Getting Started

First,Shopify App Storeto a running Shopify store.Please install the Sakurabook app.(*The installation may take some time, but this is not a problem. Please wait until the installation is complete.) When the installation is complete,The Sakurabook app will be displayed under "Apps" in the left main menu of the Shopify admin page.



Sakurabook consists of two main parts.

  • SakurabookManagement- Shop admin console (e.g. with the Shopify app embedded.This part is for Shopify site administrators.

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  • Sakurabook Reservation Wizard- An app block for customers that can be added directly to your store via Shopify theme customization.You can apply for a reservation through the reservation wizard.

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To give you a better idea of ​​how the app works, here are two main case studies provided by Sakurabook.

Business cases

  • Rental space reservation- Suitable for booking all kinds of rooms and places (spaces), such as rental spaces and hotels.Please select this reservation type for simple space reservations, such as when you do not need to make a staff reservation.
  • Service reservation- Reservation type for appointing a staff member or person to make a reservation, such as a service provider or specialist.Designate a staff member or person in charge, then select the content of the service that person is providing and make a reservation.This booking type is suitable for yoga classes, hair salons, counseling services and general professional service providers.

Once you have decided on a reservation type, please check how to set up the Sakurabook app.