Setting up the app in Shopify

This section provides step-by-step instructions for installing the Sakurabook app to your Shopify store, configuring it, and adding it to your Shopify theme.



  1. From the Shopify app store,Sakurabook pageGo to

  2. Click the "Add App" button at the top of the page.

  3. After agreeing to the terms of use,"Install app” button. (*It may take some time to install, but this is not a problem, so please wait until the installation is complete.)

  4. InstallationOnce completed, the Sakurabook admin console will automatically open and you will see the Sakurabook app under Apps in the left main menu of your Shopify admin page.

  5. "Welcome to the Sakurabook app!"Screen is displayed.This is the first screen you see in the Sakurabook app.

💡Troubleshooting: If you run into any issues, use the Sakurabook appsupport teamPlease contact.After confirming the content, we will reply as soon as possible.

Sakurabook admin site setup

In this step, we will explain the settings for registering products as a reservation service on the Sakurabook management site.

📌Before installing the app, you need to prepare to create a product page in the product management menu within the Shopify administration page.Shopify Help Center Explanation Guide “Add and update productsPlease also refer to.

  1. Go to the Product Management menu on your Shopify admin site and add tags to the products you want to offer in the Sakurabook app.In that case, be sureHalf-width alphanumeric characters with first letter capitalizedPlease enter your information. (*Please note that all lowercase letters, full-width letters, katakana, etc. will not be recognized by the app.)

    Tag Rental reservation Service reservation Description
    Rental x If you want to import rental reservations into Sakurabook as products, add " RentalPlease enter ".
    Service x If you want to import service reservations into Sakurabook as products,Add “Service” to the tag.” Enterplease.
    Addon x x If you would like to add an option to the above two types of reservations, please enter "Addon" in the tag along with the tags above.

  2. Return to the Sakurabook app (apps in the left menu of the Shopify admin site).

  3. Check out our onboarding guide.This guide can be viewed at any time from the onboarding guide in the footer even after closing the window.

    • Welcome to the Sakurabook App
    • Prerequisites
    • 2 types of reservation
    • Dashboard view
    • Connect app to theme
    • click the finish button

  4. The reservation type selection screen is displayed.You can choose between Space Reservation and Service Reservation.Once you've selected the booking type that's right for your business,Click the "Import" button.

    • Rental reservation- Suitable for booking all kinds of facilities, locations, and rental services, such as rental spaces and hotels.Please select this reservation type for simple space reservations, such as when you do not need to make a staff reservation.
    • Service reservation- Reservation type for appointing a staff member or person to make a reservation, such as a service provider or specialist.Designate a staff member or person in charge, then select the content of the service that person is providing and make a reservation.This booking type is suitable for yoga classes, hair salons, counseling services and general professional service providers.

    (*Please note that once this setting is selected, it cannot be changed.)

    📌 If you want to changeSakurabook support teamPlease contactWe will show you how to fix it.

    Alt text

  5. A new window will be displayed, and it will be a selection screen for products to be imported into the Sakurabook app.Products imported here will be registered as a reservation service.Select the products you want to display in the app by clicking the checkboxes on the left.When finished, clickClick the Add button.

    If you don't see the product you want to add in this window, go back to step 1. to learn how to add the correct tags to your product.

    📌 Rental reservationis selected, the import selector isOnly items with the Rental tag are displayed.Service reservationIf you selectOnly products with the Service tag will be displayed. Addons can be imported later.

    📌 rental reservationIf you select , proceed to step 8.

    Alt text

  6. Since you selected Service reservation, you have now the option to create your first staff member. Click on the Add staff button and find yourself on the Staff creation screen. You can also Skip this step. Then jump straight to the step XNUMX.When you click the "Add staff" button, the staff creation screen will be displayed.Call this step "You can also skip.If skipped, proceed to step 8.

    Alt text

  7. Create StaffCheck the detailed guide on the top right and click "Click the Save button.This will create your first staff.Then click on the top navigation menuClick Dashboard.

    Alt text

  8. You can view and manage all your bookings on your Sakurabook dashboard.For more informationManage BookingsPlease check the description.

    Alt text

  9. For more information on pricing products, managing reservations on your dashboard, setting and changing options for staff, rental spaces and services, and changing locations for your business and all other staff, please visitUsage GuidesPlease refer to.

  10. Price PlanChoose.Go to Settings (top menu) and under the Billing sectionClick the Manage Plans button.For details on each plan, see Billing Plans.

    📌 PricesThere is an upper limit on the number of reservations that can be made per month/year for each plan.For example, the Standard plan costs $19.90 per month and allows you to create up to 500 paid reservations.A 30-day free trial is provided when you first sign up. You can freely try the functions of the Sakurabook app.

    Alt text

Sakurabook Booking Wizard Setup

Next, we will show you how to add the Sakurabook booking wizard to your Shopify theme (your store's public site).

📌 There is one prerequisite to be able to add Booking Wizard into your storefront. You need to have an Online Store sales channel installed in your store.

📌 We currently support the following Shopify themes:

Although it may work with themes other than those listed above, we cannot guarantee perfect operation with all themes.Some styles (such as main colors and fonts) may depend on the theme itself. 💡 Troubleshooting: If you have any issues with your theme settings,Sakurabook support teamPlease contact.
  1. On the left main menu, under "Sales Channels", go to "Online Store" and click on Themes.The current theme section is displayed. (*Depends on the selected theme.) Next, "Click the Customize button.

    Alt text

  2. You can set up your online store with Shopify's "Theme Customization" tool.In the top center selection box under Templates, search for the Products section.The "Products" section is a block where you can place the Sakurabook App Block (Reservation Wizard).

    Alt text

  3. In the main menu on the left, you will see the Pages section.Drop down the product information section and select "Add block” button.A new window will pop up with two lists: Theme Blocks and Apps.Below the list of apps, you will see the Sakurabook app booking wizard.Click this to add a booking wizard to your theme.All settings are now complete. (* The app is automatically loaded in the customization tool as well.) Click the three-dot menu on the upper left of the screen and selectbutton to see our storefront for customers.

    📌 If you want to change the color of the main button, you can do so in Theme Editor - Theme Settings (bottom of left sidebar) - Colors - Accent 2.

    Alt text

💡Precautions when installing the reservation wizard