A website that increases customer attraction and sales by moving salon management online - What are the challenges and solutions?

A website that increases customer attraction and sales by moving salon management online - What are the challenges and solutions?

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Due to the new coronavirus, many business fields are required to shift to online operations.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Household consumption status survey (2020)'', the number of households using online shopping has finally exceeded 50% for the first time since the survey began.Now that online demand has skyrocketed following the coronavirus pandemic, it is thought to have risen even further.

However, not all industries can immediately respond to this online demand.Online management of salons such as beauty salons and hair salonsMany business owners may find this difficult.

"We spent a lot of money trying to go online, but the number of customers did not increase and sales did not increase."

Given these risks, no matter how aware a company is of the importance of shifting online, it is not an easy business decision to make the move.

So this time,

・What exactly can salon management do to respond to online demand?

・When managing salons online, what is required of a website that holds the key to attracting customers and sales?

・What should I do to make salon management successful online?

I will explain the contents.

What can you do?Salon management that meets modern online demands

When thinking about online salon management,The first thing that matters is what services can be provided online.about it.It is difficult to say that simply accepting reservations for store visits through the website is sufficient to meet modern online demands.

For example,

・Mail order for staff-recommended hair care/skin care products, etc.

・Video distribution of online courses on home care methods

・One-on-one online counseling using Zoom etc.

It is quite possible for hair salons and beauty salons to provide online services that do not require a visit to the store.

Enhancing this online menu can be said to be the first step in moving your salon management online.

“Salon website” holds the key to attracting customers and sales by going online – What functions are necessary for monetization?

Now that you have planned various online menus, how do you use them to support your management?Monetization is essential.

For example, even if you plan to distribute a video of an online course on home care methods, you cannot expect to make money by simply distributing the video for free on Youtube.

Even digital content such as videos needs to be properly monetized, for example by using a subscription system for members.

With these points in mind, let's take a closer look at the website functions required for modern salon management.

Website functions required for online salon management

If you are running a traditional salon, the functions you would expect from your website would be as follows.

<Traditional salon website>

・Introduction of the store

・Staff introduction

・Reservation for store visit (phone number, email address, reservation form, etc.)

But,If you want to move your salon management online, this alone is not enough.

Since the only point directly linked to sales is "reserving a visit to the store," customers are unable to engage in spending behavior online.This is not enough to go online.

In order to enrich your online service menu, such as mail-order sales of related products, video distribution of online courses, and one-on-one online counseling, the following systems are essential.

<Website required for online salon management>

・Introduction of the store

・Staff introduction

・Visit reservation

・Mail order of products and goods

・Application for online course

・Reservation for online counseling

So, how do you build a multifunctional website that can provide such a wide variety of online services?

There are various disadvantages when combining existing cloud services.

The method most managers and personnel assume isUse existing cloud services in combinationIt will be.

Various cloud services are already available, such as reservation systems for store visits and e-commerce systems for product sales.For online courses and online counseling, we have seen cases where applications are accepted through a web form and payment is made by issuing a dedicated payment page via email, etc.

But,These methodologies have various disadvantages.You can't overlook that either.

XNUMX: Business operations become complicated due to the operation of multiple systems.

When combining existing cloud services, multiple reservation and sales systems are used together, such as for reservations, product sales, and online distribution.Operating multiple systems complicates order sales operations and imposes a large management cost.

Not only does this place a greater burden on employees, but it is not uncommon for companies to require IT personnel who are skilled at handling various cloud services.The reality is that there are almost no salons that employ such IT personnel.

XNUMX: It is difficult for customers to use it, and orders are slow to grow.

Operating multiple cloud systems in combination can result in services that are difficult for customers to use.

Click here to make an online reservation for a visit to the store, use this shopping card to purchase recommended products, and use this form to apply for online courses or online counseling. It becomes difficult to understand.

as a result,Even if you think, ``Maybe I should buy that shampoo that was recommended in the salon's hair care course,'' you end up giving up on purchasing because you feel stressed about how to use the online shopping page.There will be things.

Failure to meet customer online satisfaction results in lost opportunities.

In order to attract customers and make sales, it is essential to build a reservation and sales website that is ideal for your salon.

Introducing the store and staff, making reservations, ordering products online, online video courses, and online counseling.Communicating such fulfilling and attractive services is essential for the online shift of salon management.

However, if you try to build the website system required for this by combining existing cloud services, you will end up with a website that is difficult to use, inconvenient, and stressful for both customers and employees. .

If you give up on dealing with these disadvantages, thinking ``it can't be helped'' or ``other stores are the same,'' you won't be able to expect to attract customers online or secure sales at all.

"We are currently working on making it available online, but things aren't going well."

There are many salons that end up with this problem, and it is not uncommon for these system inadequacies to be the root cause.

From this,

"In order to attract customers and make sales, it is essential to build a reservation and sales website that is ideal for your salon."

I can say that clearly.

“Sakurabook” is a new service that will lead to successful online salon management.

Going online for salon management is important for attracting customers and increasing sales.A complete and multi-functional reservation and sales site that can provide online services with high customer satisfaction is essential..

However, there are major obstacles to achieving this through the combination of existing systems and cloud services.

there,“Sakurabook” is a new solution that solves the management issues of online shifthas been developed.

A service that allows you to create a custom-made, new-age reservation and sales site that allows you to centrally manage and pay for store reservations, product sales, digital content sales such as online courses, and service reservations such as online counseling.That is "Sakurabook".

"I've searched all over the world, but I've never found a service that has everything like this!"

“I can’t believe there was a way to make this happen!”

Sakurabook has received surprising feedback from many people, including salon managers.

First, please check detailed information about Sakurabook.

It has all the functions essential for online salon management.

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