Using Zoom

In this guide, we will explain the usage flow and points to note regarding the use of Zoom linkage of the Sakurabook app.Cooperation with ZoomOnce completed, online service reservations will be accepted.

๐Ÿ“Œ YoutubeSakurabook channelWe also have two video guides available atPlease take a look.


Set up Zoom linkage in staff settings

Sakurabook allows staff to be registered as service providers.Customers can nominate staff to apply for reservations.

In order for staff to provide services to customers in a Zoom meeting, it is necessary to make settings on the staff creation screen.Detail is,Create StaffSee our guide.

Here, we will explain how to determine if Zoom is properly connected or not.If it is connected correctly, it will look like the image above, and if it is not connected correctly, it will look like the image below.

Alt text

Alt text

Online service reservation by Zoom

  1. How to manually create a booking from your dashboard.Manage BookingsSee guide.
  2. How to use Shopify store and Sakurabook reservation wizard.Booking WizardSee guide.

There are two ways of creating an online Zoom booking. The first one is to create a booking manually from the dashboard, see Manage bookings The other option is using the Shopify store and Sakurabook Booking Wizard, see the Booking Wizard guide.

In both cases, you will need to select Zoom as your location during creation.

๐Ÿ’ก If you want to make a reservation for a Zoom online meeting on your behalf, please set scheduling permissions for the account that connects Zoom and Sakurabook. Zoom official documentationScheduling privilegePlease refer to.For example, if the staff's email address is, and Zoom and Sakurabook are connected with, will have scheduling permission to Please note that the Zoom meeting will not be created if you do not provide

Manual Booking from Dashboard

โ—๏ธ This method is for Shopify site administrators (users who have access to the Shopify managed site) and their staff.Customers cannot create reservations this way.

  1. Go to Sakurabook's dashboard site.

    Alt text

  2. Click on the calendar where you want to create a booking.

  3. Fill in all the necessary details, and make sure that the Staff and Service Type is correct. Select the Zoom location to make the booking online.

    Alt text

  4. After you click on the Create button, a booking is created and it appears on the Dashboard.

    Alt text

  5. The customer receives an invoice email from Shopify and completes the purchase.After that, the customer has to pay for the order in a few simple steps.This procedure can be customized, but below are the usual steps.

    • Click on the Complete your purchase button in the email.

    • Fill in your details, then go to the next page.
    • Fill in the payment details, use Bogus Gateway for test orders. Then pay for the order by clicking the Pay now button.

    • See the confirmation page.
  6. Customers will receive an automated order confirmation email from Shopify after completing the booking payment process.

  7. ShopifyIn addition to the order confirmation email automatically sent from, the Sakurabook app will automatically send a reservation confirmation email containing the details of the reservation.

    Alt text

  8. Go back to your Sakurabook dashboard, open the details of your recently created reservation, and select "Zoom staff link"When"Zoom Customer Linkโ€ are displayed. "Zoom staff linkโ€ is the start URL of the online event.Also,"Zoom Customer Linkโ€ is the URL to participate in the online event.The staff said "Zoom staff linkPlease make sure you have the .

    ๐Ÿ“Œ These links get updated whenever you change the booking details on the customer's behalf. Same for booking deletion.

    Alt text

  9. Google calendarIf you are also connected to the Google Calendar event locationZoom customer link Is displayed.

    Alt text

Booking Wizard

โ—๏ธ In this section, we will explain how customers who mainly use the Sakurabook site can complete their reservation and use the service.

  1. Booking WizardFollow the steps to make a reservation.Please select Zoom Location when booking online.

  2. The customer will receive an order confirmation email from Shopify after the booking is made.This confirmation email contains information indicating that your reservation has been successfully made.

  3. At the same time, you will receive another reservation confirmation email delivered directly from the Sakurabook app.This email will include yourZoom join urlis also listed.

    ๐Ÿ“Œ Every time you renew your reservationZoom join urlis updated.A Sakurabook reservation renewal email will then be delivered to the customer.

    Alt text

  4. Google calendarIf you are also connected to the Google Calendar event locationZoom customer link Is displayed.

    Alt text