Post-Corona Shopify Reservation App "Sakurabook" Usage Examples and Proposals

Post-Corona Shopify Reservation App "Sakurabook" Usage Examples and Proposals

Sakurabook support Sakurabook support
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Sakurabook is Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app developed by us.We will send you some concrete suggestions on how this Sakurabook can be used.

By introducing Sakurabook, you will be able to make various proposals to all of the WEB production companies.Please use it to improve your company's proposal capabilities.

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⇒ IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ Shopify application "Sakurabook" IT tool registration support

◆ What is Sakurabook?

Sakurabook is Shopify's first Japanese-compatible reservation app developed by our company.It is a Shopify app that integrates the functions of the online shop and the reservation site, and can build an EC site that can handle both sales and reservation reception.

Reservations for store visits, reservations for facility use, reservations for online services such as ZOOM, sales of goods and digital content can all be handled in the same way on the same site and domain.

In addition, it has various functions such as flexible reservation time setting, improvement of convenience by linking calendars, and automation of email transmission.

For details on the functions of Sakurabook, please see the next page.

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Here are some specific examples of how to use this Sakurabook.

◆ Usage example XNUMX: Construction of reservation site for rental space, etc.

It is a proposal to utilize Sakurabook for online reservation of rental space, rental office / meeting room, event space, etc.

│ No need to inquire about availability with calendar reservation

By linking with Google Calendar, Sakurabook allows customers to check the availability on the WEB.You don't need to inquire about availability because you can see the date and time when you can make a reservation at a glance.If you receive a reservation or if your reservation is canceled, the availability will be automatically reflected in the calendar, so you can prevent double booking.

│Users can select the reservation time by the usage time × unit price

SakurabookReservations can be accepted at the time of use x unit price.

Users can select the available date and time from the reservation calendar and freely select the start and end time of use.Charges are calculated as usage time x unit price.

With conventional reservation systems, it was difficult to achieve such flexible time settings.

We accept reservations in a large framework such as "AM" and "PM", and prepare time frames such as "10:11 to 11:12", "13:14 to XNUMX:XNUMX" and "XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX", and we offer customers from among them. It can be said that the method of having people choose is the mainstream of the conventional reservation system.

However, in reality, the needs of our customers are diverse.For example, "I want to use it only for 13 minutes from 30:1" and "I want to use it for 45 hour and XNUMX minutes".

With the conventional reservation system, such flexible correspondence cannot be done entirely online, and in the end it is necessary to make an inquiry by phone.However, with Sakurabook, customers can freely select the usage time from "what time to what time" and pay by pay-as-you-go billing.

◆ Usage example XNUMX: Online support for fitness gyms, personal training, etc.

There are a wide variety of industries that are forced to respond online due to the influence of the corona, and fitness gyms, personal training, etc. will be one of them.In these businesses, there are multiple profit axes such as "facility use," "advice and coaching by trainers," and "sales of related products," so the functions required for online support are also wide-ranging.

"Orders for facility use reservations online"

"Getting advice and coaching from trainers online with ZOOM, etc."

"Download training videos and sell them online as content"

"Product sales of related products will also be online on the EC site"

When building an EC system / reservation system that meets these requirements, you can think of the mainstream options as combining multiple cloud services or working on full scratch development.

However, when combining multiple cloud services, various issues arise, such as complicated customer leads and high running costs due to multiple SaaS usage costs.However, full scratch development incurs a large amount of cost, which makes it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to implement it.

Sakurabook is the perfect solution to these problems.

│ All of store visit reservations, online lesson reservations, digital content sales, and product sales are unified.

In addition to accepting reservations, Sakurabook can centrally handle a variety of products, including product sales, digital content sales, and online lesson reservations.

If it is a personal gym, you can sell reservations for visits, mail order of fitness equipment, sales of lesson videos by coaches, online one-on-one training guidance, etc., all on the same domain and the same site.

│ You can create and sell individual pages and price plans for each staff member.

It is also possible to create individual pages for each staff member and set different rate plans for each.For example, you can distinguish between pricing between new and veteran coaches, or you can appoint a specific coach to make a reservation.

│ Seamless omni-channel support both in stores and online

For example, consider the following case.Instantly prompt customers who have been trained in-store to book their next appointment.However, customers are not convenient for coming to the store.Even in such cases, Sakurabook is fine.We offer our customers online training that does not require them to come to the store, and they can accept reservations and make payments at the store.

Also, at a personal gym, there are many customers who say, "I usually visit the store and buy protein drinks at the store."There is a concern that these customers will lose their purchases as they go online.However, with Sakurabook, you can make online training reservations and mail-order related products on the same site.You can make up for the decrease in sales of over-the-counter products due to online sales by mail-order support.

◆ Usage example XNUMX: Construction of a qualification course site where you can learn classroom lectures and practical skills online

Companies are not the only ones affected by the new coronavirus and the wave of going online.General incorporated associations that provide qualification courses are also required to respond to online in anticipation of the post-corona era.You can also use Sakurabook to make suggestions to these clients.

│ Integrated with SaaS service for building online courses and schools

Since Sakurabook will be deployed on a global EC platform called Shopify, it will be possible to link with abundant SaaS unique to the Shopify app.

For example, "" with the functions necessary to run an online school.thinkificBy integrating Sakurabook with cloud services such as ", you can develop a more full-scale online school business.

│ Building an environment where you can learn both classroom lectures and practical skills online

For example, it is possible to build an environment where you can learn both classroom lectures and practical skills online, such as on-demand distribution of videos and PDF texts for classroom lectures, and online training using ZOOM etc. for practical skills.These functions can be realized only with Shopify + Sakurabook, but by integrating with the above cloud services for online schools, we will be able to provide even more fulfilling services.

│ Achieves membership services exclusively for students and step-up of courses

In more serious qualification courses, there are many situations where you want to have your customers register as members and offer a course exclusively for members.In addition, for example, service design that steps up skills, such as an intermediate course for those who have completed the beginner's course and then an advanced course, is also seen in many qualification courses.

There is also a service design for selling teaching materials and lesson videos, such as "Sell in a form that anyone can purchase, and if you are a member, you can purchase at a special price."

Functions such as member-only services, member special prices, and course step-ups will be realized by linking Shopify, Sakurabook with other cloud services.

│ Comfortable online and offline services on the same site

Depending on the content of the qualification course, you may say, "I want to take the qualification examination face-to-face" and "I can't certify the qualification without face-to-face instruction only for practical skills."This integration of online and offline services is another area of ​​Sakurabook's specialty.

For example, training for acquiring qualifications, distribution and sales of teaching materials, etc. can be conducted online, and practical training and exams can be reserved online and conducted face-to-face.

◆ With IT introduction subsidy, it can be introduced with low burden

The introduction of Shoopify + Sakurabook, service usage fee for up to 350 years, maintenance support service, etc. are covered by the IT introduction subsidy.As a result, you can use a subsidy of up to XNUMX million yen, and it is possible to significantly reduce the cost burden on the client.

By registering the IT introduction subsidy as an "IT vendor" and "IT tool", we will be able to propose the use of the subsidy to our clients.

Therefore, we will provide support for application for vendor registration and tool registration of IT introduction subsidy for WEB production companies who can introduce Shopify + Sakurabook.

For more information, see the following article.

⇒ IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ Shopify application "Sakurabook" IT tool registration support

◆ Advantages of Sakurabook

Sakurabook is a new reservation tool born from "voice of the field".It is designed to meet a wide range of rapidly growing online demands.I would like to introduce some of the advantages of Sakurabook.

│ Seamless integration of online shop and reservation system

When you think, "I want to sell products online and receive reservations such as store visit reservations," I think the reality is that there are various difficulties in achieving this.

For example, there are few integrated tools for online shops and booking systems.Of course, it is not completely absent, but the practical options are extremely limited, especially when considering the use in various industries from the perspective of SMEs and small businesses.

Due to various balances, in reality, there are many cases where different tools are used in combination, such as "Shopify for online shops and Google Forms for reservation reception".However, with this method, there are problems such as difficulty in understanding the user's lead, inability to perform branding with a sense of unity, and waste in management and operation.

To solve these problems, Sakurabook designs and develops with the concept of seamless integration of online shop and reservation system.

With the same site, the same domain, unified design and branding, the EC + reservation system that is easy for customers to understand and use will be a tool that can firmly contribute to responding to online demand and increasing sales.

│ Designed in the market based on customer feedback that "I want this kind of function"

Our company, which develops Sakurabook, has many years of experience and achievements in the WEB marketing business. It is one of the businesses that we have been working on since our establishment in 1999.Through such experience, we have received many voices from many customers saying, "I want this kind of function" and "I want to make this kind of reservation site."

For example ...

"I am operating an e-commerce site and an online reservation form, but I am in trouble because the domains are separate. The design is not expandable and branding cannot be done as expected."

"I want to make an online counseling reservation on the website. The time required for counseling varies depending on the customer. Instead of having the customer choose from a fixed time frame, I can flexibly say" from what time to what time ". I want a system that allows me to make reservations. "

"I run an event space. I receive reservations on the WEB, but in the end it is necessary to respond by phone for inquiries about availability, detailed meetings of usage time, cancellation correspondence, etc. Calendar linkage and e-mail I want to automate automation, cancellation support, etc. "

"A general incorporated association runs qualification courses. We want to respond to the growing need for online attendance and certification exams. Sales of teaching materials and seminars are online, and qualification exams are conducted face-to-face because of practical skills. However, can we build a site for members with such a function? "

We have received various other voices such as ...

With the aim of meeting these needs, we have decided to develop Sakurabook.We also considered using existing products and cloud services, but there was no other tool that could meet the needs of our customers.

Because Sakurabook starts with customer feedback, we believe that we can firmly meet the needs that cannot be captured by other similar tools.

│ Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app

Sakurabook is Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app. There are other apps that can integrate the booking system into Shopify, but all are English-speaking apps, and Sakurabook is the first to support Japanese (as of April 2022).

With the development of translation technology, the hurdles for utilizing English-speaking apps and cloud services are lower than before.However, even so, considering the support and other measures, there are still some aspects that must be taken into consideration when introducing it.

There are not zero reservation apps that can partially localize Japanese, but there are cases where the Japanese is incomplete in the parts that customers can see, such as part of the reservation form.From the customer's point of view, if English text suddenly appears or unnatural Japanese is displayed, you will lose your trust at that moment.

Due to these problems, even though there is a reservation app, it is difficult for Japanese companies to introduce it.

However, Sakurabook is Shopify's first full Japanese support.It can be introduced without feeling the language barrier.We plan to support other languages ​​such as English.

│ Realistic cost performance

A wide variety of products already exist as tools and platforms for accepting reservations online.

However, with traditional products, the higher the functionality, the higher the price, which is not a very realistic option for small businesses and small businesses.Then, when thinking "choose one that is reasonably priced", we had to compromise on functions and support, and as a result, there were issues such as impairing the comfort of the customer experience.

However, looking ahead to the after-corona era, not all large companies with sufficient financial resources are in need of a fully equipped and highly functional online reservation / EC system.Many small businesses and small businesses that previously had to give up "it's too difficult for them" need to respond to the online shift.

Therefore, Sakurabook has a policy of keeping prices down and improving cost performance so that it can be a realistic solution for these small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

◆ IT introduction subsidy can reduce the introduction burden

Shopify with Sakurabook is eligible for the IT introduction subsidy 2022 "Digitalization Infrastructure Introduction Frame".

Since it is possible to reduce the cost burden of installation, construction, consulting, maintenance support, etc. to 2/3 to 3/4, it will be easier for many merchants to install.

However, in order to utilize the IT introduction subsidy, it is necessary for vendors such as WEB production companies to register the "IT introduction support company" and the "IT tool".Therefore, we will support the registration of "IT introduction support company (IT vendor)" and "IT tool" for vendors who can introduce Shopify equipped with Sakurabook.

We are also certified as an IT introduction support company for IT introduction subsidies, and we are also registering the IT tool "Shopify".We also work closely with experts such as administrative scriveners.

Based on these achievements, we will endeavor to provide complete support.

For more information on IT implementation subsidy 2022 "IT Vendor Registration" and IT tool registration support, please see the next page.

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