[Sakurabook] Announcement of official release and opening of demo store

[Sakurabook] Announcement of official release and opening of demo store

Sakurabook support Sakurabook support
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We have officially released the Shoppify reservation application "Sakurabook" developed by our company.

Sakurabook is Shopify's first calendar reservation app that supports Japanese.The "reservation wizard" allows you to decide the reservation time while checking the available slots, and it is characterized by flexible free reception that can support both pay-as-you-go and fixed fees.

By introducing the Sakurabook app to Shopify, it will be possible to achieve both product sales and online sales on the same store site and same domain.In addition, it is also compatible with Zoom meetings, and reservations for online services are also possible.

▼ Download “Sakurabook” from the Shopify app store

▼ Click here for the “Sakurabook” demo store

▼ Click here for the press release

Features of Sakurabook

XNUMX: Sales and settlement of reservation menu and product sales on one store site

By introducing Sakurabook to Shopify, it will be possible to settle the reservation menu and product sales with one shopping cart.As a result, customers can simultaneously purchase products related to the reservation menu, or apply for reservations for services related to the purchased products at the same time.

The official blog provides specific information on how to use Sakurabook.See below for details.

▼Sakurabook official blog

XNUMX: All product menus and reservation menus are centrally managed by Shopify

Sakurabook manages all product menus and reservation menus with Shopify.Therefore, it is possible to centrally manage the reservation menu and the product menu, making it possible to operate the shop efficiently.

XNUMX: Flexible reservation time that customers can freely specify

Sakurabook's booking wizard gives you the flexibility to choose and book service times of your choice.You can select the start time and end time of the reservation, and pay by pay-as-you-go according to the amount used.For example, when making a reservation for a rental space, customers can freely select the start and end times for open spaces within business hours and apply for a reservation.The charge is calculated as follows: basic charge + hourly unit price x usage time + option charge.It is also possible to set a fixed price.

XNUMX: Staff nomination reservation

Sakurabook also supports staff appointment reservations.You can register the staff who provide services to Sakurabook, and manage reservation menus, available reservation times, vacancies, etc. for each staff member.For example, in a beauty salon, you can set up a Sakurabook reservation calendar on the stylist introduction page and designate the staff member to make a reservation.

XNUMX: Zoom linkage, Google calendar linkage

There is a link function with Zoom and Google Calendar.In addition to in-store services, online paid services can also be linked with Zoom to automatically issue an online meeting URL after making a reservation payment and confirm the reservation on Google Calendar.

2.0: Compatible with Shopify Online Store XNUMX

Sakurabook is compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0. If you have an OS2.0 theme such as Dawn, you can freely post a reservation wizard (reservation calendar) that allows you to check the latest availability on the introduction page of the reservation service.

Introducing the Sakurabook Demo Store

▼ “Sakurabook” demo store You can check the actual behavior of Sakurabook by accessing .

On the product page, you can experience staff appointment reservation.

Please also check the operation of the reservation calendar.Select a date and location, then SFlexible appointment time specification unique to akurabookYou can check

This demo site is set so that you can freely select the reservation time in units of XNUMX minutes.You can freely change the minimum unit of reservation time by setting.

You can add your reservation to your cart or proceed to the checkout process just like you would on any other Shopify site.

With Sakurabook, you can use the same shopping cart for regular product sales and reservation services.You can add both reservations and merchandise to the same cart and pay for them all at once.

▼ “Sakurabook” demo store Please check the customer experience of Sakurabook.

14 days free trial in progress

The price plans for the Sakurabook app are as follows.

Sakurabook offers a 14-day free trial.Please take advantage of this opportunity.

▼ Download “Sakurabook” from the Shopify app store

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