Attracting customers, increasing sales, and growth strategies for EC sites - Measures and implementation methods to acquire repeat customers

Attracting customers, increasing sales, and growth strategies for EC sites - Measures and implementation methods to acquire repeat customers

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the online shopping market, which has been expanding until now, is experiencing even more rapid growth.Although the market is booming, domesticECAs a result of the rapid increase in the number of shops, we are already facing a red ocean.In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need a strategy to attract repeat customers and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Therefore, this time we will explain some points that will be helpful in formulating specific measures.

ECIf you are running a shop and would like to expand it further, please refer to it.

 This article is aimed at businesses such as:

The contents of this article areECThis applies to all shops.This content is especially recommended for small and medium-sized craft shops and shops that sell highly original products and hobby items.

If this applies to the shop you run, please check it out.

The online shop market has become a red ocean

Now that many companies and stores are operating online shops, the market is becoming a red ocean.

For example, majorECin the websiteAmazon JapanThen.2021Years9As of May, the total amount in circulation was approximately4It amounts to more than trillion yen, approximately40It is estimated that there are XNUMX stores in operation.However, since there is no physical presence on the internet, many people may not have an idea of ​​how many stores are actually in operation.

2021Years7Domestic as of MarchECThe total number of stores in operation on the site/online shop is418Ten thousand7,939I know it's also available in stores.

More than convenience stores nationwideECSite/Online shop

ECthe site is418Ten thousand7,939We now know that stores exist, but many people may not be able to imagine exactly how many stores there are.

To make it easier to understand, let's compare it with the total number of convenience stores across the country.2021Years1As of March, the number of convenience stores nationwide was5Ten thousand6,948It was a store.This is not the number for each chain, but the total number of all convenience stores combined.

Convenience store approx.73.5This means that there are twice as many stores online.

Acquiring repeat customers and differentiation are essential for growth strategy

so manyECAlthough there are websites and online shops, new competitors will continue to increase in the future, and the competitive environment is expected to become even more intense.

run by himselfECIn order for sites and online shops to overcome the fiercely competitive environment and achieve growth, it will be necessary to take more measures than ever before, such as acquiring repeat customers and differentiation strategies.

From product consumption to experiential consumption-ECNew content and business required for business

As times change, from physical stores to onlineECWe have transitioned to operating a website/online shop.

However, it is not just the people who operate stores that have changed.

We are beginning to see changes in consumer awareness and values.

For example, in a recent opinion survey, more people overall said they wanted to spend money on ``experiences'' rather than ``owning things.''7It's also relatively high.

Furthermore, when it comes to expenses that people want to actively spend money on, items such as home appliances, fashion, and automobiles remain flat, while items such as groceries, eating out, children's education, and entertainment expenses are increasing.

From these results,ECIt can be said that in business, we should not only focus on selling products, but also on selling experiences (things) = selling content.

ECWhat is the provision of experience in business?

I explained that it is important to sell "things" from now on, but currentlyECMany people who run a website or online shop do not know what kind of things they should sell.

``Experiences'' must be meaningful to consumers.

For example, we can provide the following menus.

  • Webinar introducing how to use and utilize the product/Online Seminars
  • Video courses that introduce how to make and arrange items, etc.

In particular2The second item is recommended for craft shops that sell handmade miscellaneous goods, craft supplies, flowers, etc.

in this way,ECWe are also able to provide experiences (experiences) that are difficult to provide through websites and online shops.

Benefits of differentiation strategy and acquiring repeat customers

ECIn addition to site management, if you add a menu that provides services such as webinars, online seminars, and video courses, you canECIt is possible to differentiate your site significantly.

In addition, by regularly distributing such menus, you can create a customer retention strategy and expect to gain repeat customers.

Today's "consumption of things"ECSales system requirements essential for site growth strategy

From now on, we will need to provide and sell experiences (experiences) online, in addition to selling only goods as we have done in the past.

If you can provide goods and services, you can not only lead to growth strategies, but also differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain repeat customers.

From now onECLet's also explain the sales system, which is essential for a website.

Unification of product sales and webinar/online seminar reservations

TraditionalECIn most cases, the site introduces a "product sales system".

However, if you want to accept reservations for webinars or online seminars or sell digital content on the same site, it will be difficult to handle it with just the existing product sales system.

Therefore, we must also introduce a system to provide new services.

However, even if you introduce it, there are some parts of the system that are very different, so the addition may make the system complicated or increase the amount of work for consumers.

It is necessary to centralize product sales and webinar and online seminar reservations on the site, and combine the systems so that anyone can easily use it. 

新 し いECReservation and sales solution for the site “Sakurabook'

Everything from product sales to webinar reservations, digital content sales, etc.1HornECThe recommended way to consolidate and centralize on a site is “Sakurabook".

SakurabookBy providing things + thingsECIt will help your site grow.

SakurabookThen product sales, reservations, and distribution are all centralized.

For example, a beauty salon websiteSakurabookIf you introduce , you will be able to hold paid webinars where you can learn about proper scalp care while selling recommended shampoos at the salon, and even accepting reservations for visits will be centralized.

In this way, the flow of the customer journey that consumers are expected to take,ECYour site can be smoothly deployed and supported without any interruptions.

By centralizing the services we provide, we can significantly reduce the effort and costs associated with site management and operation.This system is also useful for those who want to improve their work efficiency.

SakurabookA newECBusiness development example

SakurabookTheECWhat kind of business development can you specifically achieve by implementing it in your business?2We will introduce several development examples, so please use them as a reference.

Craft miscellaneous goodsECExample site

Handles craft miscellaneous goodsECIf you use the website, you can sell handmade kits and hold online classes that explain how to make and use them.It is possible to provide consumers with both ``things'' such as handmade kits, and ``things'' that allow them to utilize the knowledge they have gained from the seminars.

We also offer paid online seminars for those who want to learn more advanced techniques.

healthcare suppliesECExample site

handle health careECIf you use the site, you can distribute video content that explains how to use the products you have been selling and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

Furthermore, by opening a paid online counseling service on the site, consumers can relieve their health care-related concerns and worries from the comfort of their own homes, which can also lead to product sales.

Particularly in recent years, the number of people who are concerned about their health has increased, but the internet tends to be filled with inaccurate and confusing information, so the provision of accurate knowledge about healthcare is likely to create a large demand. 

Both “things” and “things” can be commercialized.

EverECThere were companies and shops that were among the first to pay attention to intangible consumption in business and offer webinars and online seminars.However, traditional distribution tools have the disadvantage of inadequate reservation and payment systems.

For example, you don't need to enter your address to participate in a webinar or online seminar, but you need to enter your address in order to deliver products to a product sales system.Even if you initially only want to use webinars and online seminars instead of selling products, you may be required to enter your address for registration, which may feel troublesome and difficult.

SakurabookNow you can introduce the reservation and payment system, which was a weak point in conventional distribution tools, and you can use it smoothly.

After attending a webinar or online seminar, you can purchase products or make a reservation to visit the store directly on the site.What makes this continuous business development possible isSakurabookThis is a great strength in


This timeECWe have introduced business growth strategies and measures and methods for acquiring repeat customers.

ECThe business is already a red ocean at this point, and in order for the site to grow, a differentiation strategy and acquiring repeat customers are necessary.In order to clear these requirements, consumers'7It is also important to meet the demand for "experience" that Wari has.

If you add not only a product sales system to your site but also a system that can provide services such as digital content, webinars, and online courses, there is a high possibility that you will be able to turn many consumers into repeat customers.

However, even if you use the existing system as is, it may not be possible to implement it successfully.

Sakurabook works in a wide variety of industries.ECIt will support your business and become an indispensable solution for your future growth strategy.In order to meet future consumer demands, we will be able to centralize sales and management of goods and services.SakurabookLet's take advantage of this.

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