A thorough comparison of Shopify and Base!Prices, features, how to choose, and recommended conditions

A thorough comparison of Shopify and Base!Prices, features, how to choose, and recommended conditions

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In this article, we will do a thorough comparison between Shopify and Base. Both Shopify and Base are services that allow you to create an EC site (online mail order site).However, there are many differences in price, functionality, and features.

So this time, we will compare the differences between Shopify and Base, and explain which one you should choose, how to choose one, and the recommended conditions.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a platform that allows you to build and operate e-commerce sites. It is a world-class e-commerce site construction tool that has been used by more than 175 million shops in 260 countries.

Traditionally, in order to build an e-commerce site, it was common to prepare a server and develop the e-commerce site in-house, or to install web software called an "EC package."However, these methods require implementation costs in the tens of millions of yen depending on the scale, and require large maintenance costs, making them difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.

On the other hand, with Shopify, the hurdles to implementation are overwhelmingly lower than those developed in-house.In addition to the server, we also provide templates for e-commerce sites, so just by registering to use the service, you can immediately set up your e-commerce site design, product registration, etc., and open your shop.

In terms of cost, it is available on a subscription basis (monthly billing system), and after a 14-day free period, the basic plan is as cheap as $29 per month.

Shopify is a global e-commerce site building tool, but it also supports Japanese.Additionally, it supports multiple languages ​​and currencies, and can be shipped overseas, making it suitable for cross-border e-commerce.

In this way, Shopify is easier to build than developing an in-house e-commerce site, but another big feature is that it is highly customizable in terms of both design and functionality.If you use a theme published on the official store, you can instantly apply a high-quality design to your entire site.In addition, by introducing the "app", it is possible to add various functions such as the ability to post word-of-mouth reviews, SNS linkage, web customer attraction, marketing, etc.

You can perform these basic customizations even if you don't have an IT engineer or designer in-house.It is also possible to hire outsourced engineers and designers to perform advanced setup only during initial construction or renewal, and to handle operations solely in-house.

In addition, Shopify is not limited to managing e-commerce sites, but also enables a wide range of collaboration beyond sites, such as omnichannel support. Since you can manage inventory status, sales information, customer information, etc. of e-commerce sites, SNS, and even physical stores all at once, it has the appeal of seamlessly integrating the real world and online.

Regarding payments, we support a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, and can also be linked with physical stores using Shopify POS.

What is BASE?

BASE, like Shopify, is a service that allows you to open and operate an e-commerce site.This system is provided by BASE Co., Ltd., a domestic company, and the number of shops is said to be over 140 million.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that, unlike traditional full-scratch development (in-house development) or the introduction of an EC package, it is easy to use by simply registering an account.What they also have in common is that there is no need to contract for a server, and all the functions necessary for running an e-commerce site are included as standard.

It can also be said to be similar to Shopify in that it has a wide variety of design templates and allows you to easily apply sophisticated designs.Also, like Shopify, BASE also has extensions called "apps", and you can add functionality as needed.However, in terms of "apps", Shopify is more abundant than BASE.

Also, in the case of BASE, there is a difference in the fee structure from Shopify.The basic cost is free, but when a purchase is made, a "BASE Easy Payment" fee and service usage fee are charged as a percentage.This is an advantage if you look at it as there are no fixed operating costs, but it can be said that the profit margin of the product decreases due to the commission on sales, so it can be seen as having pros and cons.

In terms of the features of BASE, it may be fair to say that it is a service suitable for beginners of e-commerce sites and individual shops that are not confident in their IT skills.It has the impression that it is easy to enter, as there is a support system for beginners, and there are no fixed costs. We also offer a know-how information distribution service for managing e-commerce sites called ``BASE U.''

On the other hand, if you require more advanced functionality, flexible customization, seamless integration with physical stores, full-scale marketing, etc., there may be a lack of functionality.Because of these characteristics, there is a possible usage pattern where beginners of e-commerce sites start operating with BASE and then move to Shopify as the scale of their business expands.

Comparison of Shopify and BASE prices and fees

BASE Shopify
Initial cost from Free Free Free Free Free
Monthly cost Free 5980円 29 dollar 79 dollar 299 dollar
Settlement fee 3.6% + 40 yen 2.9% *When using Shopify Payments
3.4-4.15% 3.3-4.1% 3.25-4.05%
Transfer fee 250 yen 250 yen *Free when using Shopify Payments

In addition, the following costs will be incurred.


・Service fee

⇒Standard plan: 3%

⇒Growth Plan: Free

・Administrative fee

If the transfer amount is less than 2 yen: 500 yen


When using paid themes, paid apps, etc., charges will be incurred accordingly.

Which is cheaper compared to Shopify and BASE?There are cases where free BASE is “more expensive”

When comparing the costs of Shopify and BASE, BASE, which allows you to use the standard plan for free, may seem cheaper and more advantageous.

"Shopify requires a monthly fee, so it's a high hurdle."

"BASE has a free plan, so the hurdles are low."

It seems that there is also a reputation like that.However, while this may seem true at first glance, it actually depends on the circumstances. This is because BASE's free plan (standard plan) incurs a fixed cost of +40 yen in addition to the payment fee.

In other words, If you sell more than 100 products in a month, the payment fee under BASE's free plan will be 3.6 yen (40 yen x 100 items) in addition to the 4000% percentage.It will be.

The monthly fixed fee for Shopify's cheapest plan (basic plan) is $29 (approximately 3900 yen), soIf you sell more than 100 products per month, Shopify's basic plan will be cheaper than BASE's free plan.It will be.

Therefore, one criterion is "whether the number of units sold per month exceeds 100 units." If it is less than 100 units, you can use BASE's standard plan, and if it is over 100 units, you can choose BASE's growth plan or Shopify. Thinking will also be one of the criteria for selection.

Comparing Shopify and Base, which one is better?Recommended conditions and reasons

Shopfiy and Base each have different features.Let's consider which one to choose by understanding the characteristics and differences of each.

Features of Shopify

Shopify is characterized by its rich customizability.

Themes, which change the design, and the apps, which add extensions, are developed and provided by not only Shopify official but also companies around the world, and there is a wide variety of them. are available.

For example, in the case of an ``app'', there are functions such as posting reviews and ★ratings that are familiar to any industry, functions that allow you to easily create invoices and labels, functions that increase customer attraction such as search engine countermeasures and web advertising operations, etc.Furthermore, you can use the calendar to make reservations for visiting the store and making reservations for the use of facilities and equipment.You can create various developments such as.

Because of this rich customizability, no matter what industry you're in, there's usually no "Shopify isn't right for you."In addition to selling products such as apparel, food, miscellaneous goods, books, furniture, home appliances, digital devices, and car supplies, we also sell digital content such as e-books, videos, and images, and even create online courses and provide schools and lessons. It also becomes possible.

These wide customizability and high functionality are major features of Shopify.

Implementation and operational support by Shopify Experts

On the other hand, because Shopify is highly customizable, it can only be used with appropriate skills and experience, and some say it is not suitable for beginners.This is certainly true in one sense.

However, since it is a no-code tool, it does not mean that it cannot be used at all unless you have engineering skills such as website construction, programming, and web design.Even if you do not have such specialized knowledge, it is possible to handle it to a certain extent and build and operate an e-commerce site.

However, it is also true that when the number of functions you want to implement increases, or when you want to highly customize the functions and design, you will need a certain amount of specialized knowledge.There is also a program called Shopify Experts that can help you in such cases.

Shopify Experts are highly specialized companies and technicians who are officially certified by Shopify.With the help of these Shopfiy Experts, you can receive a variety of assistance that requires advanced technology, even if your company does not have an in-house Shopify expert. (In addition,We are also certified as a Shopify Expert.

Therefore, for example, with a minimal start,First, identify issues while operating Shopify in-house, refine ideas for new deployments, and then ask Shopify Experts to implement advanced features., etc. will also become possible.

Conditions under which Shopify can be recommended

Shopify is recommended for any type of business in any case.This is because it is highly functional and highly customizable, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.On the other hand, it is true that a certain level of expertise is required to make full use of the rich variety of apps, themes, customization, etc.Also, if you ask Shopify Experts to build your site, there will be a certain fee.

From this point of view, onlyOperate the EC site firmly as a business and operate on the premise of making a profit.would be desirable.On the other hand, if you want to run an e-commerce site as a personal hobby or as a micro-business that does not plan to expand significantly, Shopify may be overkill in terms of specifications and costs.

However, this does not mean that Shopify is not suitable for sole proprietorships; for example, if you are a sole proprietorship store or a freelance creator, and you are continuously working on it as a business, Shopify will definitely not be over-specified.

Some people say that Shopify is not recommended for beginners because it does not have a free plan, but the basic plan costs $29 per month.It may be expensive as a personal hobby or side job, but it can be said to be cheap as a business expense.

Features of Base

The main feature of Base is that it has a low barrier to introduction and anyone can use it easily.

The standard plan has no fixed costs, and one of its appeals is that you can start operating a minimal e-commerce site without requiring a full-scale initial investment.

In terms of functions and design, it has enough features to compare favorably with other companies, and it is also possible to customize it to a certain extent if necessary.Also, you can easily build an e-commerce site without requiring any knowledge or skills such as programming.Therefore, in terms of both cost and functionality, it can be said that it is an easy-to-use tool even for beginners who want to start a business.

On the other hand, there may be limitations in various ways, such as when you require more advanced functions and designs, or when you want to develop e-commerce services unique to your company.When a business enters the e-commerce business in earnest, or when thinking about scaling up the e-commerce business in the future, it is a good idea to move to another e-commerce site construction tool later on, or to start with Shopify from the beginning. That's one.

In addition, although initial costs and monthly fees are free, settlement fees and transfer fees will be charged.Especially in the case of the free plan, a fixed cost of 3.6 yen is incurred for each payment in addition to 40%, which reduces the product's profit margin by that much.If you think that you can use it completely for free, you will end up with a different result than you intended, so be careful.

Conditions under which BASE can be recommended

BASE is also compatible with a wide range of industries, and if it is a general product sales e-commerce site, there will be no problem with any industry.The ease of implementation and the availability of plans with no fixed costs make it a suitable tool for individual hobbyists and micro-businesses.

For example, if you say, ``I have no plans to run an e-commerce business in earnest, but I would like to sell my hobby handmade products online,'' or if you want to operate an e-commerce site on a trial basis with the aim of starting your own business in the future, or if you want to run an e-commerce site on a trial basis, It is a tool suitable for cases where the main business wants to conduct direct sales as a side, or where they want to operate a flexible and low-cost e-commerce site.

When comparing comprehensively, which one should you choose between Shopify and BASE?

Both Shopify and BASE have different features, so it is not appropriate to say ``this one is better'' or ``you should choose this one''.Your choice should be made in accordance with your individual circumstances, taking into comprehensive consideration various aspects such as business scale and future prospects.Based on this premise, we will summarize how to choose between Shopify and BASE in bullet points, just as a reference.


・Monthly sales volume is less than 100 units

・I want to deal with general merchandise.

・I want to emphasize ease of use.

・If you want to extend your personal hobby or try operating an e-commerce site on a trial basis, if you are a toB-based business and want to conduct direct sales as a side, etc.

In these cases, BASE may be a good option.


・I want to build and operate a highly functional EC site comparable to full-scratch in-house development.

・In addition to general product sales, we also want to handle digital content, reservations, online courses, etc.

・Focus on functionality and customizability

・If you want to enter the EC business in earnest or want to scale it up as a full-fledged business in the future

In these cases, Shopify may be a good option.

There are many other points of view, so it is not a guarantee that you can make a selection based on these criteria.Please use this information as a reference only.

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