Sakurabook Partner Recruitment Information

Sakurabook Partner Recruitment Information

What is a Sakurabook partner?This is a partner system that aims to introduce merchant companies to EC site construction and design production companies that can support Shopify site production services that utilize Sakurabook.

We will post an introduction page of the partner company on the Sakurabook official website, accept consultations on production and quotation from merchant companies, and plan to arrange production service projects to partner companies at any time.In addition, we will promptly inform our partners of the latest information on the Sakurabook app.

Sakurabook Partner Entry Sheet

Registration is possible in about 3 minutes, so please take this opportunity to register as a Sakurabook partner (free of charge).

The official reservation app Sakurabook will be released to the Shopify app store around July this year.We will open an official website in the near future and distribute release information from time to time.

We would like to make the Shopify app in Japan more exciting, and we appreciate your cooperation.

《Inquiries to Sakurabook》
Parkfield Co., Ltd.
In charge Hayashi / Yamada

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