Omni-channel sales strategy realized with ShopifyPOS and Sakurabook

Omni-channel sales strategy realized with ShopifyPOS and Sakurabook

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Today's business environment is changing day by day.In particular, "omni-channel sales", which develops business in both online and offline worlds, has become an unavoidable strategy for many companies.But omnichannel selling requires the right tools and strategies to be effective.

Therefore, this time, we will explain the omni-channel sales strategy of the order suit shop using Shopify's POS (Point of Sale) system and Japan's first Shopify reservation application "Sakurabook".Once you've taken your measurements in-store, you're free to choose and purchase your suit online.Let's take a closer look at the specific steps to realize such a business model and the role Sakurabook plays.

What is omnichannel selling?

Omnichannel selling is a sales strategy that offers products and services both online and offline.This strategy involves reaching customers through multiple channels, including in-store sales, online shopping, and mobile apps.As a result, customers can buy products and receive services the way they want.

Benefits of omnichannel selling

  1. Better customer experience: Customers can access products and services wherever and whenever they want.
  2. Expand sales channels: Reach more customers by selling both online and offline.
  3. Leverage data: Integrate online and offline data to create more effective marketing strategies.

As you can see, omnichannel selling has many benefits, but it requires the right tools to make it happen.In particular, ShopifyPOS and Sakurabook are very useful for smoothly selling products and accepting reservations.

Omnichannel selling capabilities with ShopifyPOS

ShopifyPOS (Point of Sale) is a powerful tool for centralizing your online and offline sales.Especially in omnichannel sales, this system brings many benefits.

Main functions

  1. Inventory Management: Real-time centralized management of in-store and online inventory.
  2. Customer Data: Centralize customer purchase history and preferences to provide personalized service.
  3. Payment Processing: Smooth online and in-store payments.
  4. Promotions and Discounts: The same promotions and discounts apply online and in store.

As such, ShopifyPOS is an essential tool for efficient and effective omnichannel selling.

Combining store visit reservation with Sakurabook and ShopifyPOS

In order to succeed in omnichannel sales, it is important not only to sell products but also to increase contact points with customers.Here comes Shopify's first Japanese reservation app "Sakurabook".

Main features of Sakurabook

  1. Pay-as-you-go pricing: Pricing is based on reserved time, allowing for flexible business models.
  2. Appointment Calendar and Reminders: Customers can easily book appointments, and reminders make it easy to review and change appointments.
  3. Linkage with Google Calendar and Zoom: Paid online services are also supported, and can be applied to non-face-to-face businesses.

For example, at a tailor-made suit shop, Sakurabook is used to make an appointment to visit the store for measurements.Customers can make reservations at their own convenience, and stores can manage schedules efficiently.In addition, the measurement data will be used later for online sales.

In this way, Sakurabook is a powerful tool for increasing contact points with customers and further expanding business in omnichannel sales.

Custom-made suit shop case

The theory of omnichannel selling is fascinating, but its true value becomes clearer when you know how it applies to specific business models.This time, I will explain how to use ShopifyPOS and Sakurabook, using a custom-made suit shop as an example.

Flow from reservation to purchase

  1. Appointment to be measured: Customers use Sakurabook to make an appointment to be measured at the store.
  2. In-store measurements: A customer comes to the store and is measured by a staff member.
  3. Whether the customer purchases the suit on the spot after the measurements are taken, or the customer chooses and purchases the suit of their choice at the online shop, both are settled with ShopifyPOS.Therefore, purchase information, inventory information, etc. are linked and unified between the online shop and the physical store.
  4. Repeat purchases: Customers who have been measured once can purchase a new suit online without having to visit the store again.

business expansion

By establishing such a flow, stores not only acquire new customers, but also encourage repeat purchases.In addition, personalized marketing using measurement data is possible, increasing customer loyalty.

Through this case study, it became clear how powerful ShopifyPOS and Sakurabook create synergies in omnichannel sales.

Order Strategy Realized by Sakurabook

Successful omnichannel selling is more than just offering a product or service across many channels.More importantly, each channel works together to provide a consistent experience for your customers. Sakurabook can be a very useful tool in this regard.

specific strategy

  1. Promotion of first-time visits: We will use the reservation function of Sakurabook to develop campaigns to promote first-time visits.
  2. Data utilization: Integrate measurement data and purchase history with ShopifyPOS for personalized marketing.
  3. Encourage repeat purchases: Offer new product announcements and special discounts to customers who have already taken their measurements.

Business impact

Adopting such a strategy expands the entire business from acquisition of new customers to repeat purchases and even spread by word of mouth. Sakurabook is the key to managing all that process smoothly and efficiently.

Summary: Achieve omni-channel sales with Sakurabook reservation and ShopifyPOS

Omnichannel selling has become an unavoidable strategy in modern business.However, the right tools and strategies are essential to its success.This time, I explained in detail the omni-channel sales strategy of a custom-made suit shop using ShopifyPOS and Sakurabook.Leveraging these tools can provide many benefits, from attracting new customers to repeat purchases and even growing your business.

Sakurabook store visit appointments and ShopifyPOS are the perfect solution for enabling omnichannel sales. Please feel free to contact us regarding the introduction of Sakurabook.

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