IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ About support for registering IT tools for the Shopify app "Sakurabook"

IT introduction subsidy 2022 │ About support for registering IT tools for the Shopify app "Sakurabook"

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We have started the support service of IT introduction subsidy 2022 "IT vendor registration" and "IT tool registration" for WEB production companies who can introduce our in-house developed Shopify application "Sakurabook".

In this article, we will introduce an overview of the IT introduction subsidy 2022 and an example of a budget including subsidies for building a Shopify site equipped with Sakurabook.

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◆ Overview of IT introduction subsidy 2022

The IT introduction subsidy is a system that allows you to receive subsidies for the introduction of IT tools by companies.

Under the supervision of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, the Service Design Engineering Council is the secretariat.

│ IT introduction subsidy framework

The IT introduction subsidy has the following application framework.

・ IT vendors, service providers, etc. are registered with the secretariat as "IT introduction support providers".

・ The IT introduction support company registers the tools it handles as "IT tools" with the secretariat.

・ Companies wishing to use IT introduction subsidies cooperate with "IT introduction support companies" to apply for subsidies and introduce IT tools.

It is a system that is used in cooperation between the company that actually introduces the IT tool and the business operator (IT vendor) that provides the IT tool.

We provide support for registration of this IT introduction support company (IT vendor) for WEB production companies and support for registration of IT tools of "Shopify" equipped with the Shopify application "Sakurabook" developed by our company. I will do it.

│ About us

Our company "Parkfield Co., Ltd." is an advertising agency specializing in the Internet, which was founded in 1999.In addition, we are also engaged in EC management business in-house, and recently we are good at D2C coordination of multi-store development that centrally manages and operates multiple stores such as Shopify, Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping etc. with the next engine. increase.

We are also certified as an IT introduction support company for IT introduction subsidies, and we are also registering the IT tool "Shopify".We also work closely with experts such as administrative scriveners.

A WEB production company that can introduce the Shopify application "Sakurabook" developed in-house this time by utilizing the achievements and experience of EC site production and operation so far, taking the opportunity of business restructuring for application development and sales of "Sakurabook" We support the registration of IT tools such as "IT introduction subsidy" support company registration (IT vendor registration) and "Shopify".

◆ Solving "two issues" of IT introduction at once by utilizing IT introduction subsidy

According to the White Paper on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (30), most companies cite "costs cannot be borne" as an issue when trying to promote the introduction and use of IT, but IT introduction subsidies are such IT. It has the advantage of greatly reducing the burden of introducing tools.

In addition, according to the white paper, lack of IT literacy, such as "I do not understand the effect of introduction" and "Employees cannot master IT", seems to be a big issue.

"Cost" and "IT literacy" are the major barriers to promoting IT for SMEs.These two solutions are the major merits of utilizing the IT introduction subsidy.

│ Solving cost issues with assistance of 2/3 to 3/4 of IT introduction cost

First of all, regarding the cost issue, the IT introduction subsidy provides subsidies with a fairly large subsidy rate of 2/3 to 3/4 of the IT tool introduction cost.In addition, the target expenses include not only software installation expenses but also cloud service usage expenses, consulting and support services, and a wide range of subsidies are set.

It is expected that this will enable many companies that want to introduce IT tools, but cannot realize them due to cost issues, to promote IT introduction.

│ Solving the problems of IT literacy and human resources shortage in collaboration with IT introduction support companies

Another issue of IT introduction is "insufficient IT literacy" and "insufficient human resources".

・ I don't understand the effect of the introduction, I can't evaluate it.

・ Employees cannot utilize IT tools

・ There are no human resources who can act as the flag of introduction.

・ There is no suitable advisor

These issues of human resources shortage and literacy shortage can be improved by utilizing IT introduction subsidies.

The IT introduction subsidy is a system in which an IT expert "IT introduction support company (IT vendor)" and a company wishing to use the subsidy team up to promote an introduction project. ..

IT introduction support businesses are registered, and only companies with a proven track record and expertise are recognized as support businesses.By partnering with an IT vendor who can trust their expertise in this way, we can solve problems such as lack of IT literacy and human resources.

│ Benefits for IT vendors (production companies, etc.)

On the other hand, there are various merits not only for companies that want to introduce IT tools, but also for IT vendors.

・ By registering as an "IT introduction support company", you can improve the reliability of your company.

・ It will be easier to match with client companies that want to use IT introduction subsidies.

・ You can build long-term relationships including maintenance support.

Of course, it would be a great advantage just to be able to make a proposal sales that says, "Because it is covered by the IT introduction subsidy, it can be introduced at a low cost."

After the corona disaster, many companies regardless of industry, format, and business scale are required to promote IT more than ever. As an IT vendor, by utilizing the IT introduction subsidy, we can expect to increase our ability to adapt to the needs of these times and increase sales by cultivating new customers and expanding sales channels.

◆ Sakurabook is an IT tool that is eligible for IT introduction subsidies.

The Shopify app "Sakurabook" developed by our company is eligible for IT introduction subsidies by combining it with Shopify.Since it has functions such as accepting reservations for facility use and online services, functions as an EC site, and payment functions, it falls under the category of "digitization infrastructure introduction frame".

Source:IT introduction subsidy 2022 Digitization infrastructure introduction type Public offering guidelines

◆ Overview of Shopify's first Japanese-speaking reservation app "Sakurabook"

Here's an overview of the Shopify app "Sakurabook" that we are developing.

Sakurabook is Shopify's first "Japanese-speaking" reservation app.

・ Centralize product sales, digital content sales, store visit reservations, and service usage reservations

・ Flexible customizability that can fully express the charm of the brand

・ Flexible reservation time setting and menu / charge plan setting for each staff

・With calendar linkage, there is no need to inquire about availability, and reservation reception work can be completed online.

・ Improve work efficiency by systematizing a wide range of reservation work such as sending remind emails and setting cancellation policies.

By using Sakurabook for WEB production companies, we will be able to make the following proposals to our clients.

・ Creation of an EC site where both "reservation for visits" and "merchandise sales" can be ordered online

For example, we will be able to propose to a business company that manages a beauty salon to create an e-commerce site that can handle both "reservation for visits" and "sales of hair care products".

・ A reservation site where customers can freely set the reservation time by looking at the calendar.

Sakurabook's reservation system allows flexible time setting.For example, customers can check the availability by looking at the calendar and freely select the start time and usage time, such as "I want to use for 10 hour from 1:13" and "I want to apply for use for 2 hours from XNUMX:XNUMX". It is possible.

Since the charge menu is calculated by the basic charge + usage time x hourly unit price, it is possible to provide flexible services without being bound by the conventional time frame.You can also set a minimum usage time, so you don't have to worry about making a reservation in an extremely short time.

・ Unify services and content sales such as "online courses" and "mail order of teaching materials"

For example, it will be possible to propose and sell post-corona-compatible online services to companies and general incorporated associations that provide qualification courses and lesson businesses.Sakurabook + Shopify will be able to implement all the functions required for online lesson business, such as membership registration, online course reservations, and sales of teaching materials.

・ Integrate "online payment" and "POS payment at stores" to make sales management and inventory management smarter

Since Sakurabook is a Shopify app, you can also integrate online payments and physical store payments with Shopify POS.For example, we will be able to propose to operating companies the construction of a system that can smoothly realize operations such as "accept online store visit reservations, provide services at stores, and then accept next store visit reservations at stores". increase.

For details on the functions of Sakurabook, please see the next page.

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◆ Budget example of "Shopify + Sakurabook" IT introduction subsidy

For the introduction of Shopify + Sakurabook, we will introduce a budget example when applying the IT introduction subsidy.

* It is a provisional fee.Please confirm the official price at the time of publication on the Shopify app store in July.

│ Minimum budget example


Fee (excluding tax)

Implementation consulting


IT tool usage fee (for one year)


Installation settings / HP production costs


Maintenance support (3 months)






  Application agency fee (success fee)


Actual expenses


│ Large-scale budget case


Fee (excluding tax)

Implementation consulting


IT tool usage fee (for one year)


Installation settings / HP production costs


Maintenance support (3 months)






  Application agency fee (success fee)


Actual expenses


◆ We support the application procedure for "IT introduction subsidy" for WEB production companies.

For the IT introduction subsidy, a company that wants to use the subsidy (subsidy company) and a company that supports the introduction of IT tools (introduction support company) collaborate to apply for the subsidy and proceed with the actual IT introduction business. It's going to go.

For WEB production companies, by registering as an "IT introduction support company (IT vendor)" of the system and registering the tools handled by the company as "IT tools", "I want to use the IT introduction subsidy". We will be able to respond to the requests of our clients.

Therefore, we will support the procedure for registering this "IT introduction support company" and "IT tool" for WEB production companies who can introduce Shopify + Sakurabook.

│ The introduction of Sakurabook is subject to the IT introduction subsidy 2022 "Digitalization platform introduction frame".

Sakurabook is a booking system that works on Shopify.Since it has functions such as accepting reservations for facility use and online services, functions as an EC site, and payment functions, it falls under the category of "digitization infrastructure introduction frame".

As a result, you will be able to receive a subsidy of up to 350 million yen by using the IT introduction subsidy for the introduction of Shopify + Sakurabook.

│ IT introduction subsidy "IT vendor (introduction support company)" registration support

As an "IT introduction support company" of IT introduction subsidy, we will support the registration procedure of WEB production companies etc.

To apply for registration of an IT introduction support company, make an electronic application using a dedicated platform called "IT company portal".There are 20 strict registration requirements.In addition, it is necessary to prepare and submit various documents such as financial information, details of IT tools handled, business initiatives, etc., and to obtain approval after examination.

│ IT introduction subsidy "IT tool" registration support

After registering with the "IT introduction support company", you need to register the "IT tools" that you handle in-house. The flow of IT tool registration is as follows.

IT tools are classified into "software", "options", "services", etc., and not only software usage costs and cloud service usage costs, but also maintenance support costs can be included as "services". ..

Our company, which is already an IT introduction support company, will provide support for such documents, preparation of documents to be submitted, application procedures, etc. in cooperation with experts such as administrative scriveners.

◆ We are looking for Sakurabook partners

In parallel with the support for registration application for IT introduction subsidy, we have also started recruiting "Sakurabook partners".Please consider this as well.

│ What is a Sakurabook partner?

At our company, we would like to receive consultations from merchants regarding site creation using Sakurabook.At that time, in order to cooperate with the WEB production companies who can take charge of the site production work, "Recruitment of Sakurabook partnersWe are doing.

│ Benefits of Sakurabook Partner

XNUMX: Mediation of EC site production projects

We plan to mediate projects for Shopify site creation services that utilize Sakurabook to partner companies as needed.

As a Sakurarbook app development company, we are accepting consultations from merchants regarding the creation of Shopify sites using Sakurarbook.In that case, if you can handle the actual site production, we would like to preferentially arrange the project to the partner company.

XNUMX: Introduction on Sakurabook official website

We would like to introduce our partner companies on the Sakurabook official website (only if we have permission to publish).

The Sakurabook official website also attracts access from merchants who are interested in building EC sites / reservation sites and creating Shopify sites.We hope that it will be a place of appeal to such users.

XNUMX: Priority information provision

We will promptly inform you of the latest information such as detailed function introduction of Sakurabook application, case introduction of application cooperation, introduction case case, etc. by e-mail.

XNUMX: Register as a Sakurarbook partner for free

Sakurabook partners are now free to register.Please take this opportunity to consider it.

◆ We support WEB production companies who can use Sakurabook.

IT introduction subsidy "IT vendor" "IT tool" registration and Sakurabook partner.With these two frameworks, we would like to support all the WEB production companies who can use Sakurabook.

<Registration of IT vendors and IT tools: 5 yen (excluding tax) as a set>

<Supporting clients applying for IT introduction subsidies>

・ A set of 15 yen, performance-based compensation type, in which you will be billed and settled when the subsidy is issued.Since it is a performance fee, there is no cost if you do not pass.

General agency service: Start fee 10 yen + success fee + 10 to 20% of the earned amount

Please feel free to contact us.

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