What is the Shopify app?Points to note when choosing and basic knowledge you should know

What is the Shopify app?Points to note when choosing and basic knowledge you should know

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In order to operate Shopify, you will need the Shopify app.

By making good use of the Shopify app, you can make your Shopify even more effective e-commerce site.

So this time, we will introduce how to choose a Shopify app, things to keep in mind, and basic knowledge you should know.

What is the Shopify app? Additional plugins that extend Shopify functionality

Shopify apps are plugins that add functionality to Shopify.

Let's think of Shopify as a smartphone and the Shopify app as a smartphone app.

 Smartphones have basic functions and apps.

However, the built-in features alone are not enough, so many people install the apps they need.

 As a result, you can customize your smartphone to suit your needs.

 Shopify sites are the same, and the basic functionality is already installed.

 In addition, by installing the Shopify app, you can fill in the gaps with standard features and build an e-commerce site that is easy for you to use.


First of all, what is Shopify?

Before we get into the Shopify app, let's review Shopify.

Shopify is a platform from Canada that allows you to build e-commerce sites, and is used by over 175 million shops in 100 countries around the world. It entered Japan in 2017, and has now gradually become recognized domestically.

Basic functions such as product registration and payment are already in place without using the Shopify app, and it is currently attracting the most attention because it can be customized flexibly.

If the standard features aren't enough, you can add features with the Shopify app.

Shopify's standard features include only the minimum functionality necessary to run an e-commerce site.Therefore, depending on the product or service your company sells, standard functions alone may not be enough.

That's where the Shopify app comes in. 

By using the Shopify app, you can freely customize it to suit your company.

What can you do with the Shopify app?

There are currently over 5000 Shopify apps, so you can have a variety of effects.

We will introduce seven specific effects.

Increase your ability to attract customers

There are many Shopify apps that can help you attract more customers.

For example, using the Shopify app, you can list products on Google Shopping, or you can link with SNS to promote sales from SNS.By increasing your visibility, you can increase the number of visitors to your Shopify site.

Increase purchase rate

The Shopify app also has features such as preventing cart abandonment and sending product emails to users who leave the product mid-purchase.By using the appropriate Shopify app depending on the products and services you sell, you can maximize performance for your users.

Customize your store's design

Shopify allows you to customize the design to a certain extent through basic features such as "themes." 

However, if you want to further customize the design of your site, consider installing a design-based Shopify app.More advanced customization is now possible, allowing you to create an e-commerce site with unique brand power.

Develop sales and campaigns

By using the app, you can also run sales and campaigns on your Shopify site.For example, increase purchase rates by creating a sense of exclusiveness, such as by running limited-time campaigns, discounting only products in specific categories, or offering discounts only to customers and members who meet certain conditions. can do.

Increase customer satisfaction and gain repeat customers

Shopify has a wide range of apps that can help you improve your customer experience and increase satisfaction.There are things that make the site more comfortable, such as apps that speed up page loading speed, and things like chatbots that can greatly improve online customer service.

Since various improvements can be made in even the smallest aspects, it is possible to build an e-commerce site with high customer satisfaction and a high repeat rate.


The Shopify app is also equipped with a wealth of tools that are important for web marketing analysis, such as user access numbers, click rates, and length of stay.

By checking customer behavior on the site and analyzing the data, we can accurately understand the needs of each individual customer.Shopify also has apps that can analyze such data and use it for further campaigns and other measures. 

Reduce man-hours and improve work efficiency

E-commerce sites involve many daily tasks such as registering products, issuing invoices, and shipping.There are so many things to do, but you can automate some of them by using the Shopify app.By reducing man-hours, it is possible to improve work efficiency.

How to choose a Shopify app and things to keep in mind

We will explain how to choose a Shopify app and what to keep in mind.

Does it have the features you need?

Check to see if the Shopify app has the features you need.

Installing a Shopify app that you don't need won't do you any good.On the contrary, it can make your site too heavy and impair the customer experience.

In order to determine whether a Shopify app has the features you need, be sure to thoroughly discuss and confirm the features your company needs before implementing it.

Safety and reliability

When implementing a Shopify app, it is important to make sure that it is safe and reliable. 

Shopify apps aren't just those made by official sources.Some apps are developed by third parties.Therefore, rather than installing it lightly, check the reviews and ratings to determine whether it is a safe app before installing it.

Scope of customization

Some Shopify apps have similar functionality.However, even though they look the same at first glance, there are many differences, such as the range of customization that can be made and some functions.

Therefore, when introducing an app, be sure to check things such as ``to what extent it can be customized'' and ``what kind of functions it has''.

Support system/maintenance management

Make sure that the support system after installing the Shopify app is well established.If the app has a good support system, even if an error occurs, they will take measures such as updating it as soon as possible.

Compatibility with other apps

When implementing it, consider compatibility with other Shopify apps. If Shopify apps are incompatible with each other, errors may occur or they may not function properly.If you install it once and decide that it is not compatible, consider installing another app.


Basically, most Shopify apps can be installed for free, but there are also some paid apps.There may be running costs involved, so consider installing one according to your budget.

Let's introduce the Shopify app that suits your company!

There is a rich lineup of Shopify apps, but that's why it's important to be selective.Choose a Shopify app that fits the purpose of your Shopify site.Before introducing an app, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​what functions you need and how you want to implement it.

Let's carefully consider not only the functions but also services such as maintenance support.

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