[How to choose a reservation system] Recommended use cases and conditions for choosing Sakurabook

[How to choose a reservation system] Recommended use cases and conditions for choosing Sakurabook

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In this article, we will introduce some recommended use cases and conditions for choosing Sakurabook.

Sakurabook is a very versatile tool.Unfortunately, it is not possible to cover them all in this article.However, when compared with various other reservation systems and reservation reception platforms, we will guide you through some points on how to choose in cases where you still want to choose "Sakurabook is suitable" by name.

XNUMX: If you are using Shopify or will be using it in the future

First of all, if you are already using Shopify or want to create a site with Shopify from now on.Please use Sakurabook for the reservation system.

Shopify's first Japanese language reservation app

Sakurbook is the first Japanese language reservation system for Shopify apps.Until now, Shopify reservation apps have not been able to fully support Japanese.Sakurabook, on the other hand, was developed by our company, a domestic company, and is fully compatible with Japanese down to the smallest detail.

Can be installed on your Shopify site in operation

In addition, Sakurabook can be installed on the Shopify site in operation. You can install the Sakurabook app on the Shopify site and register the reservation menu on the product page, so there is no fear of conflicting with existing products.

Product sales and reservation menu can be handled in the same shopping cart

Sakurabook can be compatible with Shopify's original EC function.On the same Shopify site, it is possible to handle both the product menu for product sales and the reservation menu by Sakurabook in the same way.Customers can put both product sales and reservations in the same shopping cart and pay for them all at once.

XNUMX: Recommended industries for which Sakurabook is suitable (examples)

Next, we will introduce some recommended examples of Sakurabook by industry. Sakurabook is a reservation system that can be used in various industries.

Businesses with different time zones that customers want to use, such as rental offices and rental conference rooms

With the spread of telework, an increasing number of companies either do not have their own offices or minimize office functions, but rental offices and rental conference rooms are attracting attention.In such a business, it is common for the date and time that the customer wants to use it to be used on a case-by-case basis.


in this way,Sakurabook is an effective option for businesses where each customer wants to spend different time.

In Sakurabook,Ability to accept reservations on a pay-per-minute basisis.For example, if the minimum usage time is set to 30 minutes, it is possible to reserve 14 minutes from the usage start time that suits the customer, such as 40:15 to 10:30.The price is automatically calculated by multiplying the time by the unit price.

Sakurabook also supports option menus.For example, if you are a rental office, you may be able to rent equipment such as laptops, projectors, and whiteboards as options.In such a case, it is possible to add an option menu such as 1000 yen for laptop rental and 1 yen for projector rental.

Businesses that want to accept appointment reservations for staff, such as beauty salons and pet salons

At hair salons and nail salons, there are many customers who make a reservation not only by using the store, but also by requesting who they want to ask, such as "I want to ask my usual stylist" or "I want that person to cut it for me." prize.Even in these cases, Sakurabook is an effective choice.

Sakurabook has a mode called "Service Reservation" that allows you to make staff appointment reservations.For example, at a hair salon, even with the same “cut + perm” service, you can make a reservation by appointing staff A, staff B, and staff C.The reservation calendar is managed by each staff member, and you can check each vacant slot on the site.

With the conventional reservation system, when I thought, "I want to ask staff A," I had to confirm by phone or email, "Is Mr. A free on that day?"However, if you use Sakurabook, you can check "when the staff is available" on the reservation calendar and make a reservation for the vacant slot..

You can also charge different staff for the same service.For example, staff A is a famous stylist, so the price is suitable for professionals, and staff B is a newcomer, so the price is a little cheaper.

When you want to do both reservation reception and online shopping, such as a retail store that also holds store events

For example, there are many cases where retailers hold store events in addition to product sales, such as wine shops that hold tasting parties, flower shops that hold flower arrangement classes, and general stores that hold handmade miscellaneous goods workshops.Sakurabook is the perfect choice for this type of business model.

With Sakurabook, you can use both Shopify's online shopping function and Sakurabook's reservation wizard on the same site and in the same shopping cart.Therefore, for example, if you are a wine shop, you can order wine online and take reservations for wine tastings on the same site.Customers can place both the wine they want to purchase online and the tasting reservation they want to attend in the same shopping cart and pay online, making it possible to purchase and make a reservation at the same time.

If you want to provide paid services with ZOOM, such as counseling and consultation business

Sakurabook also supports ZOOM meetings.It is also a suitable option if you want to provide services online using ZOOM, such as counseling, consultation business, and consultants.

For example, we will provide a service such as "Consulting 1 hour 1 yen" on ZOOM, and accept the reservation on Sakurabook.When a reservation is received, the URL for the ZOOM meeting will be automatically issued and notified to the customer and the corresponding staff.Also, by linking with Google Calendar, events are automatically registered.Customers can make reservations and payments online, and can use services such as consultations via ZOOM calls on the day of the event.

Of course, we also support flexible reservation time specification, staff appointment reservation, and product sales as we have introduced so far.

For example, it will be a reservation system that can respond in detail to customer requests such as "I want counselor A to consult from 13:20 to 15:50."

XNUMX: If you want to build a reservation site and challenge a new business model

Sakurabook is a reservation system with unique features that are different from conventional reservation systems.The unique feature of Shopify + Sakurabook is that it is possible to combine online shopping and reservation reception, flexible reservation time designation, reservation by staff, and online service by ZOOM.You can say that.

However, because it is such a unique system, I think there are cases where you are troubled by how to use it.

"I want to use Sakurabook, but the initial settings seem difficult."

"I can't come up with a plan for what kind of site I should make."

"I want to expand online, but I'm worried about attracting customers just by creating a reservation site."

"I'd like to develop a new service that uses ZOOM meetings in addition to online shopping, but I can't come up with a strategy or service design for what kind of service."

… and many other issues.

Therefore, at our company, Shopify + Sakurabook site production,One-stop support service from introduction consulting to completion and maintenance supportWe also offerAlso, taking advantage of our strengths as an advertising agency, we not only create websites,Various support that commits to business results such as monetization and sales increasecan also be provided.

If you would like such total support, please feel free to contact us.

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* In addition, Sakurabook itselfAnyone can use it by downloading it from the Shopify App Store.

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