with Shopify POS was important.



For example, you can send a carousel individually to your friends who have registered on LINE. At Brillar, customer service staff members create and distribute original carousels to customers who have registered on LINE at the store, thereby promoting communication with customers.

By including images of the products customers are considering on the carousel as well as customized information such as ring size information, it seems to steadily lead to sales.


Our products are not priced so easily that they can be easily purchased, so there are many people who want to think about them carefully when they get home. We have created a flow in which we distribute the carousel to such customers and have them purchase directly from the online shop using the link, so I feel that it has become much more convenient from the customer's perspective.



Mr. Yoshimura

Also, we have more repeat customers than other jewelry brands. That's why remarketing is so valuable, and I think it's so important not only to pursue new customers, but also to approach past customers. I think it would be effective for such customers to be able to change the way they see the message, rather than just "I pasted the URL in the message and sent it."


In addition to distributing carousels individually, Brillar also uses Lipify for in-store LINE registration using QR codes, customer data accumulation by reading member barcodes with Shopify POS, and maintenance guidance using LINE individual chat. It is being utilized.

Prospects for “Brillar”: Cherishing encounters with customers and building lasting relationships

At the end of the interview, we asked him about his outlook for Brillar.

Mr. Yoshimura

As a company, we are at a very important stage in our efforts to have Brillar jewelry seen by as many people as possible nationwide, such as by opening stores in regional areas and opening pop-up stores in other areas, even if they are not permanent stores. Along with valuing these encounters with customers nationwide, we also want to value ``long-term connections.'' I think Lipify will play an active role in building lasting relationships with customers, so I look forward to seeing them continue in that direction.

Brillar, which started as a sole proprietorship, believes that "customer support" is the key to business growth, and as a token of our gratitude to our customers, we contribute to society with the spirit of "Pay It Forward." We are also focusing on activities.

As a brand that not only creates wonderful jewelry, but also emphasizes connections with customers through social contribution, it may be that they are naturally able to place an emphasis on "building lasting relationships."

[Interview cooperation]

Brillar Co., Ltd.

Title Miya Saito

Title Mai Yoshimura

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in conclusion

Through interviews with Brillar's Mr. Saito and Mr. Yoshimura, we not only received favorable opinions about Lipify, but also several requests.

 -It would be convenient if Lipify had the ability to register fixed phrases.

・I would like to develop an app so that it can be operated from a smartphone.

·ohIndividual chats are not displayed unless a message is received from the customer.

In response to these requests, Lipify has implemented a ``standard registration function'', ``operation from a smartphone app'', and ``individual chat display from the store side''!

At Lipify, we sincerely respond to user requests and are developing apps that are easier to use and contribute more to business. If you have any questions about Lipify, please contact us.Contact FormPlease feel free to contact us.

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