How to choose and implement a reservation system that is important for online school business

How to choose and implement a reservation system that is important for online school business

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Nowadays, everything has become online.School businesses such as language classes and cooking classes are no exception to the trend of going online.What kind of impact will it have on users by moving the school business, which until now was mainly face-to-face, to online?This time, we will explain how to choose and implement the reservation system you need when going online.

Three statistical facts that show the importance of moving school business online

We will introduce three statistical data that shows the importance of moving school operations online.

Approximately 5% of customers request online lessons

Questionnaire survey targeting men and women aged 18 and overAccording to a study, it was found that about 5% of users attending school wanted online lessons.

The most frequently cited reasons for wanting to take online lessons were ``because there is a high risk of coronavirus infection in face-to-face classes'' and ``because I am not restricted by time or place.''

Currently, the virus is gradually coming under control due to vaccinations, but many users seem to want to avoid the risk of infection if possible.

Similar trends can be seen in areas other than school projects such as hobbies and lessons. 

In addition, since online lessons can be taken without worrying about time or place, the number of users who prefer online lessons will continue to increase due to convenience.

The e-learning market size has been expanding even before the coronavirus pandemic.

The market for online e-learning has been expanding year by year since before the coronavirus pandemic. 

The advantage of using e-learning is that you can study at your own pace, and you can study anywhere and at any time. 

Traditionally, students gathered together in the same classroom to study.However, with e-learning, you can study anytime as long as you have an internet environment and a smartphone. 

Therefore, demand was increasing even before the coronavirus outbreak, and the market size is expected to continue expanding.

Increased awareness of learning

Awareness about learning is also on the rise. 

According to the survey results, nearly half of the respondents (49.4%) answered that they had "learned something" or "wanted to learn" after entering the workforce.

In terms of age, people in their 30s to 50s tend to be relatively high. 

Foreign languages, welfare, and medical care are popular topics for students to study.

Also, the percentage of people who wanted to study using the Internet was 45.4%. 

In other words, nearly half of working adults want to do some learning online.

Online lesson business model

The online lesson business model has the above structure, with an ``online lesson business'' placed between the ``consumer'' and the ``instructor.'' 

A contract is entered into between a consumer and an online lesson provider, and the contractor pays the lesson fee. 

Instructors also sign a contract with an online lesson provider and receive compensation from the online lesson provider in exchange for conducting lessons.

 You can also take online lessons through our reservation system.

This is the business model for online lessons.

The “reservation system” factor is essential for success

The key to successful online lessons is the reservation system.The reservation system is a system for coordinating the schedules of students and instructors, and is essential for conducting online lessons. 

Therefore, if the reservation system is difficult to operate or errors occur frequently, lesson participants will become dissatisfied, leading to a decline in customer satisfaction.Choosing a reservation system that is easy and convenient to use is essential to the success of your online lesson business.

How to choose a reservation system when moving your lesson business online

Here are some important points to consider when choosing a reservation system.

Lesson reservation schedule management

Choose a reservation system that allows you to manage your lesson reservation schedule.

In order to manage your schedule, you will need a system that allows you to specify the date and time and make reservations.

If possible, it would be very convenient to have a function that automatically reflects the reservation status and prevents double bookings and over capacity.

Providing curriculum and instructors tailored to students' goals

Choose a reservation system that can provide curriculum and instructors that match the students' goals.

By providing services tailored to the needs of the students, it is possible to increase the satisfaction level of the students.

Also, since there is a compatibility between students and instructors, introduce a reservation system that allows students to select instructors.

Online sales of textbooks, tools, etc.

Some lessons require textbooks and equipment.

It can be difficult for students to understand if they are directed to multiple apps and tools to make a purchase, so choose a reservation system that also allows sales.

Secure and easy-to-use online payments

Reservation systems require secure and easy-to-use online payments.

Recently, in addition to credit cards, smartphone payments have become commonplace.Choose a reservation system that is not only secure but also supports various online payments. 

“Sakurabook” is the perfect reservation system for lesson businesses.

In conclusion, the recommended reservation system is "Sakurabook".

Introducing the features of Sakurabook.

Optimize lesson reservations with the calendar reservation function

Sakurabook has a calendar reservation function.

It is linked to the reservation system and the reservation status is automatically reflected.Therefore, you can only make reservations for dates and times that are not booked, which prevents double bookings.

You can freely choose and reserve instructors and curriculums.

Sakurabook also allows you to freely select and reserve instructors and curriculums.

At schools, lesson content and teaching styles vary depending on the instructor.

Students also have their own preferences for different instructors, so Sakurabook allows you to easily reserve your favorite instructor without having to go through the trouble of making a phone call.

Online ordering of textbooks and tools is also available.

At Sakurabook, you can not only make reservations but also centralize online shopping for textbooks and equipment.

Generally, for actions such as purchasing textbooks or equipment, it was necessary to be guided to a dedicated system or app, but with Sakurabook, everything from product selection to purchase is completed.

As a result, it saves time for trainees, and it also helps businesses improve operational efficiency and marketing accuracy.

Credit cards and payment apps can be used

Sakurabook supports not only credit cards but also payment apps.

The supported payment methods are as follows. 

・Credit cards such as JCB, VISA, MasterCard

・Payment apps such as PayPay, LINE Pay, Rakuten Pay, au Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.

・Mobile carrier payment

・Deferred payment/Cash on delivery/Bank transfer

・Cash and credit card payments at stores linked to POS 

There are a wide variety of payment options, so students can safely make payments using their usual payment methods.


This time, we introduced Sakurabook and how to choose a reservation system when developing an online school business.

Survey data shows that about half of the people attending school want their school to go online, so school operators need to proactively consider going online.

Choosing a reservation system is important when conducting online school, so why not consider introducing Sakurabook as you go online?

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