Sakurabook official website has been opened

Sakurabook official website has been opened

Nice to meet you, I'm Hayashi, the project leader of Sakurabook.Before opening the official website, I would like to talk a little about why I decided to create such a reservation system.

Shopify, which has a great merit of expandability, actually searches the app store and finds that there are only English apps, few Japanese apps, and requests for reservation sites from reservation sites and clients that were planned to be built by the company's own projects. I had received it, but the fact that this did not move forward was the reason for this business.

For Japanese people, even if the front site is in Japanese, allergies may occur just because the management site is in English, and there may be rejection reactions or a rather troublesome national character, so it can't be helped. There may be.

However, there is no service that even has the functions of an online shop and omni channel in Japan's online reservation system, and if you want to unify the online shop and reservation service in the same domain, the option of Shopify + reservation application is the most suitable. I thought.

Actually, two years ago, Parkfield Co., Ltd. was certified as a Shopify expert, but since thenShopifyPartly because I haven't done much of an expert-like activity, I decided to take the plunge and develop a Japanese Shopify reservation app to rebuild the business into the SaaS business of the online reservation system.

That's why we will release "Sakurabook". (Sorry, it's not done yet at this point. It will be done soon.)

By the way, the origin of the name Sakurabook is that we are located along the Meguro River in Nakameguro and our head office is located in a place where the cherry blossoms are beautiful. ) And the booking booking book (book) "Sakura book"(Sakura Cook) ".

Also, when the cherry blossoms on the Meguro River bloomIt seems that it is distributed all over the world through Reuters, and it seems that it is surprisingly well known worldwide. Shopify is an e-commerce building platform that is used worldwide andSakurabook is also scheduled to be released in English, so I chose "Sakurabook" because it seems easy to appeal that it is a reservation application made by a Japanese company overseas.

We are developing with this kind of attachment, so I would be very happy if you could introduce the app and create a Shopify reservation site in Japanese when it is released.

Since this is our first SaaS business, I think there are many things that we cannot reach, but we would like to grow into a business that can contribute to everyone.Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.

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