[Example of use] Group reservations and online shopping site with friends!How to use Sakurabook recommended for individuals and freelancers

[Example of use] Group reservations and online shopping site with friends!How to use Sakurabook recommended for individuals and freelancers

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This time, I would like to introduce some unique ideas on how to utilize reservation sites using Sakurabook.

Sakurabook has a "Staff Appointment Reservation" feature that allows you to register multiple staff members and sell different services.By utilizing this function,It is also possible for multiple people to form a group and jointly operate one reservation EC site..

Specific example: For example, you can use it like this

◆A team of craftsmanship writers

For example, Mr. A, an accessory artist, Mr. B, a handmade goods maker, and Mr. C, a clothing maker, can jointly operate one reservation e-commerce site.You can sell each work online, accept reservations for self-organized craft courses, listen to customer requests through ZOOM meetings, etc. all on one site.This is a site unique to Sakurabook that allows both reservation acceptance and online shopping.

◆With fellow counselors and therapists

Many people are also working as counselors, therapists, fortune tellers, personal color diagnoses, aroma therapists, etc. on their own.However, if you have good friends, you can form a group and jointly operate a reservation and mail order site.Register each profile and service menu on Sakurabook and sell reservations for online counseling and face-to-face counseling at your home salon.Through counseling, we can guide customers to recommended products and help them purchase them.

◆For collaboration between artists and creators

Why not create a collaboration site between artists such as designers, illustrators, novelists, musicians, etc. using Sakurabook?In addition to selling digital content for a fee, you can freely expand the range of activities that can be monetized, such as selling event reservations for a fee or offering production lessons in ZOOM meetings.

Advantages of operating a joint reservation and mail order site as a group

Many of the creators, artists, craftsmen, counselors, and therapists mentioned here are probably working as individuals.However, in reality, even though I would like to concentrate on my creative activities and counseling, I end up having to deal with selling services and products, contacting people about reservations, and coordinating with various other customers, which can lead to frustration. There are probably many.

If you're just advertising, SNS such as Instagram or Ameblo may be sufficient, but if you want to actually accept reservations for paid services or sell products, you'll definitely need a sales site.There are many sites where you can sell items online, but if you want to complete reservations and payments for paid services,There is no “just the right system”is the reality.However, working alone and creating your own website and selling and accepting reservations there takes a lot of time and money.

However, Sakurabook can solve these problems.

With Sakurabook, you can do this.

1: Multiple members, multiple menus

You can register member profiles on the reservation site, post your service menu, and accept reservations.

For example,

・Flower counseling for Mr. A

・Mr. B's aromatherapy course

・Mr. C's personal color diagnosis

・Mr. D's astrology

In this way, you can register the services provided by each member as a reservation menu and set up a separate reservation calendar for each member.

XNUMX: Reservation calendar corresponding to each member

By using Sakurabook's "Staff Reservation" mode, you can post a reservation calendar for each member.When a team of individuals operates a reservation site, each person's schedule is different, and the days and times when reservations can be accepted are usually different.

However, with Sakurabook,Each member can set up a different reservation calendar.Therefore, there is no need to worry. You can set up a reservation calendar for only person A in person A's service menu, and a reservation calendar for person only for person B in person B's service menu. Person A's schedule does not affect Person B's booking calendar, and vice versa.

XNUMX: Members who only shop online without reservations can join together.

The reservation site created with Sakurabook not only accepts reservations, but also allows you to purchase products online.For example, let's say you form a team of creators and work together to operate the Sakurabook site.

・Mr. A: Accepting reservations for flower arrangement classes at the store

・Mr. B: Accepting reservations for personal color diagnosis provided via ZOOM

・Mr. C: Online shopping for handmade miscellaneous goods

And so onYou can make reservations for in-store visits, ZOOM meeting reservations, and online shopping all on one site.

Even individuals can get it!Realize a complete reservation and mail order site with a realistic budget

When it comes to creating a full-fledged website with reservation and mail order functions, many people may be concerned about the budget.

``It's a small activity that I'm doing individually, and I don't make much profit, so I can't make a big investment.''

However, please do not worry if this happens.

Unlike full-scratch development where everything is started from scratch, Sakurabook site creation is a package that combines various existing systems to build the optimal site.Therefore,It is also possible to create a website within a realistic budget that even individuals can afford..

In addition, Compatible with “IT introduction subsidies” that can be used by sole proprietors and freelancersThis allows us to reduce the actual burden.

Summary: Please use Sakurabook for freelance and individual group activities.

The style of individuals engaging in various activities and earning profits has been expanding year by year, and is now commonplace.However, continuing to do everything alone is not an easy task.Under these circumstances, an increasing number of people are starting to form groups with close friends and participate in activities.One of the signs of this is the spread of ``coworking,'' where various individuals and small businesses work in a shared space.

But,Coworking is simply ``working separately in the same place,'' but with Sakurabook, you can take collaboration one step further.

No matter what activity or job you do, the process of "selling products and services" is necessary.If it is a tangible product, it will be sold, and if it is an intangible service, it will be provided after receiving a reservation.Sakurabook allows you to do all of this online on one site.By collaborating on these online sales with trusted colleagues, you will be able to expand the range of your activities.

Please ask your close friends, ``Would you like to create a reservation and mail order site together?''

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